A Quiz Down Memory Lane

What has changed since The Observer was founded in 1981?

March 30, 2021

40th anniversary stickerIt is 1981. You are a Fordham Lincoln Center student. Ronald Reagan is president, your favorite movie is “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and you can’t get “Jessie’s Girl” out of your head. Life is good, and it gets even better when you hear that there’s a new campus newspaper on the block.

On your way to class, you pick up the school’s brand new newspaper to read up on the latest. What is its name?

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An article in the paper talks about the president of Fordham. Who is it?

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You’re ready for class. Which of the following subjects is not yet offered at Fordham Lincoln Center?

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Hungry in your pursuit of knowledge, you grab a bite with some friends after class. Which of the following is a place to eat located on campus?

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After lunch, you head back to your room. What building do you live in?

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On the way home, you run into a friend from the theater program. Which future Academy Award-nominated actress is attending Fordham with you at this time?

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Once you’re done with your homework, you go back out to see a movie. Which film was released in January of this year?

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You’re finally ready for bed. As you drift off to sleep, tired from the excitement of your busy day, what Observer tagline echoes in your dreams?

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You wake up the next morning to several alarm clocks and your roommate’s microwave and get back to work. Some things never change.

About the Writers
ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS, Fun & Games Editor and Assistant Photo Editor

Esmé Bleecker-Adams, FCLC ’21, is a visual arts major and (oh-so-jaded) New Yorker who is incredibly grateful for her time at The Observer and for all the lovely people she has met there! Favorite hobbies include sewing, playing table tennis and ignoring her alarm clock.

GRACE GETMAN, Managing Editor

Grace Getman, FCLC ’22, is the managing editor for The Observer. A dual urban studies and environmental studies major, she likes trees, buildings and trees on the top of buildings (jury’s out on buildings on top of trees). Previously, she worked as an editor in the Social Media and Opinions sections.

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