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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Shaquille Kampta, Gabelli School of Business ’23, is majoring in global business with a primary concentration in global finance and business economics. He enjoys writing about political topics relating to foreign and domestic policy. In his free time, you can catch him watching Netflix, playing basketball, or taking a nap. Since his childhood, he has been motivated to become a lawyer. As captain of his high school debate team, he developed a passion for research and argumentation. After he finishes his undergraduate years, he plans to attend law school where he will study to either become a criminal defense lawyer or a hedge fund attorney.

a picture of the facade of a building of one of new yorks schools

Reopening Schools Is Only Possible With Federal Funding

February 21, 2021
States are scrambling to pay for programs that help low-income families, and if schools want to reopen, the federal government must support them.
Fear of coronavirus has shot around the globe, but there’s more to worry about than just the symptoms of the illness.

More to Coronavirus Than Just Illness

February 19, 2020
While it may seem appropriate to panic about a lethal virus, it is also appropriate, especially when the virus has not affected us in the ways that it has affected others, to worry about the global problems, which include both health concerns and economic concerns.
Putin’s Middle Eastern agenda is seemingly aided and abetted by Trump — from top to bottom.

Is Trump Putin’s Puppet?

December 4, 2019
From disclosing classified intelligence to Russian officials (this was legal) to belittling his own intelligence and security agencies, Trump has favored Russia over his own country.
They say you should never ask a woman her age, but what about a politician?

For the President and Hopefuls, Age Is More Than Just a Number

October 30, 2019
At 78 years old, Bernie Sanders has been endlessly campaigning through the states over the last few months. At such an old age, it’s a miracle that Sanders is able to keep up with the physical trials of the campaign trail.
Commuters race around New York City while residents sleep soundly, but they make the most of every minute.

Commuters Manage Their Time Better Than You Do

October 2, 2019
Here at FLC, residents are able to go to their classes with a sufficient amount of sleep and a good breakfast, lunch or dinner — but that’s not possible for me. Commuters are constantly racing against time, trying to make a minute seem like an hour.
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