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STEVIE CORTEZ, Assistant Opinions Editor

Stevie Cortez, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’21, is majoring in political science and minoring in philosophy and journalism. She writes for opinions and features, focusing on international politics and the perspective of the American working class. Stevie hopes to one day work as a foreign correspondent.

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for an article about Elon Musks SpaceX station in South Texas, an image of an orange and blue sunset

Far From Mars, Musk Is Colonizing Vulnerable Communities

May 14, 2021
Elon Musk has proposed a Starbase in Brownsville, Texas, that, rather than improving the local area, will harm residents and the environment.
Biden in Afghanistan speaks with troops

Leaving Afghanistan: Extremism Flourishes Despite US Occupation

May 10, 2021
Biden’s decision to take troops out of Afghanistan may not be as consequential as some politicians claim, and the War on Terror should be a cautionary tale. 
Stevie Cortez, FCLC ’21, shows off her arm where she received her vaccination.

[Photo] One Step Closer: Fordham Community Members Get Vaccinated

By MARIN HOWELL May 1, 2021

Stevie Cortez, FCLC ’21, shows off her arm where she received her vaccination.

for a story about health care inequality, entrance of Mount Sinai West

A Tale of Two Health Care Systems

April 13, 2021
Unless politicians and leaders in health care industries reform the health care imbalance this country experiences, the death toll will grow.
girl smiling and giving a thumbs up after receiving one of the moderna vaccines from fordham

[Photo] Fordham Distributes Its First Vaccines


Fordham is currently distributing the Moderna vaccine at both its campuses. For the week of April 12, Fordham has acquired 800 doses for students and staff, 400 each for Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.

headshot of sam omotayo

Sam Omotayo: More Than the Man at the Front Desk

March 26, 2021
For many students across the Lincoln Center campus, manning the desk is only one part of Mr. Omotayo's job.
multiple headlines collaged on a black background

Some of the Best Headlines in Observer History

March 26, 2021
From poorly concealed sex jokes to complaints about FCLC’s elevators, these headlines don’t just show how Fordham has changed. More than anything, they show all the ways in which Fordham has stayed the same.
for a story about the new national security law in hong kong, photo of graffiti in hong kong that reads break down the dawn, liberate our hong kong

The Fall of Asia’s World City

March 5, 2021
Using the National Security Law, the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese governments have targeted many key figures in the pro-democracy movement.
protestors gather at night outside the US Capitol building as police barricade the front steps

On Revolution: The Capitol Riots Are a Critical Turning Point

February 10, 2021
This event will change the trajectory of both factions and push them further toward extreme radicalization.
a graphic illustration of the Instagram logo with hearts and dollars falling into a piggy bank, symbolizing capitalizing on advocacy

Capitalizing on Conflict: The Monetization of Advocacy

February 9, 2021
After reading my recent article about the failings of Instagram activism, a friend of mine alerted me to a related issue with the trend that is worth discussing: the commodification of social justice.
graphic of the cover of time magazine person of the year edition with a gray silhouette where a person should be, signifying it should be undocumented workers

The People Who Should Have Won People of the Year

December 30, 2020
The Times People of the Year should be undocumented workers. They do more for our country for less praise despite dealing with economic, social, and political barriers.
graphic illustration of a hand holding a phone sharing an Instagram activism post

Whom Is Instagram Activism Really Helping?

December 8, 2020
There must be a better way for allies to actually help the people affected by the issues outlined in these surface-level, PSA-type posts.
people celebrate the victory of Biden the street on Broadway in front of Trump International Hotel

Biden’s Victory Isn’t Enough to Solve the Country’s Problems

November 18, 2020
Although it has provided many in the country with a renewed sense of morale, Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump is only a small win in the long struggle toward a better America.
a graphic illustration of activists holding signs that read before asking disadvantaged people to speak on their experiences, its necessary to ensure their survival, another reading as you demonstrate, advocate, organize, and protest, remember that those actions themselves are a privilege many cant afford and the final one reading remember those working in the fields that grow our crops, who wont view your informational Instagram posts

A Reminder to Fordham’s Activists

October 28, 2020
As you demonstrate, advocate, organize, and protest, remember that those actions themselves are a privilege many can’t afford.
a family standing together in a group photo

A Place For Students of Many Cultures To Belong

October 14, 2020
A new club, Cross Culture Students of Fordham, aims to start conversations about the experiences of people who are mixed-heritage and a myriad of other cultural identities.
map of rio grande valley (RGV) in texas

Why COVID-19 Continues to Devastate My RGV Community on the Border

October 8, 2020
While other states recovered, the Rio Grande Valley, or RGV, continued to struggle with COVID-19. Though the odds have always been stacked against us, we are determined to survive.
a wall with graffiti in Hong Kong reading if not us, WHO? If not now, WHEN? below is more graffiti reading Guo Way, we only wanted your help

My Experience Studying Abroad During the Hong Kong Protests

September 23, 2020
As I lay bleeding on a smoke-filled street in Hong Kong, with Molotov cocktails and unidentified projectiles whizzing over my head, I wondered if this was really how my study abroad experience was going to end.
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