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INSIYA GANDHI, Assistant News Editor

Insiya Gandhi (she/her), FCLC ’24, is an assistant news editor at The Observer. She is majoring in sociology and minoring in political science. In her spare time, she can be found going for walks, revisiting dystopian YA movies and listening to country music.

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map of the bronx with different local public and charter schools labeled

University Works To Accept More Students From the Bronx

April 27, 2022
Bronx natives who are current students believe the university could improve its diversity and outreach efforts.
jennifer lopez in marry me

‘Marry Me’: Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson Revive the Rom-Com Formula

February 22, 2022
“Marry Me” inspires the audience to follow their romantic pursuits and deeply connect with those around them.
diversity report findings diverse faculty in a pie chart

Fordham Admin Outlines Initiatives to Improve Recruitment and Retention Among Diverse Faculty

January 30, 2022
Administrators discuss efforts to improve hiring and retention rates among diverse faculty, as well as tenure rates of these same members.
john tognino

John Tognino, Former Board of Trustees Chairman, Dies at 83

January 19, 2022
John Tognino passed away after a battle with Parkinson's disease; he is remembered for his friendly spirit and generosity.
father george quickley smiles in a 2019 photo

George Quickley, S.J., Impactful Former Lincoln Center Chaplain, Dies at 75

January 15, 2022
The Rev. Quickley passed away after a stretch of cardiovascular issues in spring 2021, he served as a live-in Jesuit in McMahon Hall.
mica McKnight sits at her desk at Fordham Lincoln Center

New Beginnings: McKnight Announces Departure From Fordham After 7 Years

October 29, 2021
Mica McKnight is leaving her position as assistant dean for the sophomore class at FCLC to serve as an assistant dean at Hofstra.
for a panel on political polarization, five speakers sit in front of an audience

Fordham Panelists Discuss Navigating Political Discourse in a Polarized Age

October 23, 2021
Fordham invited a panel of guests to discuss the roots of political polarization and provided insights into how to solve the problem.
a photo of the McCabe brothers shaking hands, John, Francis, and James

James P. McCabe, Former Co-Director of the Fordham Libraries, Dies at 84

October 2, 2021
James P. McCabe, a Ph.D. in library sciences who revolutionized Fordham library services over 22 years, died on Sept. 15 at the age of 84.
first-year students sitting outside their dorm building, Mckeon hall

First-Year Students Frustrated With Delayed Housing Assignments

September 19, 2021
Several first-year residents expected to receive their assignments at the beginning of August but received little communication from ResLife.
David Glenwick holding a book that he wrote

David S. Glenwick, Prolific Psychology Professor, Dies at 71

September 2, 2021
David S. Glenwick, Ph.D. in clinical psychology, was a longstanding member of the department of psychology, died on July 27, 2021.
voters line up to vote for their candidates of choice in the New York primary election

Primary Elections Determine How NYC Will Move Forward

June 20, 2021
The 2021 New York City mayoral race consists of Democratic and Republican primaries that will determine the candidates for the general election.
for an article about academic dishonesty at Fordham, a picture of the outside of the Gabelli School of Business

Fordham Deans Clarify Incident of Academic Dishonesty at GSB

June 8, 2021
Leadership within GSB launched an investigation into academic dishonesty and required the retake to include anti-cheating measures.
People in India line up to get their temperatures checked, wearing masks and standing 2 m apart

Fordham Students React to India’s Deadly COVID-19 Surge

May 29, 2021
Fordham students of Indian descent are concerned with the COVID-19 crisis in India, where poverty and shortages worsen the virus's effects.
campus tours check-in sign at the Rose Hill campus

Fordham Resumes On-Campus Tours

April 14, 2021
Fordham has announced that limited campus tours for prospective students and their families would resume on April 7 with COVID precautions.
A set of actionables by Fordham students to support the AAPI community.

Fordham Community Reacts to Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

April 2, 2021
Fordham students discuss current and past instances of racism and what the University must do to combat injustice against the AAPI community.
graphic illustration of a rose on a television screen

The Long-Deferred Racial Reckoning of ‘The Bachelor’

April 1, 2021
Members of the Fordham community weigh in on the widespread racism in the hit television show ‘The Bachelor’.
for an article about first-years on campus, a selfie of a group of students on the brooklyn bridge

Virtual First-Year Students Return to Campus for the Spring Semester

March 12, 2021
After a virtual fall semester, many freshmen decided to come to campus for the first time. The freshmen share why they came.
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