Dressed to the Ca-Nines

These pups are looking sharp and ready for the cold



In the extensive tomb of King Cuo from China’s ancient Zhongshan state (414-295 BCE), archaeologists found two dogs buried in decorative gold and silver collars. The desire to accessorize pets, and dogs in particular, is age-old, and although the fashions change, the appeal certainly hasn’t. In 2019, The Observer covered a canine Halloween costume parade, and it was every bit as adorable as it sounds. 

Of course, dog fashion can be practical in addition to decorative. Sweaters and coats are especially important for small, short-haired, low-to-the-ground or senior dogs. Boots may also be helpful for icy and snowy conditions, particularly when there is salt on the ground. 

January and February spared no expense on New York this year as far as cold weather and snow are concerned. The dogs of the city, out and about as always, are still bundled up against the elements, and spectators who pass them on the street can’t help but ooh and ahh … and stop to take the occasional photo.

Here at The Observer, we collected pictures of some of our editors’ dogs from around the country sporting their winter finery, and they don’t disappoint. Enjoy these cutest of fashion models, and feel free to tag us in your own dog-in-coat shots on social media.