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JOE KOTTKE, Former News Editor

Joe Kottke, FCLC ’23, is a news editor at The Observer. They are majoring in journalism and Spanish studies. In addition to writing and reporting, Joe loves to watch anime, re-read their favorite young adult fiction novels and play piano.

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The Galioto storefront is adorned with flowers and vines. A bicycle sits in front of the window.

Plant-Based Family Deli Reopens With Hopes of Building Community

December 31, 2021
Galioto’s Delicatessen reopened with a renovated menu and a renewed mission to foster community in the ever-changing Little Italy.
a classroom with a blue screen projector and an empty podium

Questions Remain After Sudden Termination of English Professor

November 29, 2021
Christopher Trogan was terminated on Oct. 25 following reports of racism in his English class and is preparing for potential private action.
graph showing number of people wearing masks at garden lounge, people not wearing them while eating, people not wearing them without eating

Fordham Begins Stronger Enforcement of Mask Policy on Campus

October 29, 2021
A study conducted by The Observer yielded results that one-third of students in Argo Tea were violating university policy
Robert Sundstrom stands in a plaza, wearing a maroon Fordham sweater and a mask with an F on it

Sundstrom Leaves Office During Second Term of Vice Presidency

October 1, 2021
Robert Sundstrom resigned from his position as vice president of USG on Sept. 30, citing incompatible ideas with the current administration.
a dove colored in red, white, black and green with the words Fordham SJP surrounded by signatures

SJP Continues Fight for Club Status After Legal Loss: ‘We are not going anywhere’

September 22, 2021
Fordham's Students for Justice in Palestine launches new letter writing campaign following their unsuccessful legal battle for club status.
Fong On storefront with its new owner Paul Eng standing in front

Revitalizing a Family Tofu Business: Fong On Caters to a New Generation

August 25, 2021
Paul Eng now owns Chinatown’s oldest family-owned tofu shop, Fong On, and although the clientele has changed, the family atmosphere has not.
A gathering of students in a backyard, with their teacher, Mobeen Ahmed, at the center.

Fordham Alum Dedicates Himself to Classroom: ‘When I saw that kids wanted to learn, it made me realize that I wanted to teach’

July 15, 2021
Teaching fourth graders in an unprecedented year, Mobeen Ahmed found ways to touch the the lives of his students with his Fordham education.
On May 16, 2020,  the Class of 2020 celebrates the end of their undergraduate careers during a livestreamed virtual commencement ceremony.

[Photo] A Year of COVID-19 at Fordham in Photos


On May 16, 2020, the Class of 2020 celebrates the end of their undergraduate careers during a livestreamed virtual commencement ceremony.

community organizer points at free store

[Photo] Hell’s Kitchen Free Store Is Priceless

By MADELINE KATZ April 29, 2021

The Hell's Kitchen Free Store has a community board for postings of local events and information.

commencement celebration for student with cap and gown

Fordham Plans to Host Seven In-Person Commencement Ceremonies

April 26, 2021
The in-person commencement will give students the opportunity to walk across the stage and receive a ceremonial scroll at Rose Hill.
for an article about faculty retirement, a statue of St. Ignatius outside Fordham Lincoln Center

Fordham Reinstates Retirement Fund Contributions, Financial Trouble Remains

April 2, 2021
The administration has reinstated contributions to retirement funds, but concerns about transparency and financial stability remain.
image of four people wearing an outfit from each fashion era between the 1980s and the 2010s, and each is holding a newspaper. text above their heads reads what fashion era do you belong to?

Which Fashion Era Do You Belong To?

March 25, 2021
From the 1980s to the 2010s, people have been reading The Observer in all different styles of clothing.
students sitting in an in-person class with masks on around a table

Early Announcement of In-Person Fall Semester Produces Mixed Reactions

March 14, 2021
Fordham plans for an in-person fall based on new CDC guidelines, vaccine eligibility and an increase in student registration.
denniston speaking in front of people holding a microphone

John J. Denniston, Beloved Theology Professor, Dies at 74

March 8, 2021
Denniston was known for his wonderful memory for names and faces and for recognizing students’ accomplishments.
Photo of Tatiana Hyman, Editor-In-Chief of the Fordham Law Review

Tatiana Hyman Elected First Black Editor-in-Chief of Fordham Law Review

February 24, 2021
Tatiana Hyman becomes the first Black Editor-in-Cheif of the Fordham Law Review since the publication's inception in 1914.
photo of a checkbook on a desk to represent tuition

Fordham Announces Cancellation of Tuition Raise

January 23, 2021
Undergraduate tuition rates will not increase for the 2021-22 academic year.
the exterior of a courthouse

NY Appellate Court Rules Against Students for Justice in Palestine

January 9, 2021
On Dec. 22, the New York State Supreme Court overturned a previous decision that granted Fordham SJP official recognition by the university.

