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SAMANTHA MATTHEWS, Former Social Media Editor

Samantha Matthews, FCLC ’23, is the social media editor at The Observer. She is currently majoring in communications and culture, and minoring in art history. When she is not working on The Observer, you can find her wandering around a museum, or hunting down the best chocolate chip cookie in the city.

Joe and Natalie DeLessio at their wedding

Finding a Friend at The Observer, and Marrying Them 13 Years Later

February 12, 2021
Joe DeLessio and Natalie Rodriguez DeLessio, Observer alumni, reflect on how their friendship evolved into romance.
the two filmmakers stand on either side of the camera talking while the cast is in the background

From Filmmakers to Friends

December 3, 2020
Enrique Caballero and Tommy Espinal are two longterm best friends who have bonded over their love of filmmaking.
a graphic illustration of faculty member at fordham looking at their computer and finding out they will have no retirement contributions

Faculty Troubled by University’s Decision to Cut Retirement Contributions

November 12, 2020
After an administrative decision to suspend retirement plan contributions, Fordham faculty speak out.
USG vice president, student Robert Sundstrom, drops ballot in mailbox for 2020 election

Democracy on Campus: Valuing Both Student and National Elections

October 28, 2020
Most students do not pay close attention to the closest political landscape that impacts their daily lives: student government.
fordham angel fund meeting via zoom

Fordham Angel Fund Paves Way for Student Entrepreneurs

October 18, 2020
The Fordham Angel Fund is a new way for student entrepreneurs to gain expert mentorship and possibly $25,000 in investment capital.
a laptop sits on a dorm bench with the movie streaming site kanopy onscreen

[Photo] Exploring Fordham’s Movie Streaming Platforms

By VANESSA SCACALOSSI September 20, 2020

The streaming services Kanopy and Swank are offered to students through the Fordham Library database and are used as educational resources by some classes.

map of Black-owned restaurants on the Upper West Side

Cakes, Takeout and Bakes: Grab Your Next Meal From a Black-Owned Restaurant

September 4, 2020
Hear from owners of Black-owned businesses for students to support near the Fordham Lincoln Center campus.
screenshots of the instagram posts accusing Matthew Maguire of misconduct

Speak Up Fordham: The Theatre Department

July 30, 2020
Multiple allegations have arisen against theatre professor Matthew Maguire, in the first of a series sparked by @letstalkaboutitfordham and @blackatfordham posts.
Supreme Court and Keating hall mirror each other with a pride flag on top

Supreme Court Ruling Demands Inclusion at Fordham

July 9, 2020
Many community members feel as though policies regarding transgender students are not enough — they claim the climate at Fordham needs to be changed.
Students at a protest in Anderson, SC

Fordham Students Protesting Across the Country for BLM

June 18, 2020
The murder of George Floyd has served as one of the many catalysts to fight back against a history of systemic oppression against Black people. Fordham students have joined in the nationwide protests urging for police abolition and the elimination of systemic racism.
screenshot of a petition asking fordham to donate to local organizations

Students Push Back Against the Administration’s Thoughts and Prayers

June 3, 2020
After McShane’s statement regarding the death of George Floyd was released on May 30, many students found a lack of a call to action amidst his words.
a NYC metrocard being pulled out of a wallet with a Fordham ID in it

Fordham’s Financial Steps and Missteps During the Pandemic

May 13, 2020
With pressure from students, faculty and policymakers, Fordham's financial steps during the pandemic became subject to criticism.
A graphic representing Fordhams finances

The Budget Was Finalized. Then Coronavirus Hit.

April 29, 2020
In the dire time of the novel coronavirus, the financial situation for students, staff and the university is anything but ideal.
University President Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., has highlighted the communal bonds among all those in the Fordham community in his weekly emails.

We are Ramily: Father McShane’s Pastoral Messages Surpass Religious Ties

April 14, 2020
With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the indefinite cancellation of university Mass, University President Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., has been sending out pastoral messages to the Fordham community in an effort to provide comfort.
A red car with the rear hatch open as two people pack it with moving boxes in front of McMahon Hall

Abrupt Ending to the Spring Semester Sparks Move-Out Dilemma

March 30, 2020
When the novel coronavirus outbreak in New York City reached a state of emergency, the Office of Residential Life mandated residential students to return home immediately and not come back to campus. At Fordham University, many students consider the University to be their primary residence during the academic year, and the mandate left many students struggling to coordinate their housing and travel plans.
Weiss (pictured) and Houser were strangers until they had one particularly revealing conversation in Fordhams cafeteria in 1969.

A Fordham Friendship Spanning Half a Century

March 10, 2020
Len Weiss and Dave Houser's friendship is one that started at Fordham University in 1969 and lasted half a century. With Houser's recent passing, Weiss looks back at the memories the two shared.
For three years Aziz has managed the challenging rigor of the law program, while simultaneously taking advantage of multiple professional opportunities through the school.

From Lincoln Center to Law School

February 5, 2020
Melissa Aziz, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’17, is now in her third and final year at Fordham University School of Law. In May, she departs Fordham, the place she has called her second home for the past seven years. Now, she hopes to help students looking to follow in her footsteps.
The Fordham pre-law program guides students on the complex and intimidating path towards law school.

Understanding What Pre-Law Means at Fordham

January 21, 2020
Fordham's unique Pre-Law track makes the daunting path of law more manageable for students. Those considering this track should take advantage of the abundant resources available on campus.
Rose Hill is a much more stereotypical college campus. Everyone hangs out, studies and parties on this huge campus.

A Lincoln Center Student’s First Time at Rose Hill

December 23, 2019
As a first-year Lincoln Center student, I had never encountered a reason to venture up to the Rose Hill Campus. In fact, the only time I had been to the Bronx was when I went on a field trip in the tenth grade.
Diane Anderson holds up her daughters image to fight for a new pedestrian safety law in New Jersey. The law was passed on April 1, 2010.

Ten Years Later, Casey Feldman’s Values Still Resonate

November 13, 2019
Ten years ago, Casey Feldman was struck and killed by a distracted driver before her senior year at Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Casey’s character and values are things that her parents, Dianne Anderson and Joel Feldman, try to preserve and project into the world today through The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation.
What do the days of two college freshmen in New York City look like?

A Day in the Life: Fordham vs. Barnard

October 16, 2019
Regardless of whether your school is all-girls or co-ed, private or public, Jesuit or liberal arts, your college experience isn’t confined to the walls of your campus.
After many complaints of being blinding during the day, the floor tiles on the outdoor Plaza in front of McKeon were given a light gray coat of paint.

Fordham Repaints Plaza Tiles

October 16, 2019
After numerous complaints about the reflective glare on sunny days, the bright white floor tiles outside of McKeon Hall on the outdoor plaza were repainted on Oct. 6, 2019.
September 11: The View From My Window

September 11: The View From My Window

September 11, 2019
From firsthand testimonial, a younger generation remembers anew
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