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We are currently living the stories that will define our age. At Fordham University at Lincoln Center, The Observer strives to tell these stories in ways that truly matter to our Fordham community — every day, every article, every post, every video, every podcast and every issue. 

2021 marks The Observer’s 40th anniversary. As we approach four decades of collegiate journalism in service to the Fordham community, we stand unwavering in our role as “The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center. We boast over 40 members on our editorial board, with contributors from all parts of the university community, and have continually expanded our coverage of news on both of Fordham’s undergraduate campuses as well as the surrounding neighborhoods in which they reside. The shift to fully remote production due to the COVID-19 pandemic has not impacted our ability to maintain this standard. For the past six months, we have continued to publish quality “print” papers (at on a biweekly basis and increased our online output, uploading articles and digital-exclusive multimedia content to and social media (@fordhamobserver on all platforms) almost daily.

In order to keep our content so strong, we rely on the support of the Office of Student Involvement and donors like you that recognize strong student journalism and help us make our paper exceptional. With your contribution, we will be able to invest in digital production software that will allow us to further refine and streamline all our digital content. Your contribution will also go toward the purchase of audio and camera equipment for our podcast, Retrospect (on Apple Music and Spotify), and our multimedia team, two areas of The Observer we have recently expanded and in which we want to invest in continued improvement. Eventually, of course, your donations will also allow us to print more outstanding editions of The Observer, with additional color pages and the same in-depth journalism that is the foundation of all we do.

If you are able to support our mission, thank you — from the bottom of our hearts. Our staff is unpaid, and we receive no academic credit for our work. We do it because we love what we do. And we couldn’t have done it all these years without you.