Students for Justice in Palestine Face Fordham in Court Once Again

November 29, 2020
SJP faced Fordham University in the New York State Supreme Court on Nov. 24, continuing its five-year battle to gain official recognition as a club.
photo of samples at a covid testing center to accompany an article about rising positive cases among students

Coronavirus Cases Are Rising Again in NYC –– What Does This Mean for Fordham?

November 21, 2020
A reported 11 positive coronavirus test results at Lincoln Center and 56 at Rose Hill correlate with the rise of cases in NYC.
a car tries to get through a crowd of people celebrating in the street outside of Trump International Hotel as the passenger stands with their head out of the sunroof and holding a Biden Harris sign

Clashes and Celebrations Unfold on NYC Streets

November 12, 2020
After Joe Biden was declared president-elect, people celebrated in the streets, after days of protests for Black Lives Matter.
a graphic illustration of a survey and a 2020 ballot

Breaking Down Fordham’s Ballot

October 29, 2020
The Observer conducted an anonymous survey of 211 Fordham students to study their values and analyze opinions of the political system of the United States.
a large crowd of BLM protestors crossing a bridge while carrying signs

Students Say Presidential Candidates Neglect BLM

October 28, 2020
In an anonymous survey from The Observer, 50.7% of respondents said that they view policing as being the most pressing issue right now.
a student sits at a table with their mail-in ballot, ready to vote

The Choice to Vote Polarizes Student Body

October 26, 2020
A short survey prompting students on their opinions of their peers who choose not to vote produced polarizing results.
Students whose programs were canceled will have the option to defer their application to either the 2021 summer or fall semester; they can also withdraw their application to receive a refund of the application fee.

BREAKING: Spring Study Abroad Programs Canceled

October 20, 2020
Dennis Jacobs, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, announced the suspension of Fordham’s spring study abroad programs in a community-wide email on Oct. 20.
Sunrise Movement members making signs on the Grass

Students Advocate for Voting in New Sunrise Movement Hub

October 18, 2020
Students created the Sunrise Movement for combating climate change opponents and hosted an event at Van Cortlandt Park to motivate voters.
a graphic illustration showing the covid-19 reponse of fordham, columbia, and NYU. Fordham: infection rate 0.30%, total cases 30, assigned grade B-. Columbia: infection rate 0.06%, total cases 15, assigned grade B+. NYU: infection rate 0.16%, total cases 294, assigned grade B

Reopening in a Hotspot: Fordham’s COVID-19 Response Compared to Other NYC Schools

October 15, 2020
Despite recieving an F for COVID-19 communication, Fordham has managed to keep COVID-19 case relatively low on campus compared to other NYC schools.
graphic of a student and a professor each sitting at a computer figuring out their online workload. student on left has zoom boxes and NMDD 1001 onscreen, and professor has NMDD 1001 onscreen and books next to her with titles like how to teach online, fordham handbook, how to manage a zoom class and basics of online editing

Online Learning Becomes Unmanageable: Auricchio Says ‘we might have gone too far’

September 29, 2020
Students and professors are finding the new online learning modality comes with a dramatically increased workload.
a photo of Title IX coordinator Kareem Peat taken with the Rose Hill campus in the background

Changes to Title IX Enact a Strict Burden of Proof

September 18, 2020
Students were informed of the May 2020 changes to Title IX at the start of this semester. Survivors of sexual assault fear the implications of the new rules.
a mouse trap along the bottom of a fridge in McMahon Hall

Students Report Mice in McMahon Hall

September 15, 2020
Over the Labor Day weekend, Public Safety received two student reports of mice in McMahon Hall.
photo of three actors rehearsing

BIPOC Theatre Students Release List of Demands

September 8, 2020
27 Fordham Theatre students of color drafted a list of 10 demands for the betterment of the program.
document with highlighted lines from faculty statement on caregivers

Employees Release Statement on Caregiver Support

August 11, 2020
The statement addresses an absence of support for employees who have become caregivers during the pandemic within Fordham's reopening plan.
Map of the colleges and universities mentioned in the article

The New Normal for Colleges

July 31, 2020
While comparing ten schools’ fall semester plans, Fordham exceeded in providing asynchronous options, while also having shortcomings, like lack of communication.
birth control pills in their package

Controlling Sexual Health On Campus

July 28, 2020
Sexual education and the need for birth control have been neglected by Fordham due to its Jesuit affiliation.
Black at Fordham screenshots, which prompted student demands for change

Students ‘Want More Concrete Actions’ to Address Racism

July 8, 2020
Fordham community demands more racial diversity from the university after an emailed response to months of protesting.
a NYC metrocard being pulled out of a wallet with a Fordham ID in it

Fordham’s Financial Steps and Missteps During the Pandemic

May 13, 2020
With pressure from students, faculty and policymakers, Fordham's financial steps during the pandemic became subject to criticism.
An infographic showing $117,390 raised, 559 donors, of which came 67% from alumni, 10% faculty/staff, 11% parents, 4% student, 2% friends, and 6% other. If you need aid, contact any staff member you feel comfortable talking to. There is no application process or deadline, requests are granted on a rolling basis.

