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Marielle Sarmiento, FCLC ’21, is the managing editor of The Observer. On staff since her freshman year, she has previously held the positions of arts & culture editor and features editor. She studies new media and digital design with a concentration in commerce and marketing. Her favorite article that she has written is "Making a Musical: 'The Shakespeare Company.'"

Mitch Berger holding a copy of the CLC Observer.

Tribute to Mitch Berger

May 10, 2021
Mitch Berger, CLC '83 has left behind countless organizations and publications that he was an integral part of building from the ground up.
Small sailboats on a pond in central park

Spring Strolls for Zoom-Exhausted Souls

April 1, 2021
After a year of Zoom classes and endless screen time, here are some great walks to take around campus for some tech-free fun.
a screenshot of the Aces performing at Fordhams Winterfest

The Aces Perform at First Hybrid Winterfest Concert

February 28, 2021
A virtual Winterfest concert featured The Aces, an all-girl indie pop band from Utah that was chosen by a survey of Lincoln Center students.
album cover for taylor swifts evermore

Ram Jams: ‘evermore’

December 19, 2020
The Observer’s Swifties listened at the stroke of midnight on the release date, have had it in their Spotify rotations ever since and have (ever)more thoughts to share.
the writer holding a certificate of citizenship with her parents standing to either side of her

It Cost Me $13,860 to Vote

October 28, 2020
Finally becoming an American proved to me that voting in this country isn’t a right — it’s a privilege.
two dancers dressed in white in front of a fountain for table of silence

A Reimagined Memorial: Table of Silence Photo Gallery

September 11, 2020
The 9/11 Table of Silence Project, presented by Buglisi Dance Theatre and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, featured socially-distanced choreography this year.
folklore album cover; taylor swift standing in the woods in black and white

Ram Jams: ‘folklore’

July 30, 2020
Less than a year after the release of “Lover,” Taylor Swift is back and her newest album has old and new fans reeling.
Harry Potter Book with a sticker that says trans rights are human rights on top

Reclaiming Magic: ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Advocate for Trans Rights

July 9, 2020
J.K Rowling's history of transphobic social media behavior has sparked a conversation on how to be a trans ally and Harry Potter fan at the same time.
Protesters lie down in the street

The Roots of Resistance

June 17, 2020
The Reclaim Pride Coalition plans to host a Queer Liberation March for Black Lives Against Police Brutality on June 28 in New York City.
The Director of Student Affairs for the London Centre 
details emergency response plans to the coronavirus outbreak.

Fordham London Centre Responds to Coronavirus

March 3, 2020
“Our mantra is stay healthy, and stay open until the end of the semester,” said Rev. Richard Salmi, S.J., head of the Fordham London Centre, at one of the meetings about coronavirus concerns on March 3. 
Lincoln Center students still engage in Homecoming festivities at Rose Hill, despite it not being their home campus.

We Are Fordham?

December 4, 2019
Despite the administrations’ persistence that “New York is our campus, Fordham is our School,” and that we are one big, happy ramily, there is an obvious divide between Rose Hill and Lincoln Center. Fordham University’s most palpable battle is internal. Where does this rivalry come from? 
Supernatural Suitemates and McMahon Hall Hauntings

Supernatural Suitemates and McMahon Hall Hauntings

October 30, 2019
Have you ever heard an odd sound while traipsing the halls of McMahon? Sometimes, those can't be explained by students studying at ungodly hours of the night.
The new Columbus Circle location will be a small-format store, an approximately 34,000-square-foot facility.

Blessed with the Bullseye: 61st Street Target Coming Soon

October 2, 2019
A mere block away from Fordham Lincoln Center, the latest store is one the 10 Targets that opened near or on a college campus within the last year and the eighth location in Manhattan. This new location will be a small-format store — a specialized Target built for urban communities and college campuses. 
Casale chose Australia because she wanted to study abroad in a country shed never get to visit otherwise.

Lessons Learned Down Under

September 17, 2019
Students study abroad for many reasons; Maddy Casale wanted change. While some venture across the pond, Casale trekked down under, through a non-Fordham study abroad program at the University of Melbourne. With a semester on the other side of the world from Lincoln Center, Casale talked to us about the lessons she learned abroad and the transition upon returning.
With an official opening date of Oct. 16, Percy Jacksons show will begin previews Friday.

