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ANA KEVORKIAN, Head Copy Editor

Ana Kevorkian (she/her), FCLC ’24, is a history major and, more importantly, head copy editor at The Observer. This is her second year working at The Observer, and when she's not editing articles, she enjoys getting new piercings, going to the movie theater and wandering around Central Park.

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Fordham Faculty (and Students) United

Fordham Faculty (and Students) United

January 20, 2023

There was one word on everyone’s mind during 2022 — and no, Merriam-Webster, it wasn’t “gaslighting.” Rather, the word that defined the past year’s political and social discourse was “union.” From...

Tár is about the cult of genius, the veneration of artists and the idolatry of regular, flawed human beings.

Deconstructing Genius in ‘Tár’

October 18, 2022
"Tár" is a tightly constructed character study of an artist whose intense commitment to her art becomes overshadowed by her celebrity status.
Associate Vice President for Presidential Operations Dorothy Marinucci accepted the letter in place of Fordham President Tania Tetlow, J.D.

[Photo] Students Present Open Letter in Support of Faculty Union

October 7, 2022

Associate Vice President for Presidential Operations...

While many predicted nominees missed out on the recognition, some major streaming services pulled in record breaking nominations this year.

Emmy Awards to Celebrate the ‘Golden Age of Television’

July 27, 2022
On Tuesday, July 12, JB Smoove and Melissa Fumero announced the nominees for the upcoming 74th Primetime Emmy Awards.
robert eggers

‘The Northman’: A Fresh Take on a Viking Revenge Saga

May 6, 2022
For a film set in the ninth century, “The Northman” feels extremely contemporary with its critique of hypermasculinity.
poster of the movie x by ti west

Ti West’s ‘X’: A Good Dirty Movie

March 29, 2022
“X” fulfills everything you want out of a slasher — and so much more. It doesn’t simply rely on the shock of murders to grip the audience.
licorice pizza movie poster

The Real-Life Magic of ‘Licorice Pizza’

December 29, 2021
Anderson's new coming-of-age film "Licorice Pizza" explores love, fame and youth against the backdrop of the 1970s San Fernando Valley.
dont look up poster

Adam McKay’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ Proves Satire Is Dead

December 27, 2021
Adam McKay’s star-studded new film “Don’t Look Up,” satirizes the government’s response to climate change — or lack thereof.
the aron prize is given to philosophy student

Jada Heredia Awarded Philosophy Prize

December 27, 2021
The Aron Memorial Prize is awarded to a rising senior who showcases outstanding achievement in the field of philosophy.
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