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AVA PEABODY, Former Opinions Editor

Ava Peabody (she/her), FCLC ’23, is a former opinions editor at The Observer. She is majoring in political science and history, and she can often be found watching “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

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The Grammys’ Greatest Gaffes

The Grammys’ Greatest Gaffes

February 9, 2023
Although the Recording Academy strives to recognize the most talented artists year after year across multiple genres, it is almost impossible to include all of the groundbreaking music released. 
I’ll Miss You, Twitter

I’ll Miss You, Twitter

December 7, 2022

Twitter is dead. Sure, you can still visit the website, and the tweets still show up, but it’s not the same as it was before Elon Musk, and I don’t think it ever will be again.  Musk has already...

The Women of #WhiteyyNation

The Women of #WhiteyyNation

August 9, 2022
William White got his following in a typical TikTok way. But the catch is that the overwhelming majority of his fans are middle-aged women.
lady sleeping

Don’t Sleep on ASMR

April 12, 2022
I’m not the only one who relies on ASMR, and the genre began enjoying popularity in the mid-2010s. It is a great way to catch some sleep.
Russia’s War on Ukraine, as Seen From Fordham London

Russia’s War on Ukraine, as Seen From Fordham London

March 28, 2022
First-person account of responses to the Ukrainian conflict as seen from London, such as protests and political reactions
photo of fordham london center

[Photo] University Resumes Sponsored International Travel

By SOFIA VAN NATTA March 29, 2022

Students can now resume international travel to enhance the learning experience during their semesters abroad.

heathers cast on stage in london with colorful costumes

Big Fun: ‘Heathers’ in London

March 4, 2022
By considering “Heathers'” buoyant music as a contrast to its bleak material, there is a message about how we treat those dark topics as a culture.
joe manchin with a speech bubble that says in coal i tru$t

Joe Manchin Must Stand Up for West Virginia

December 9, 2021
Joe Manchin is betraying his state and his country by continuing to bend to the desires of coal lobbyists in order to preserve his own power.
Ram Libs: A Walk in the Park

Ram Libs: A Walk in the Park

November 5, 2021
With the seasons changing, the weather growing colder and classes getting duller, take it slow for a morning and go for a walk in the park.
for an article on ocd, colorful image of turtles all the way down on tv screens

OCD: More Than Just Hand-Washing

October 6, 2021
OCD deserves the same attention that anxiety and depression get, and the media should show accurate depictions rather than stereotypes.
The cast of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical on stage, with SpongeBob at the front of the cast jumping

The Surprising Power of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical’

September 2, 2021
"SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical," while meant for children, engages with issues suited for a more general and mature audience.
the candidates for the primary of the NYC mayoral race

Primary Preview: A Handy Starter to Your Mayoral Research

June 21, 2021
The winner of the Democratic primary is most likely to be elected in November because of the city’s overwhelmingly Democratic population.
Photograph of a Fordham student receiving her COVID vaccine.

How the Vaccine Could Impact Your Period

May 25, 2021
The effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on the menstrual cycle remain unclear, as limited research on the subject has not provided answers.
graphic of power plant with nfts

The NFTea on NFTs: The Well-Being of the Environment Is Nonfungible

April 22, 2021
They may be an artistic innovation or absurd and excessive, but it is indisputable that NFTs put an extraordinary strain on the environment.
map of the internet, in an article about the spreading of qanon

QAnon Is Just Another Example of America’s Conspiracy Theory Problem

February 17, 2021
QAnon and the John Birch Society let Americans avoid the central causes of the country's political and economic problems instead of recognizing that there are societal issues that must be addressed through legislation and economic overhaul.
a chart showing the percentage of white women voters per candidate in 2016 and 2020. 2016 was 43% Clinton and 52% Trump. 2020 was 44% Biden and 55% Trump

White Women: This One’s for You

November 17, 2020
As white women, one of our primary goals in dismantling this white supremacy must be to investigate ourselves as a demographic: our excuses, prejudices and fears.
Supreme Court Building, for an article about original / originalism and Amy Coney Barrett

An Original Interpretation of Amy Coney Barrett

October 18, 2020
If we continued to interpret the law according to the original writers’ intentions, then women might be still largely confined to domestic duties and Black people might still be enslaved.
A graphic of the Earth on fire

Warming Up to Biden

August 22, 2020
We need Biden to seize the moment he has been awarded to commit to progressive, comprehensive climate change policy.
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