Fordham Raises Over $100,000 for Student Relief

May 13, 2020
With $117,000 raised for emergency use, some students express lacking methods of informing those in need of available aid.
headshot of law professor joel reidenberg

Influential Law Professor on Privacy in the Digital Age Dies at 59

May 10, 2020
Law professor Joel Reidenberg passed away on April 21 after a hard-fought battle with leukemia.
an open laptop in front of a wall calendar

Fordham’s Resilience in the Era of the Coronavirus

April 28, 2020
Fordham University will make an announcement about the fall semester in regards to coronavirus on May 11.
a student wears a suit while sitting at a kitchen table in front of an open laptop

Students’ Job Searches Go Digital

April 28, 2020
Students have been experiencing cancellations of summer internships due to the coronavirus outbreak, but more than 5,000 jobs and internships have been posted on Career Services’ app, Handshake, since the pandemic started.
A laptop sits open to Blackboard with a textbook, notebook, and a computer with a Google search open nearby

Fordham Opts Out of Using Exam Monitoring Software

April 22, 2020
As final exams begin, Fordham is encouraging faculty to be conscious of students who have had their lives disrupted due to the pandemic.
A survey conducted at FCLC asked students understandings and perceptions about the coronavirus pandemic.

Special Report: Survey Reveals Fordham Students’ Knowledge of the Coronavirus

April 15, 2020
The Observer circulated an anonymous survey to 121 Fordham College at Lincoln Center students to gauge the student body’s understanding of COVID-19.
Comparing NYC Schools’ Response to COVID-19

Comparing NYC Schools’ Response to COVID-19

April 14, 2020
NYC universities, including Fordham, are beginning to address student concerns that accompany the completion of the spring semester online — including financial reimbursement.
a student wearing a blue graduation gown and throwing a cap into the air

[Photo] Pomp and Dire Circumstance: Graduating Into a Recession

By NICOLE PERKINS April 14, 2020

Seniors will enter an unstable and unsettling environment as the coronavirus takes its toll on the economy and job market.

Zoom Classes Prompt Questions on Cybersecurity

Zoom Classes Prompt Questions on Cybersecurity

April 7, 2020
Concerns over Zoom privacy, data sharing and Zoombombing led to New York City schools banning the use of its service in the classroom; however, it still serves as Fordham and other universities’ primary online class congregation tool.
As city medical supplies dwindled, Fordham donated exam gloves, respirator masks and surgical face masks.

Fordham Donates Over 30,000 Medical Items to Fight COVID-19

April 1, 2020
As Mayor de Blasio warned that city supplies of medical items were running out, Fordham University took action to combat the looming shortage by collecting over 30,000 unused medical items for donation.
The Freshens stand in the Ram Cafe, closed.

COVID-19 Impacts Student and Aramark Employees

March 24, 2020
Fordham’s decision to complete the spring semester online due to the outbreak of COVID-19 has prompted concerns about university employees’ incomes, as precautions taken by the state, city and university to limit exposure to the virus prevent student workers from completing their work-study hours and have led to dining staff layoffs.
The Rev. Father McShane, S.J., seen with Michael Bloomberg during the Class of 2009 Commencement. McShane reportedly had a conversation with California Representative Juan Vargas, highly praising Mr. Bloomberg when he was running for president.

Uncovering Fordham’s History With Bloomberg

March 10, 2020
Juan Vargas told The Financial Times that he endorsed Bloomberg after having a conversation with Fordham University President Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J.
The statue of Ramses the Fordham ram in the Outdoor Plaza wearing a surgical mask.

Fordham Suspends All Face-to-Face Classes

March 9, 2020
the Office of the President emailed the Fordham community, notifying them that all Fordham classes are suspended from 1 p.m. March 9 through March 10. Classes starting on March 11 will be instructed online only. 
Hand Sanitizer

[Photo] NY Confirms Six Coronavirus Cases


Fordham encourages students to take extra health precautions with hand sanitizer dispensers recently positioned around campus.

Students who had planned to study abroad in China started their classes at Fordham a month late due to the outbreak.

Coronavirus Outbreak Affects Enrollment in NYC

February 19, 2020
The outbreak of coronavirus from Wuhan, China, that led to the suspension of Fordham’s study abroad programs in China, is now leaving students’ spring semester plans in shambles. However, students returning to the U.S. to salvage their semesters are finding new problems.
Fordham’s Student Justice for Palestine said they stand in solidarity with Palestinians during this tumultuous time.

