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Brandon Sapienza, Fordham College at Lincoln Center 21, is studying journalism. He writes for the opinions section in The Observer, specializing in politics and the issues of our time. When he’s not writing for the opinions section, Brandon spends his time enjoying hockey, baseball and stand-up comedy.

trojan horse with a biden-harris sign on it

If Joe Biden Wins, Say Goodbye to Constitutional Norms

November 3, 2020
Should Biden and the Democrats win the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, the rights of the political republican minority are on the line.
A portrait of Amy Coney Barrett

Why Amy Coney Barrett Should Be Appointed Immediately

October 1, 2020
Barrett’s likely confirmation to the Supreme Court is the first step Republicans need to take to stop Democrats from destroying the systems that have governed us since 1789.
As the consequences of his failures threaten the city, de Blasio has found that spreading the blame is preferable to stopping the corona virus from doing the same.

Mayor de Blasio’s Botched Pandemic Response

April 1, 2020
Nothing can fix previous mistakes made by de Blasio and his response team, but what can change is the message he conveys to New Yorkers.
Former Vice President Joseph Biden looks to his right and points both fingers to the crowd

SAPIENZA: Biden’s Super Tuesday Victories Prove Detrimental for Trump

March 5, 2020
In an ideal world, President Trump would love to take on Sen. Bernie Sanders and his radical agenda on Election Day, but former Vice President Joe Biden had other plans in mind on Super Tuesday.
Clear and measured dialogue with your peers can be difficult when you’re the only elephant in the room.

SAPIENZA: What It’s Like Being a Conservative at Fordham

February 19, 2020
At Fordham Lincoln Center , the atmosphere of the school is such where those who want to demonstrate their opposition to progressive politics fear being ostracized for doing so and as a result, they are forced to keep quiet.
The controversy around Trumps impeachment proceedings continue to grow.

Impeachment Continues to Roll Ahead: Transparency is Key

November 13, 2019
Halloween got a little spookier for President Trump when the Democratic House of Representatives voted on Oct. 31 to formalize an impeachment inquiry into the president amidst allegations he engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukranian President Vladmir Zelensky.
Donald Trump is the subject of an impeachment inquiry put forth by his most vehement detractors, and questionable evidence.

Democrats Will Eat Crow With Goose Chase Impeachment Inquiry

October 16, 2019
With the current set of evidence, the only way Democrats have conjured up the idea of Trump withholding Ukranian aid is based on their view of the president who they clearly are not fond of. Impeachment is too serious of a process for it to be based solely on hearsay and poorly understood transcripts.
Fordham has earned a reputation of being expensive, but generous with financial aid. Why not extend this mentality to commuters?

Fordham Should Buy Commuters MetroCards

October 2, 2019
Navigating the concrete jungle is the reality for commuters. But the problem does not lie in the conditions that they commute in, but rather the price they pay to do so.
After 9/11, Americans across the country united in a way that seems impossible in todays political climate.

We Are Able to Return to Unity Without Terror

September 15, 2019
On the worst day of their lives, millions of New Yorkers and Americans succeeded in something that we now can't imagine on our best days.
Fordham offers many opportunities for service such as GO! Trips, multiple charitable fundraisers as well as food and gift drives throughout the year.

It’s Time to Reconnect With Our Christian Roots Through Service

September 7, 2019
Fordham would not be in existence today if it weren’t for the driving forces of God’s love, and it is our job to maintain and continue passing those driving forces of love to one another and to those in our communities.
Ocasio-Cortez speaks at a rally.

The Right’s New Hero: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

January 23, 2019
Republicans should take advantage of Ocasio-Cortez driving the Democratic party further towards radical leftism and remake themselves into the party of sanity.
Free speech on college campuses is essential, and if done right, its easier than one might think.

Free Speech Belongs on College Campuses

December 5, 2018
It is possible to sit in a room with someone you disagree with and discuss what the issues are and then walk out of that room as friends.
The banks of Wall Street, located in New Yorks Financial District, epitomize the capitalism that represents U.S. economics.

No, We Shouldn’t Embrace Socialism

November 14, 2018
Economics aside, the very concept of socialism, even “democratic” socialism, is immoral.
This may be a chalk illustration, but the disrepair of the New York City subway system is not childs play. (COURTESY OF ZAYDA BLEECKER-ADAMS)

Metropolitan Turmoil Authority

November 7, 2018
Together, de Blasio and Cuomo don’t even know who’s paying the $30 billion for the repairs that need to be made.
The Honorable Amy Coney-Barrett may very well be the keystone to Trumps conservative legacy.

Amy Coney-Barrett: The Future Woman of the Supreme Court

October 10, 2018
With the possibility of President Donald Trump nominating an unprecedented third justice to the court, he has the power to restore the authentic image of the third branch of our government.
President Trump threatens the Republican status quo. Time will tell if his disruptive prerogative will redefine the party or simply fizzle out. (GAGE SKIDMORE VIA FLICKR)

What Has Happened to the Republican Party?

September 26, 2018

At a rally on Sept. 8, former President Barack Obama asked the same question that I, a registered Republican, ask: “What happened to the Republican Party?” In June, former Speaker of the House...

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