BREAKING: Fordham to Require Surveillance Testing and Reopen Ram Fit Center



Students, faculty and staff will be required to upload a new negative PCR test before Feb. 13.


When Fordham announced on Jan. 3 that it would return in person for the spring semester, the announcement also said that surveillance testing would be implemented and that more details would be made available. Three weeks later, on Jan. 27, Vice President for Administration and COVID-19 Coordinator Marco Valera announced that the next testing deadline is Feb. 13.

Regular surveillance testing will continue until the positivity rate reaches below a level to be determined in coordination with Fordham’s epidemiologist and public health experts. Over the last seven days, 122 members of the Fordham community have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Surveillance testing is not new for Fordham. During the 2020-21 academic year, Fordham implemented monthly testing for all students, faculty and staff that were on campus. 

In a survey from The Observer that was taken prior to this announcement and received 211 responses, many students expressed that surveillance testing was something they wanted Fordham to reimplement. 

“Even though there is a testing shortage, Fordham needs to implement surveillance testing to accurately track covid cases. While surveillance testing may not be held as regularly as necessary due to the shortage, anything would be better than no testing at all,” a respondent in the survey said. 

Individuals will be required to upload their PCR test results no earlier than Jan. 31 and no later than Feb. 13. Students, faculty and staff can take their PCR tests after Jan. 23. 

It was also announced that the Rose Hill Ram Fit Center will reopen on Jan. 28.

In the email, it was also announced that the Rose Hill Ram Fit Center will reopen on Jan. 28. Many respondents to the survey from The Observer said that they believe the university should reopen the Ram Fit Center.

“Open the gyms to allow students to do daily physical activity. I believe this is important especially for covid since a large number of people who have died are unhealthy and not physically active,” one respondent said. “Also, a fair amount of students that I know are going to outside gyms along with myself to maintain our healthy lifestyle. This may pose risk for increased cases as these students are doing these activities in public.”

The reopening will have safety protocols in place, including occupancy limits, social distancing requirements and indoor masking. Valera said that the university is able to reopen the Ram Fit Center “as cases continue to decline citywide.”

More information regarding the Ram Fit Center opening will follow from the Athletics department.