[Photo] SJP Meets to Discuss ‘Deal of the Century’ Despite Admin Opposition

By JOE KOTTKE February 11, 2020

Fordham’s Student Justice for Palestine said they stand in solidarity with Palestinians during this tumultuous time.

Students who were studying in China when the coronavirus broke out were forced to return back to New York, only to be barred from registering for classes

UPDATED: Coronavirus Outbreak Bars Students From Studying in China

February 5, 2020
All undergraduate study abroad programs in China have been suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus. Four Fordham students planned on studying abroad in Shanghai and three started their program in Beijing.
Billie Eilish dominated this years Grammys, becoming the second person ever to take home the four major awards in one night.

2020 Grammy Recap: Billie Eilish Sweeps

January 29, 2020
This year's Grammys featured many memorable — and less so — performances, a tender tribute to Kobe Bryant and a sweep of awards by one of the youngest nominees.
The $1 million partnership from PVH Corp to the Gabelli School of Business will go towards more research and emphasis on sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.

One Million Dollar Partnership Inspires Sustainable Business

January 28, 2020
Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, or “PVH Corp” for short, announced a partnership on Jan. 2 with the Gabelli School of Business. The goal, according to Gabelli School of Business dean Donna Rapaccioli, is to transform Gabelli into the “leading hub for the study of CR and sustainability.”
Dr. Arto Woodley, executive director of the Center for Community Engaged Learning, discusses the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at diversity event.

Fordham Commences ‘Radical King Week’

January 22, 2020

To honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Arto Woodley, Ph.D., executive director of the Center for Community Engaged Learning, lectured on the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy. The Jan....

After petitioning for larger meal checks, McMahon student staff no longer have to worry about finding affordable food.

McMahon Student Staff Petitioned Unequal Meal Checks

December 4, 2019
McMahon Hall Resident Assistants (RAs) and Resident Freshmen Mentors (RFMs) have received a $1,880 increase in meal compensation as a result of petitioning unequal pay in comparison with Rose Hill student staff.
NYPD officer at emergency action protest on Nov. 1.

Students Storm Subway Protesting NYPD, MTA

November 13, 2019
An emergency action protest against the New York Police Department and Metropolitan Transportation Authority was held in downtown Brooklyn on Nov. 1, 2019.
Perry Petrich, above, became a Deacon this past October, and is set to be ordained as a priest this June.

Fordham Alum Set To Enter Priesthood in 2020

November 13, 2019
Perry Petrich, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’07 was ordained as a deacon on Oct. 19, 2019 and will be ordained as a priest on June 13, 2020
Anne Hoffman will be the first professor to teach a Fordham course at BHCP.

Fordham’s Plan Takes Class to Prison in Bedford Hills College Program

November 5, 2019
For the first time, Fordham students will have the opportunity to learn and take a class alongside prison inmates.
Thanks to a partnership with Bloom Energy, the Walsh Library at Rose Hill will be powered  by clean energy servers starting sometime this year.

Rose Hill Upgrades Sustainability with Bloom Energy

October 16, 2019
Bloom Energy, a clean energy company headquartered in San Jose, California, is set to begin installing new technology at Fordham College Rose Hill this fall.
Students and faculty approaching the University from the Columbus Circle metro station reported alarm upon seeing the crowd gathered outside.

UPDATED: Fire Drill Interrupts Midterm Schedules

October 8, 2019
A fire safety drill in the Leon Lowenstein building impacted students and staff alike on Oct. 8, disrupting classes during midterms. The drill, originally set for 10 a.m., took place at 11:15 a.m with little warning.
Michael Higgins speaks to a sold-out crowd at FCLC. On a highly publicized visit to New York City, he also appeared at the UN and on Jimmy Kimmel.

The President of Ireland Visits Fordham University

October 2, 2019
President Higgins presented his perspective on the international refugee crisis and how he believes countries around the world should respond. His speech came amid the United Nations General Assembly.
James Grant spoke to Gabelli students about historical economist Walter Bagehot and the power of money in society.

Gabelli Hosts Award-Winning Author

October 2, 2019
Grant described finance as a patronized form of art and a cyclical process. “What people want out of finance is to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but what many don’t realize is that studying the past can save you from the most devastating mistakes,” he said.
The Dome of the Rock, which is a religious site in all Judeo-Christian religions, is often used as a symbol for peace in the Middle East.

Student Activism on Campus: The Future of SJP, JSO and OneVoice

September 18, 2019
While OneVoice works to become a legitimate club, SJP is excited to start hosting guest speakers, reading groups and events to raise awareness about their cause.
A forced quad is two bunk beds in a single room for three people.

Time to Bunk Up: ResLife Introduces Quads to McKeon

September 18, 2019
For the first time in Fordham Lincoln Center’s history, certain suites in McKeon Hall have four residents sharing a single bedroom.
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