New Year, New Transitions For Deans

Former Dean of Students Keith Eldredge is expected to replace Gregory Pappas as the new dean of student services



After 15 years as the dean of students at Lincoln Center, Keith Eldredge has been appointed as the dean of student services, taking over for Gregory Pappas.


After spending over 40 years at Fordham, Gregory Pappas, the former dean of student services, retired from the university. Effective Jan. 4, 2021, Keith Eldredge, former dean of students at Lincoln Center, was appointed to replace Pappas. 

Eldredge has worked within Student Affairs at Fordham as the dean of students for 15 years after he assumed the position in July 2006. In his new role, he said that he will start learning more about the specific departments he will be supervising so that he can help them accomplish their goals to serve students to their full potential. 

Leaving behind his former role, he said that he will miss working closely with students and staff at the Lincoln Center campus. 

“I am very happy that I continue to work at Fordham, but I know things will not be the same,” he said. “I enjoy spending time with the fabulous student leaders who help foster the LC (Lincoln Center) community, as well as, with the wonderful folks who work in Residential Life and Student Involvement.”

“I hope to continue to build on the strong foundation he has built and continue to follow his example to strive to understand student needs and respond to them effectively.”Keith Eldredge, new dean of student services

However, overall, he is excited about the new challenges his role will bring as he strives to fill the shoes of the dean before him. 

“Dean Pappas was extraordinarily passionate in his love for Fordham,” Eldredge said. “He provided a constant and steadying presence, but he did not let his love and devotion blind him to seek ways to help his areas grow and improve. I hope to continue to build on the strong foundation he has built and continue to follow his example to strive to understand student needs and respond to them effectively.”

Jenifer Campbell, the former senior director of residential life, was appointed to replace Eldredge. Campbell has held her position within Residential Life for 13 years. 

new dean of students Jenifer Campbell poses in the Office of Residential Life
Jenifer Campbell will be the new dean of students at Fordham Lincoln Center. She is continuing to hold her role as the Senior Director of Residential Life while the search for her replacement is conducted. (ANDREW DRESSNER)

“My Residential Life experience allowed me to work in close proximity to the Dean (Eldredge) and those instances provided exposure to various aspects of the Dean’s responsibilities,” she said. “I believe this knowledge will be an asset as I transition to this new role.”

In her transition, Campbell said that she is planning to meet with the various individuals and departments with whom she will work. Her goal is to understand every aspect of her new role and how she can better serve the position.

Campbell and Eldredge are working closely together to ensure a smooth transition, Eldredge said. During the spring 2021 semester, the two new deans will meet regularly to assist Campbell with learning her new role. 

There will be a search committee to hire a new senior director of Residential Life at the Lincoln Center campus, which will be conducted toward the end of the spring 2021 semester with anticipation of hiring by the summer. Until then, Campbell will maintain oversight of the department.