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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Picture of The Flame Diner

The Twin Flames: Which Diner Burns Brighter?

February 2, 2022

If the delis of Arthur Avenue anchor the Fordham community at Rose Hill, the twin diners of 60th and 58th Streets are the cornerstones of student life at Fordham Lincoln Center. Like countless other students,...

people looking at statues bases with marking

Statues: To Commemorate or Condemn?

December 22, 2021
Statues have played a divisive role today, leading many to wonder if they should be torn down or left up, depending on the person depicted.
doc martens with one empty pair and one with feet in them

Doc Martens: A Pillock Boot

November 7, 2021
Doc Martens are a staple in youth culture, but their manufacturing today is different from in the past, now with dubious business practices.
for an article about investing, a graphic of the stonks meme with a fordham hat on

‘Bogleheads’: Investing for the Busy Student

October 2, 2021
Young people often don't know much about investing, but there are resources out there, such as the Boglehead method and many more.
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