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Gabriel Garcia (he/him), FCLC ’23, is a staff writer at the Observer. He is a Political Science major, and has contributed to the News, Photos, Opinions and Arts and Culture sections of the Observer. Gabriel spends his time outside of the Observer serving on the United Student Government, reading, and listening to music on his commutes to and from Coney Island.

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Members of Congress use their position to profit from stocks.

[Photo] With Enough Votes, You Too Can Do Insider Trading!

By JOHN SCHNEIDER December 7, 2022

Members of Congress use their position to profit from stocks.

Public Safety officers are instructed to check proof of vaccination for all visitors, but students have disclosed that this does not always happen.

[Photo] Confusion Remains Regarding University’s Enforcement of Bivalent Booster Mandate

By INSIYA GANDHI December 8, 2022

Public Safety officers are instructed to check proof of vaccination for all visitors, but students have disclosed that this does not always happen.

Library services are available for Fordham students if they are willing to ask for help.

[Photo] Is FLC’s Library Underfunded or Underused?

By MADELEINE BAMFORD November 16, 2022

QuinnX is often overlooked, but staff encourage students to come take advantage of it.

Tuesday, November 15

Tuesday, November 15

November 15, 2022
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Brooklyn Bridge Park view

Ram Reads: ‘Ask A Native New Yorker,’ Reviewed By A Native New Yorker

September 6, 2022
When I saw the title “Ask A Native New Yorker,” I was curious as to what was being said of myself and millions of other native New Yorkers.

New York State’s Proposed Congressional Districts Are Harmful to the State and Democracy

May 4, 2022
Due to the rampant partisan polarization of contemporary US politics, the practice of gerrymandering has increased in recent decades. 
TikTok logos made to look like music notes

TikTok, Music and the Privatization of Experience

February 18, 2022
TikTok’s musical selection has implications that exist outside of the confines of the app; they can also be seen on the music charts.
soup kitchen seinfeld on 55th street with people standing in front of it

At the Original Soup Kitchen Featured in ‘Seinfeld,’ There Is Soup for You

November 29, 2021
Overall, The Original Soup Kitchen has far more significance than as a one-off skit on a single “Seinfeld” episode.
flooding from Ida in McMahon

Fordham Recovers From Storm Damage and Plans for Future

September 21, 2021
Tropical storm Ida caused damage on the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses, leading to discussions about preparedness for weather events.
The Braganza Sisters stand for a photo together, Left to right: Adriana, Anika, Amaya

The Braganza Sisters Mix Sounds of California, NYC and Filipino Womanhood

July 22, 2021
Creativity and original music are plentiful at Fordham, as has been covered by The Observer before; there are fewer group acts though, and family acts like The Braganza Sisters are likely to be even more sporadic.
A photo of an outdoor dining booth at Pasta by Hudson. It is built out of wood and has five sets of tables and chairs inside. There is a group of people sitting at one of them. The sky is grey and bright, and the sidewalk is freshly wet from the rain.

At Pasta by Hudson, Fresh Pasta Is Available in a New York Minute

April 18, 2021
Once a part of Columbus Circle's Turnstyle Underground Market, Pasta by Hudson has found a new home in Chelsea, Manhattan
cover of the first ep by melissa joy, light pollution

Rock Star Rams: Melissa Joy Releases New EP

February 11, 2021
Musician and Fordham freshman Melissa Joy discusses what inspired her to release her first EP and how she feels adjusting to college life in New York City.
graphic of red theatre curtains pulled back to show the front of fordhams building, with text saying fordham rising stars to denote the talent show

Fordham Students Rise Together for New Talent Show

November 15, 2020
The Office of Residential Life at Lincoln Center hosted a hybrid talent show so students on and off campus could come together for an event.
Picture of empty Turnstyle Underground Market

Reopening the Underground Market

October 4, 2020
As some vendors open their doors and others close them, customers eagerly await to see what's next for the Underground Market.
Yemeni people holding signs

The Crisis in Yemen and How to Help

July 30, 2020
For the past five years, there has been a civil war in Yemen between the government and a faction called the Houthis over religious sectarianism and control of the country.
graphic illustration of the state of new york wearing a crown on the left and a graveyard with a grave that reads here lies the daily guide on the right

The Death of Local Journalism Makes Deaths by COVID-19 Seem More Painful

July 9, 2020
Though lack of planning to safely reopen the economy and reckless individuals are common explanations for the spike in coronavirus cases, there is another factor that certainly is not helping anyone: the death of local journalism.
Up-close shot of Bernie Sanders smiling in glasses and a white collar shirt

FCLC Students Respond to Bernie’s Lasting Political Impact

May 13, 2020
Despite the future appearing bleak, I do not believe that we should give up.
Will the global coronavirus pandemic pull countries together or tear the world apart?

How Coronavirus Builds the Case for Internationalism

April 14, 2020
Let us hope that the end of this virus brings not only the reestablishment of social connections, but the creation of stronger global connections so that “once in a lifetime” crises can stay once in a lifetime.
The dogma of Lent still has value amid the societal bedlam caused by the Corona virus pandemic.

From Dust We Came, To Dust We Returned

April 1, 2020
So quick we are to see the dust of the beginning and the end, the blessings received in the middle go ignored.
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