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OLIVIA STERN, Arts & Culture Editor

Olivia Stern, FCLC ’23, currently serves as the arts & culture editor. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. She previously served on the layout team. In her spare time, she can be found drinking her two to three daily cups of coffee or playing sudoku/solitaire/The Observer crossword like the old lady that she truly is at heart.

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blank 5 by 5 crossword grid

Mini Crossword: Space Oddity

April 16, 2021
Take a break and play this interactive Observer mini crossword online. Title: "Space Oddity," by Olivia Stern. Powered by PuzzleMe.
Fred jumps off a snowbank

[Photo] Dressed to the Ca-Nines

March 9, 2021

Fred, the canine pal of Assistant Layout Editor Olivia Stern, FCLC ’23, faces off against a daunting snowbank in his stylish green jacket.

image of moving carts for students leaving campus

[Photo] Students Leave Campus as Cases Spike

November 24, 2020

Most students living in the dorms this semester will have moved out by Wednesday, Nov. 25, with the exception of approximately 90 students who will stay for dance classes or due to travel restrictions.

zoom survival kit illustration--stern

[Photo] Zoom Survival Kit

November 14, 2020

two women kneeling and caressing each other onstage; example of intimacy scene

Fordham Theatre Introduces Intimacy Training

October 18, 2020
Fordham Theatre has introduced intimacy training after students released a set of demands to make the program inclusive and safe.
a mouse trap along the bottom of a fridge in McMahon Hall

[Photo] Students Report Mice in McMahon Hall

September 15, 2020

Rodent roommates are an unwelcome addition to McMahon Hall apartments. After two reports of mouse sightings in one weekend, an exterminator set traps to catch them.

a graphic of a pile of coins representing childhood cancer on one side and a tree covered in money with the cash falling off representing adult cancer on the other side

Gold Is the New Pink

September 3, 2020
It’s September, and you know what that means, right? If you have no idea what I’m implying, you are not alone. Under normal circumstances, I would have been oblivious to the issue that is childhood cancer.
Woman in red from FLASH MAGAZINE

FLASH Magazine Recognizes Artists of Color in Special Summer Issue

July 8, 2020
Fordham’s FLASH Magazine came together to create a special summer issue honoring and lifting up the voices of Black people and people of color.
Holmquist in handmade pink skirt

Project (Runway) In Quarantine

April 21, 2020
Since the coronavirus left Julianne Holmquist, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’21, back in the company of her sewing supplies, she decided to take advantage of the opportunity and rekindle her long-lost hobby.
Religion journalist Jack Jenkins, Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and theology professor, Kathryn Reklis and LA-based Jesuit screenwriter Jim McDermott all spoke at the At the

Ignatian Week Celebrates Jesuit History

November 5, 2019
Fordham’s Campus Ministry hosted its annual Ignatian Week at both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses from Oct. 19 to Oct. 26. Ignatian Week is an opportunity to learn about the identity and tradition of what it means to be a Jesuit, as described by Associate Director of Campus Ministry and Director of Ignatian Initiatives Erin Hoffman. 
Speakers of the event included Lesley Massiah-Arthur, the associate vice president of government relations at Fordham and Dr. Christina Greer, the associate department chair of political science.

Christina Greer Talks ‘Black Women and Elections’

October 30, 2019
More than 50 people attended the first Women of Color Initiative event “Black Women and Elections” from the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer on Oct. 19 at Fordham University School of Law in 7-119. Speakers included Lesley Massiah-Arthur, the associate vice president of government relations at Fordham and Dr. Christina Greer, the associate department chair of political science.
This year's Amazing Race had one of the most successful turnouts — nine teams registered, and six teams finished the race.

Club Spotlight: BeWell LC

October 16, 2019
BeWell LC is much more than a club that informs the student body on alcohol and drugs.