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CLARA GERLACH, Assistant Opinions Editor

Clara Gerlach, FCLC ’23, is a native New Yorker. As a math and economics major with minors in German and environmental studies, she enjoys reading anything and everything. When she hasn’t got her nose in a book, Clara enjoys hiking, experimenting with gluten free recipes and making way too specific Spotify playlists.

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Coca Cola trucks parked in a lot

Why Is It My Fault? The Shifting of Personal Responsibility in Environmental Policy

February 20, 2021
Even when accessible, and it works, recycling isn’t the solution we have been conditioned to believe it is.
a gold copy of

Let People Read What They Enjoy

October 10, 2020
People should be able to read what they enjoy without feeling embarrassed to consume it. We don’t need to read to feel smart; we should be able to read for pleasure without the appended guilt.
a bike lane next to the sidewalk with a barrier of parked cars separating it from the street

NYC Needs More Protected Bike Lanes

October 2, 2020
Protected or not, we need to safeguard these lanes not only with barriers but also with legislation and fines.
a graphic of a laptop that has on the screen a large maroon F and a loading bar underneath

Fordham Needs to Keep Online Summer Classes Available Next Summer

September 17, 2020
A wider selection of summer courses also opens up the possibility of a diverse range of asynchronous classes.