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ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS, Fun & Games Editor and Assistant Photo Editor

Esmé Bleecker-Adams, FCLC 21, is a visual arts major and (oh-so-jaded) New Yorker who is incredibly grateful for her time at The Observer and for all the lovely people she has met there! Favorite hobbies include sewing, playing table tennis and ignoring her alarm clock.

Robert Sundstrom stands in a plaza, wearing a maroon Fordham sweater and a mask with an F on it

[Photo] Sundstrom Leaves Office During Second Term of Vice Presidency

October 1, 2021

Robert Sundstrom announced his resignation from the USG vice presidency on Sept. 30.

for an article about covid-19 photos, a students computer with Zoom open and art supplies and notebooks

[Photo] A Year of COVID-19 at Fordham in Photos

May 21, 2021

Fordham students begin their third semester in the hybrid and virtual modalities. Visual arts students continue to adapt to the challenges of learning from home.

A photo of a Gabelli School of Business classroom.

[Photo] Gabelli School of Business Investigates Allegations of Widespread Academic Dishonesty

May 12, 2021

An email sent to the Fordham community on May 12 revealed that Gabelli School of Business received credible allegations of cheating on an online final exam.

Crossword: Desk References

Crossword: Desk References

May 9, 2021
Figure out what everyday office supplies lie within this crossword, powered by PuzzleMe.
for a timeline of the observers history, a screenshot of an article from 2000 with the headline the observer goes online for the millennium

Pages for the Ages

April 18, 2021
This timeline chronicles major milestones in Observer history, from going online for the first time to major anniversaries.
girl smiling and giving a thumbs up after receiving one of the moderna vaccines from fordham

Fordham Distributes Its First Vaccines

April 13, 2021
Health Services dispensed 200 doses across both campuses last week and received another 800 for the week of April 12.
blank mad libs puzzle with blue border

Ram Libs: Doomed on Zoom

April 8, 2021
Find a friend and fill in the blanks to find out what went wrong at this Zoom meeting.
Crossword: Famous Alumni

Crossword: Famous Alumni

April 7, 2021
Play The Observer's interactive, famous Fordham alumni-themed mini crossword for our 40th anniversary.
Crossword: Part Time

Crossword: Part Time

April 1, 2021
Play The Observer's interactive online crossword from Volume XLI, Issue 4.
a graphic of several issues of The CLC Observer stacked together

A Quiz Down Memory Lane

March 30, 2021
What would life be like as a Fordham student in 1981, the year The Observer was founded? Take this quiz to test your knowledge and find out.
for an article about midterms, a photo of a laptop and books

[Photo] March Midterms Madness

March 28, 2021

Midterm season has had less structure this year. Individual professors have largely set their own timelines for when to administer tests and projects, contributing to a midterm season that has lasted most...

graphic illustration of Courtney Love, a possible woman serial killer, singing into a microphone

[Photo] Women: The Perfect Killers

March 18, 2021

Courtney Love, the singer, songwriter and actress who was allegedly involved in Kurt Cobain's death.

Crossword: Concerted Effort

Crossword: Concerted Effort

March 18, 2021
Play The Observer's interactive online crossword from Volume XLI, Issue 3.
Hoodsie stands in a sweater with high snowbanks on either side

Dressed to the Ca-Nines

March 9, 2021
The dogs of the city, out and about as always, are still bundled up against the elements, and spectators who pass them on the street can’t help but ooh and ahh.
for an article about the fordham FIRE ranking, a photo of the front of the lowenstein building at fordham lincoln center

[Photo] FIRE List for Free Speech Ranks Fordham in the Bottom 10

March 2, 2021

FIRE has cited Fordham's legal battle with Students for Justice in Palestine as the reason behind its repeated inclusion on the list, and Fordham's disciplinary action against Austin Tong in 2020 only...

