The Observer

About the Observer

Founded in 1981, The Observer is the award-winning student newspaper based at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus in Manhattan. The Observer’s circulation also reaches Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx, making it available to all the students in the University’s undergraduate colleges and graduate schools.

It is Lincoln Center’s fourth paper. The first was “The Curved Horn” that was brought over from Fordham’s Teachers College in lower Manhattan when the Lincoln Center Campus was built in 1968. Two other papers, “The Review” and “Evex” were started up. By 1981, all three papers had folded; the school was ready for a voice for students, and The Observer was born.

Letters to the Editor should be typed and sent to The Observer, Fordham University, 113 West 60th Street, Room 408, New York, NY 10023, or emailed to [email protected]. Length should not exceed 200 words, unless given advance permission. All letters must be signed and include contact information, official titles, and year of graduation (if applicable) for verification. If submitters fail to include this information, the editorial board will do so at its own discretion. The editorial board reserves the right to make stylistic edits on any submission.

The Observer has the right to withhold any submissions from publication and will not consider more than two letters from the same individual on one topic. The Observer reserves the right to edit all letters and submissions for content, clarity and length.

Opinions articles and commentaries represent the view of their authors. These articles are in no way the views held by the editorial board of The Observer or Fordham University.

The Staff Editorial is the opinion held by a majority of The Observer’s editorial board. The editorial does not reflect the views held by Fordham University.