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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Editorial Board

We work together to bring you this independent-minded student newspaper. Our goal is to seek and present the unbiased truth and tell the stories of the vast Fordham community. Be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest updates on all Fordham Observer happenings. Feel free to contact [email protected] with your feedback and story ideas.

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Allie Stofer | [email protected]


Managing Editor
Maddie Sandholm | [email protected]


Online Editors
Emily Ellis 
Kreena Vora


Creative Director
Alexa Stegmuller 


Advertising Coordinator
Luis Castellanos


Layout Editors
Roxanne Cubero
Tara Lentell


Photo Editors
Alyssa Daughdrill

Andrew Dressner

Asst. Photo Editors
Molly Higgins
Aurelien Clavaud


Head Copy Editors
Ana Kevorkian
Alyssa Macaluso
Nora Reidy

Asst. Copy Editors
Matthias Lai
Quincy Reyes
Shelby Williams


News Editors
Maryam Beshara
Insiya Gandhi

Asst. Copy Editors
Alexa Villatoro
Megan Yerrabelli


Sports & Health Editors
Gabriella Bermudez
Chris Murray

Asst. Sports & Health Editor
Aurelien Clavaud


Opinions Editors
Ava Peabody
Isabella Scipioni

Asst. Opinions Editors
Jake Eraca
Laura Oldfather
Jessica Yu


Arts & Culture Editors
Isabella Gonzalez
Olivia Stern

 Asst. Arts & Culture Editor
Mael Quentin


Features Editor
Erika Tulfo

Asst. Features Editor
Abhipri Chowdhury


Fun & Games Editor
Irene Hao


Social Media Editors
Alexa Villatoro

Asst. Social Media Editor
Eeshita Wade


Multimedia Editors
Lauren Bocalan
Alice Moreno


Podcast Hosts
Shaily Jani
Christian Madalansacay


IT Manager
Zayda Bleecker-Adams


Editorial Adviser
Richard Rosen