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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Isabella Scipioni, FCLC ’23, is an opinions editor for The Observer. She is majoring in political science and enjoys writing opinions articles on pop culture and all things Fordham. When she isn’t studying, you can find her walking through Central Park and exploring different neighborhoods.

STUDENTS look at others research projects in atrium

[Photo] Student Researchers in the Spotlight at Symposium

December 4, 2021

The annual research symposium occurred in the Atrium...

map of nyc for article on walk for finals

NYC Walks for When You Haven’t Started Studying for Finals

December 12, 2021
Looking for a way to waste time during finals week and explore the city Fordham calls home? Check out our guide to the best walks through NYC.
a yellow and red graphic, with tickets saying 11/13, 53, and 120, and the letters SNL in the foreground

All Too Well (36 Hour Version)

December 3, 2021
On Nov. 13, Taylor Swift was the musical guest on SNL to promote her album. Even though the tickets were free, they still came at a cost.
Image of an email with the words Public Safety Advisory | Lincoln Center, Feral Anti-Vaxxers

Public Safety Alert: Feral Anti-Vaxxers

November 9, 2021
Members of the Fordham campus community must remain vigilant and report all safety threats, including feral anti-vaxxers on and off campus.
lincoln center girl at a fordham football game surrounded by rose hill fans

A Lincoln Center Student’s First Football Game

October 14, 2021
Be prepared for a booing-fest of two dozen uninterested fans watching Fordham’s attempt to imitate America’s favorite homoerotic pastime.
a couch and a laptop on a coffee table in a room designated for quarantine after students tested positive for COVID-19

So You’ve Tested Positive for COVID-19 — Now What?

September 21, 2021
Fully vaccinated students have tested positive for COVID-19. Fordham residents should be prepared for the university's quarantine procedures.
greek letters in pink overlayed on top of two people wearing sunglasses

Why You Should Be Glad Fordham Doesn’t Have Greek Life

September 9, 2021
Fordham's lack of Greek life is a benefit to students who are free from the toxicity, hate and social pressure Greek organizations promote.
graphic of a book of customer service competency. text reads: Customer Service Competency, Introduction, Unit 1: The Basics, conversation skills, behaviors, vocab, practice test; Unit 2: Grocery Stores; Unit 3: Restaurant Etiquette; Unit 4: Clothing Stores.

Customer Service Competency Class Now a Requirement for Fordham Admission

July 7, 2021
In order to apply to Fordham, all students are required to take Customer Service Competency, a course soon to be offered in most high schools.
A graphic showing actors, all in their 20s, who played high school aged characters in Riverdale.

High School Characters: Gen Z or Geriatric?

April 22, 2021
Casting older actors to play younger teenagers is far too common in the film industry and is harmful to high school students’ self-esteem.
for an article about midterms, a photo of a laptop and books

March Midterms Madness

March 28, 2021
An extended midterms period during an already stressful semester has made this semester’s exam season more frustrating and exhausting than necessary.
for an article about men and zodiac signs, graphic of a person looking into a telescope at stars, which spell out mansplainer

All Men Are Trash — Regardless of Their Sign

March 19, 2021
Astrology is fun, and, to some practitioners, a serious way to get to know other people, but it cannot continue to be an excuse for sexism.
for an article about zoom fatigue, graphic of a laptop with an eyemask that says Sweet Dreams on it

Zoom Fatigue Is the Other Viral Epidemic Hitting Colleges

March 10, 2021
Zoom fatigue is affecting the health of many college students and remote workers, and we must change our approach to virtual calls. 
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