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Andrew Dressner, FCLC ’23, is the photo editor for The Observer and is majoring in natural science on the pre-med track. Outside of The Observer, Andrew loves taking photos, is an EMT and enjoys rock climbing.

All content by ANDREW DRESSNER
view of nyc and the brooklyn bridge at sunset

Scenes of NYC in Photos

November 19, 2021
Come on a journey around the five boroughs of NYC with The Observer, from Manhattan to the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and even Staten Island.
doc martens with one empty pair and one with feet in them

[Photo] Doc Martens: A Pillock Boot

November 7, 2021

Docs have transformed from a utilitarian boot to a...

covid booster vaccine shot with a needle

[Photo] Fordham Administers COVID-19 Booster Shots to Eligible Community Members

November 7, 2021

Fordham is now offering COVID-19 Pfizer booster shots...

a line for a polling place close to Lincoln Center, with no voters in line

[Photo] Fordham Community Discusses Voting in 2021 NYC Mayoral Election

November 2, 2021

New York City voters have an opportunity to determine...

students in the garden lounge eating and wearing masks correctly

[Photo] Fordham Begins Stronger Enforcement of Mask Policy on Campus

October 29, 2021

Two students are seen following the university’s...

djellza pulatani stands at lincoln center smiling in a pink dress

[Photo] USG Elects Djellza Pulatani as New Vice President

October 28, 2021

Djellza Pulatani was elected as vice president for...

a naloxone nasal spray can, a tool to fight opioid overdoses

[Photo] The Opioid Crisis is Still Here — Even in a Pandemic

October 27, 2021

Narcan, a naloxone nasal spray, is a life-saving medication...

one of the classrooms entrances between lowenstein and mcmahon hall

[Photo] Fordham Unveils New Classrooms in Leon Lowenstein Center

October 6, 2021

One of the entrances to the new wing is in the hallway...

Korean class with professor standing at front of classroom

[Photo] Free Korean Classes Prove Popular Among Students

September 22, 2021

Professor Kyung Eun Lee reaching the Korean level 2...

Djellza Pulatani, head of the Committee on Sexual Misconduct, stands in front of the Leon Lowenstein building

[Photo] Student-Led Committee to Advocate for Sexual Misconduct Victims

September 21, 2021

Djellza Pulatani is looking forward to hosting events...

for an article about the delta variant, elevator of students at Lincoln Center

[Photo] Why the Delta Variant Threatens Fordham’s Return to Normalcy

September 22, 2021

Undergraduates are now around 99% vaccinated, but the...

Photograph of a Fordham student receiving her COVID vaccine.

[Photo] How the Vaccine Could Impact Your Period

May 25, 2021

Limited research has left many with few answers on...

for an article about covid-19 photos, the Ram statue a year later, this time wearing a disposable mask underneath and a Fordham mask on top

A Year of COVID-19 at Fordham in Photos

May 21, 2021
Over the past year, The Observer has collected photos depicting students' experience with COVID-19 at school and at home.
Class of 2020 commencement will take place on Eddies Parade

[Photo] Fordham Announces Commencement Plans for Class of 2020

May 5, 2021

The commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2020 will...

The Moderna two-shot vaccine is shown in a fridge.

[Photo] One Shot, Two Shot: The Differences Between the Two Vaccine Types

May 2, 2021

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA vaccines...

COVID-19 vaccine doses on a table at Fordham

[Photo] Fordham Expands Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

April 28, 2021

Fordham has been receiving vaccine doses on a weekly...

for an article about students being vaccinated, a person holds a bottle and syringe of the COVID-19 vaccine

[Photo] Fordham Requires All Students To Be Vaccinated for Fall 2021 Semester

April 16, 2021

Fordham will required all students of its undergraduate,...

a distracted student sits in front of a Zoom screen for online learning

[Photo] Online Learning Impacts Students’ Study Habits and Future of Learning

April 15, 2021

Some students have experienced frustration with their...

girl smiling and giving a thumbs up after receiving one of the moderna vaccines from fordham

Fordham Distributes Its First Vaccines

April 13, 2021
Health Services dispensed 200 doses across both campuses last week and received another 800 for the week of April 12.
a vaccine fridge at Fordham

[Photo] Fordham Offers COVID-19 Vaccines

April 4, 2021

Fordham's vaccines are stored in dedicated refrigerators...

for an article about faculty retirement, a statue of St. Ignatius outside Fordham Lincoln Center

[Photo] Fordham Reinstates Retirement Fund Contributions, Financial Trouble Remains

April 2, 2021

Faculty members are relieved to have their retirement...

Li Ying Wei works on a laptop on her Fordham EMT job.

[Photo] Life on the Job as a Fordham EMT

April 2, 2021

A duty crew consists of the crew chief, EMT and driver...

student getting an observed covid test at an on-campus testing center

[Photo] Fordham Faces a Decrease in COVID-19 Testing

March 31, 2021

Dean of Student Services Keith Eldredge attributes...

for article about grades, photo of an exam with an F grade on it

[Photo] Fordham Deans Clarify Alleged Crackdown on Grades Rumor

March 30, 2021

The deans stated that the rumor on stricter grade policies...

Craig Calefate poses with a llama on set

Opening the Aperture to Photo Production

March 23, 2021
Craig Calefate first worked at The Observer during his junior year. Now, 12 years after graduating, he works as a photo producer for Apple.
photo of the door to the aramark offices at fordham

[Photo] Rams Against Aramark Demands Severance From Food Service Provider

March 21, 2021

Since Fordham selected Aramark as its food provider,...