Crossword: Organized Sports

Crossword: Organized Sports

February 27, 2021
Head over to Twitter and follow @_observersports for the latest Fordham sports news.
Crossword: Getting in Shape

Crossword: Getting in Shape

February 24, 2021
Play "Getting in Shape," the Observer's interactive online crossword puzzle from Volume XLI, Issue 2 here. Powered by PuzzleMe.
a picture of the facade of a building of one of new yorks schools

[Photo] Reopening Schools Is Only Possible With Federal Funding

February 21, 2021

Schools like P.S. 176 will neither be able to handle a return to in-person learning nor continued remote learning without federal financial support.

Mini Crossword: Saturday

Mini Crossword: Saturday

February 13, 2021
Play The Observer's interactive mini crossword from Volume XLI, Issue 1, February 2021.
Mini Crossword: Friday

Mini Crossword: Friday

February 12, 2021
Play The Observer's interactive mini crossword series from Volume XLI, Issue 1, February 2021.
photo of pink and red craft supplies for an article about valentine activities

[Photo] How to Still Celebrate Valentine’s Day During the Pandemic

February 11, 2021

Crafting together on Zoom is one pandemic-friendly way couples enjoy Valentine's Day together.

Mini Crossword: Thursday

Mini Crossword: Thursday

February 11, 2021
Play The Observer's interactive mini crossword from Volume XLI, Issue 1, February 2021.
Mini Crossword: Wednesday

Mini Crossword: Wednesday

February 10, 2021
Play The Observer's interactive mini crossword from Volume XLI, Issue 1, February 2021.
hearts on a pink background, one of three valentines day zoom backgrounds

Virtual Valentine’s Day Zoom Backgrounds

February 9, 2021
Download these virtual backgrounds for Valentine's Day.
a street of cars covered in snow and plowed in

[Photo] Scenes From a Snowy City: Historic Snowstorm Hits NYC

February 4, 2021

New Yorkers have been hard at work plowing and shoveling for the past two days. Here, a street in upper Manhattan continues collecting snow on Monday afternoon.

photo of lined paper with a graph of coronavirus cases in new york state as of jan. 13 drawn on it. two pencils and a ruler are on top of the notebook.

Fordham Should Cancel In-Person Classes For Spring

January 21, 2021
The administration is in no position to be able to guarantee the safety of a hybrid spring semester, and they shouldn’t try.
album cover for taylor swifts evermore

Ram Jams: ‘evermore’

December 19, 2020
The Observer’s Swifties listened at the stroke of midnight on the release date, have had it in their Spotify rotations ever since and have (ever)more thoughts to share.
a student sits alone in a classroom

[Photo] Fordham Retention Rate Continues to Decline

December 3, 2020

Fordham's retention and enrollment rates have dropped again, largely die to the coronavirus pandemic. This drop has had a significant effect on the school's budget.

immune system boosting vitamins on the shelf of a pharmacy

[Photo] Winter Is Coming: Suit Up and Boost Your Immune System

December 4, 2020

Vitamin supplements are one way to give the immune system a boost, which is especially important during the pandemic and flu season.

facade of the ABC 7 news headquarters from the sidewalk corner

[Photo] Finding Credibility in a Noisy News World: The Struggle to Be an Informed Citizen

December 4, 2020

It is important to recognize biases in the sources we consume news from and to question the narratives they present.

black friday themed maze with red dots and a box in the center

Black Friday Maze

November 27, 2020
Prepare for the holiday shopping season with this Black Friday maze. Find your way to the center to pick up the gift of your festive dreams.
heads of cauliflower, a healthy thanksgiving alternative

[Photo] Thanksgiving Tricks to Make Your Meal a Little Healthier

November 25, 2020

Cauliflower is a great healthy choice to add to your Thanksgiving table.

The Christmas tree with lights in front of the 140 West building

Making Spirits Bright

November 21, 2020
The United Student Government and Campus Activities Board hosted the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on the plaza on Friday, Nov. 20.
a chart showing the percentage of white women voters per candidate in 2016 and 2020. 2016 was 43% Clinton and 52% Trump. 2020 was 44% Biden and 55% Trump

[Photo] White Women: This One’s for You

November 17, 2020

Not only did more white women vote for Trump in 2020, but they voted for him by a wider margin, too.

students in a classroom watching a hybrid class on zoom. spring 2021 registration will include online and hybrid classes.

