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Maryam Beshara

MARYAM BESHARA, Assistant News Editor

Maryam Beshara, FCLC ’24, is one of the assistant news editors for The Observer. She is majoring in political science and is unsure about another major/minor. In her free time, she can be found impatiently awaiting Lorde’s new album as well as constantly defending her fear of cotton. When she is not found, it is because she is missing. Please call your local Pizza Hut with any information, because no one out pizzas the hut.

All content by MARYAM BESHARA
for an article about transgender housing on campus, two young people stand in NYC wearing pride flags on their backs

Fordham’s Gender-Inclusive Housing Options, A Year in Effect

July 9, 2021
Students respond to FCLC's gender-inclusive housing options and share their own experiences along with possible solutions for the future.
voters line up to vote for their candidates of choice in the New York primary election

Primary Elections Determine How NYC Will Move Forward

June 20, 2021
The 2021 New York City mayoral race consists of Democratic and Republican primaries that will determine the candidates for the general election.
Congressional portrait of Rep. Juan Vargas.

US Rep. Juan Vargas Discusses Religion in Public Life

May 5, 2021
Professor Peppard leads the webinar, inviting students to ask Rep. Vargas questions about the intersection of religion with public office.
a distracted student sits in front of a Zoom screen for online learning

Online Learning Impacts Students’ Study Habits and Future of Learning

April 15, 2021
Students modified their study habits to accommodate new online learning, and educators modified their classrooms to teach students virtually.
photo of the door to the aramark offices at fordham

Rams Against Aramark Demands Severance From Food Service Provider

March 21, 2021
A new club, Rams Against Aramark, has formed on campus with the goal of having Fordham cut ties with Aramark.
photo of people in laying down in a new york square in protest against the myanmar coup

Following Myanmar Coup, Club President Loses Faith in U.N.

February 25, 2021
Following the recent coup in Myanmar, the president of the UNICEF club at Fordham Lincoln Center resigned.
a gavel rests in front of screens on a courtroom desk

Court Rules Against Fordham Student in Class Action Lawsuit for Tuition Reductions During Pandemic

February 10, 2021
A filing for tuition refunds from April 2020 after suspension of in-person classes was dismissed last month.
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