Melissa Quiroz in PPE holding Covid-19 test tubes

[Photo] Reflecting On a Year of COVID-19

March 18, 2021

Melissa Quiroz, University Health Services Office Nurse...

students sitting in an in-person class with masks on around a table

[Photo] Early Announcement of In-Person Fall Semester Produces Mixed Reactions

March 14, 2021

A small percentage of classes are being held in person...

Finlay Hall, a dorm with quarantine rooms

[Photo] Students Speak Out Against On-Campus Quarantine Procedures

March 10, 2021

Finlay Hall, a Rose Hill dorm with isolation and quarantine...

for an article about the covid outbreak at rose hill, a photo of keating hall and eddies parade

[Photo] Fallout From Rose Hill Outbreak Spreads Mistrust and Uncertainty

March 13, 2021

Although the Rose Hill campus reopened as initially...

students sit spread out in McNally Amphitheater watching the Winterfest concert

[Photo] The Aces Perform at First Hybrid Winterfest Concert

February 28, 2021

The virtual performance was streamed for everyone watching...

person checking in at a fordham testing center

[Photo] Fordham Increases COVID-19 Test Supply for the Spring Semester

February 22, 2021

Some students receiving tests on campus said that the...

a vaccine sticker from Fordham reading Im a big shot

[Photo] Fordham Plans Ahead As Vaccine Rollout Slugs Along

February 19, 2021

Some University Health Services staff have managed...

photo of covid testing center at rose hill

[Photo] UPDATED: Rose Hill Surpasses 100 Cases, Reaching NY Threshold for Brief Suspension of In-Person Classes

February 13, 2021

As of 3 p.m. on Feb. 13, the university has not announced...

for an article about covid effects on the brain, photo of a stethoscope, a bottle of advil, gloves, tissues and a mask on a table

[Photo] Understanding the Long-Term Effects of COVID-19

February 6, 2021

Lesser-known aftereffects of the coronavirus include...

a couple walks down a snowy sidewalk in a NYC park after the snowstorm

Scenes From a Snowy City: Historic Snowstorm Hits NYC

February 4, 2021
In photos: New York City saw its largest snowstorm since 2016 this week.
new dean of students Jenifer Campbell poses in the Office of Residential Life

[Photo] New Year, New Transitions For Deans

January 13, 2021

Jenifer Campbell will be the new dean of students at...

A giant box of toys on the sidewalk of Fifth Avenue, which is part of a collection of similar light-up decorations lining the street.

New York’s Pandemic Holiday Spirit

December 24, 2020
Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue still shine bright in 2020 with only minor changes.
mask vendor standing at a table on a sidewalk

[Photo] Behind the Mask: The Barriers Against a Federal Mask Mandate

December 4, 2020

While 72% of Americans are reportedly wearing masks,...

a laptop and pumpkin pie sit on a set dinner table

[Photo] Traveling for Turkey: Staying Safe During the Holiday

November 25, 2020

Celebrating Thanksgiving virtually is the safest option...

photo of samples at a covid testing center to accompany an article about rising positive cases among students

[Photo] Coronavirus Cases Are Rising Again in NYC –– What Does This Mean for Fordham?

November 21, 2020

Just before students return home for Thanksgiving break,...

One of the English deparrtments offices at fordham

[Photo] Departments Work Toward an Anti-Racist Future

November 11, 2020

The English department founded the Diversity and Social...

Disruptions to daily routines due to the pandemic and quarantining this year have thrown off many students sleep schedules.

[Photo] Coronavirus and Counting Sheep: How the Pandemic Is Affecting Your Sleep

November 11, 2020

Disruptions to daily routines due to the pandemic and...

corkscrew, glass of alcohol and mask on a table

[Photo] You Booze, You Lose: Why Alcohol Shouldn’t Be Your Only Pandemic Coping Strategy

November 13, 2020

A recent survey revealed an increase in alcohol consumption...

a wallet with a Fordham ID card in the front and a health insurance card sticking out behind it

[Photo] One Step Closer to Resolving International Students’ Health Care

November 10, 2020

A health insurance card sticks out of a student's wallet....

boards being put up to cover a sculpture of a glass ball

[Photo] Election Day in Manhattan

November 6, 2020

All around Manhattan, workers are putting up boards...

A course syllabus with red sharpie correcting changes to the curriculum to include political education

[Photo] Professors Emphasize Political Education in the Classroom

October 28, 2020

Adding political education to the curricula and syllabi...

a photo of the hamilton marquee on broadway to represent arts , put side-by-side with madison square garden to represent sports

[Photo] Heat Check: Sports vs. Arts

October 21, 2020

Live sporting and performance events were both interrupted...

The reception desk of University Health Services, which oversees COVID-19 testing

[Photo] New Rounds of COVID-19 Testing

October 14, 2020

University Health Services has announced a new testing...

a finger holding down the tiktok app on an iphone to delete it

[Photo] Why I Really Deleted TikTok

October 14, 2020

Viral dances on TikTok are giving untrained dancers...

Keating Hall on a sunny day

[Photo] Fordham Ranks 203rd in Social Mobility

September 30, 2020

Some students and faculty believe that rankings do...

Fordhams testing centers, located on both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses, offer self-administered nasal swab tests for all community members free of charge.

[Photo] A Look into Fordham’s On-Campus Testing Facilities

September 18, 2020

Fordham's testing centers, located on both Rose Hill...

boy sitting at computer playing eSports

[Photo] The World of eSports Arrives at Fordham

September 16, 2020

Fordham’s intramural program is offering eSports...

empty Quinn library during fall 2020

[Photo] Expectations Versus Reality: The Fall Semester

September 19, 2020

Kozakowski and Tyson both said they pass by very few...

an application for mail-in voting with a pen and stamps

[Photo] Addressing Absentee Ballot Concerns: The ABC’s of Mail-in Voting

September 17, 2020

The pandemic has made voting in person more difficult...

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