The Observer

Editorial Board Spring 2021

We work together to bring you this independent-minded student newspaper. Our goal is to seek and present the unbiased truth and tell the stories of the vast Fordham community. Be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest updates on all Fordham Observer happenings. Feel free to contact [email protected] or a specific editor listed below with your feedback and story ideas.

We’d love to hear from you!


Sophie Partridge-Hicks | [email protected]


Managing Editor
Marielle Sarmiento | [email protected]


Online Editors
Andrew Beecher | [email protected]
Gillian Russo | [email protected]


Business Manager
Owen Roche | [email protected]


Layout Editors
Lara Foley | [email protected]
Maddie Sandholm | [email protected]


Asst. Layout Editors
Pamela Pajares | [email protected]
Olivia Stern | [email protected]


News Editors
Joe Kottke | [email protected]
Katrina Lambert | [email protected]


Asst. News Editors
Michelle Agaron | [email protected]
Allie Stofer | [email protected]


Opinions Editor
Emily Ellis | [email protected]
Polina Uzornikova | [email protected]


Asst. Opinions Editors
Stevie Cortez |
[email protected]
Clara Gerlach | [email protected]


Arts & Culture Editors
Vicky Carmenate | [email protected]
Ethan Coughlin | [email protected]


Asst. Arts & Culture Editor
Madeline Katz | [email protected]


Features Editors
Samantha Matthews | [email protected]
Nicole Perkins | [email protected]


Asst. Features Editor
Mia Agostinelli | [email protected]


Sports & Health Editors
Gus Dupree | [email protected]
Patrick Moquin | [email protected]


Asst. Sports & Health Editor
Maggie McNamara | [email protected]


Fun & Games Editor
Esmé Bleecker-Adams | [email protected]


Photo Editor
Andrew Dressner
| [email protected]


Asst. Photo Editors
Esmé Bleecker-Adams | [email protected]
Alyssa Daughdrill | [email protected]


Multimedia Editors
Alison Ettinger-DeLong
| [email protected]
Mateo Solis Prada | [email protected]


Asst. Multimedia Editor
Emma Seiwell | [email protected]


Social Media Editors
Roxanne Cubero | [email protected]
Grace Getman[email protected]


Asst. Social Media Editors
Sunnia Khan
| [email protected]
Maca Leon | [email protected]


Head Copy Editors
Alyssa Macaluso | [email protected]
Jill Rice | [email protected]


Retrospect Hosts
Cate Galliford | [email protected]
Corbin Gregg | [email protected]


IT Manager
Evan Vollbrecht
| [email protected]


Visual Advisor
Molly Bedford | [email protected]


Editorial Advisor

Anthony Hazell | [email protected]