[Photo] Guide to Spring 2021 Registration

November 15, 2020

Hybrid and online classes will continue to be offered in spring 2021. Students are encouraged to sign up for hybrid classes only if they will be able to attend the majority of in-person class meetings.

New Yorkers React to Joe Biden’s Presidential Victory

November 13, 2020
When Joe Biden was declared the presumptive winner of the 2020 presidential election, New Yorkers from across the city went to the streets to celebrate.
facade of the strand bookstore on the upper west side

[Photo] The Strand Is Not the Best Indie Bookstore to Support in NYC

November 13, 2020

The Strand recently opened a second location on Columbus Avenue between 81st and 82nd Streets.

Crossword Issue 18: Politicalories

Crossword Issue 18: Politicalories

October 28, 2020
Play The Observer's election issue interactive crossword puzzle.
among us avatars on the debate stage

What I’ve Learned About Debating From Among Us

October 28, 2020
One can’t help but try to analyze some of the fascinating social dynamics of debating who the imposter is, which feel especially relevant during a bitter election season.
a student sits at a table with their mail-in ballot, ready to vote

[Photo] The Choice to Vote Polarizes Student Body

October 26, 2020

A student signs and seals their absentee ballot. In the upcoming election, the decision of whether or not to vote has been influenced by concerns with mail-in voting and disagreements with each candidate's...

shop window with the words tisserie - bakery - pastry - coffee and a sign saying  indoor seating available

[Photo] Indoor Dining Reopens in NYC For the First Time In Seven Months

October 14, 2020

Restaurants hope to reopen indoor dining after months of forced closures due to COVID-19, but they'll have to not only adhere to social distancing guidelines, but to convince customers that it's safe...

the inside of the Fordham Lincoln Center bookstore, where a freshman can buy merchandise

[Photo] The Freshest of Freshmen

October 15, 2020

What would the Fordham first-year experience be without the ubiquitous maroon lanyard and an assortment of ram stickers?

graphic illustration of the silhouettes of argo tea employees, grace and Jackie, behind the counter

[Photo] Fordham Angel Fund Paves Way for Student Entrepreneurs

October 18, 2020

Grace Sabater and Jacqueline Rosario were more than just baristas at Argo Tea. They brought smiles to the Fordham community and developed connections with students.

a gold copy of pride and prejudice with a gold crown on top of it, in front of a copy of the hunger games, which is supposedly less worthy to read

[Photo] Let People Read What They Enjoy

October 10, 2020

Literature worth reading doesn't begin and end with the classics. Modern literature, especially YA and romance books, are often dismissed as frivolous, but they shouldn't be.

blue poster on a pole with a mother and daughter on it that reads, Defend your crew against the flu. We have the flu shot thats right for you.

[Photo] Preparing for the Flu Season in a ‘Twindemic’

October 11, 2020

While a flu shot won't necessarily immunize you against COVID-19, getting vaccinated will protect you from lung damage and vulnerability to potentially severe infection, should you contract the coronavirus.

photo of an empty hallway

[Photo] BREAKING: Spring 2021 Calendar Announced

October 8, 2020

The schedule for the spring semester will look different this year, including a delayed start and abbreviated breaks. The updated calendar is available on Fordham's website.

a bike lane next to the sidewalk with a barrier of parked cars separating it from the street

[Photo] NYC Needs More Protected Bike Lanes

October 2, 2020

New York City needs to create more protected bike lanes, like the one pictured above, and to ticket bike lane obstructions in order for biking to be safe and accessible.

Robert Sundstrom wearing a Fordham hat and mask poses in front of the ram statue in the Outdoor Plaza

[Photo] New USG Leaders Set Goals for a Semester Defined by COVID-19

October 1, 2020

Loreen Ruiz and Robert Sundstrom are taking on the challenge of running the United Student Government from opposite sides of the country, as Sundstrom is on campus and Ruiz is at home in California. “With...

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