Percy Jackson Is Coming Home

September 17, 2019
After an off-Broadway run and a national tour, the "Lightning Thief" musical hits the big stage on Sept. 20.
Students at Lavender Graudation will be able to choose the name on their certificates, giving the option for transgender students to use their preferred name.

Fordham to Hold First LGBTQ Graduation Ceremony

May 1, 2019
On May 8, students, professors and alumni will gather for the first Lavender Graduation held at Fordham University to recognize the achievements of graduating LGBT+ students and faculty. The Lavender Graduation aims to be a safe space for all attendees to be their true selves without fear or judgment.
Lis Ortiz, FCLC 20, a recipient of a Fordham Summer Research Grant, will spend their summer studying how bilingual participants perceive memories or if that has an affect on someones self perspective, and working part time at Glossier.

Summer in the City

May 1, 2019
Some are going home for rest and relaxation, some are doing internships, some are taking advantage of prestigious research grants, and some are finding solid ground in adult world.
Antibacterial soap is great for medical settings, but not so great for everyday use.

Lather Not: Say Nope to Antibacterial Soap

April 30, 2019
In every Fordham Lincoln Center bathroom, there is an antibacterial hand soap dispenser. From bacterial resistance to harmful long term effects, antibacterial soaps do more harm than good.
The Shakespeare Company centers around the journey of playwright, Kyle, played by John Bologna (second from left.)

Making a Musical: ‘The Shakespeare Company’

April 10, 2019
Self-taught pianist Carli Freeman, FCLC ’21, and Shannie Rao, FCLC ’22, show the power of what teenagers can do by writing and producing their own musical, "The Shakespeare Company."
To All the Boys Ive Matched Before

To All the Boys I’ve Matched Before

February 13, 2019
Characters in romantic comedies often meet in serendipitous ways like in a coffee shop or bookstore. Today, many couples meet on Tinder.
The Inoculated Canaries are just one of the reasons to attend Winterfest. (COURTESY OF IRISVIEW PHOTOGRAPHY)

COIN and CAB: Winterfest at Lincoln Center

January 23, 2019
Every year the Campus Activities Board sponsors Winterfest, a concert right at Fordham Lincoln Center that students can attend for the price of an Argo Teapuccino.
Every year, many Fordham students take advantage of FLCs close proximity to the parade route and attend (COURTESY OF SOPHIA OLIVERI-MEYER).

A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving the Thanksgiving Day Parade

November 14, 2018

You can’t think of turkey without stuffing, just like you can’t think of Thanksgiving without the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The world’s largest parade takes place a mere two blocks away from...

Readers are cordially invited to a unique theatre-going experience.

Sleepless Nights After “Sleep No More”

November 8, 2018

You’re Invited to “Sleep No More” Who: Theatergoers, thrill-seekers, Shakespeare-lovers, horror-enthusiasts and film noir-fans alike are invited to spend a night with the mysterious guests of The...

Use technology to your advantage when trying to fit reading into a busy schedule by downloading e-books (via PxHere).

No Time To Read? No Problem

September 12, 2018

During the summer between third and fourth grade, I read the entire Harry Potter series. As an adult, that feat I performed, devouring those 4,224 pages in three months with ease and excitement, sounds...


What Rams Read This Summer

August 23, 2018

For most students, summer brings a much-needed break from classes and internships. What better way to relax than picking up a book? Several Rams used their free time this summer to catch up on their reading...

FRIENDS! The Musical Parody has extended its run through the summer, bringing the parody to wider audiences. (COURTESY OF RUSS ROWLAND)

Review: The One with “FRIENDS! The Musical Parody”

May 7, 2018

Many students at Fordham are drawn to life in New York City because of the sheer amount of TV shows, movies and books that take place here. Everyone probably grew up watching reruns of “Friends.” If...

My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center Theatre offers $30 student discounted tickets at the box office the day of the performance. (ANDREW BEECHER/THE OBSERVER)

A Beginner’s Guide to Broadway on a Budget

April 18, 2018

As a student at Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC), the campus is within walking distance of Broadway, giving us access to the center of live theater. Fordham’s proximity to Broadway was a big factor for me...

Visit the statue of Gertrude Stein at the New York Public Library.

Celebrate Women’s History Month in NYC

March 14, 2018

It’s only three months into 2018, and women are already making strides in activism across the country, from the widely-attended second annual Women’s March to the “Time’s Up” and “#MeToo”...

Fordham students attempt to win tickets to the 60th Annual Grammy Awards (TEDDY KWOK VIA FLICKR)

And The Grammy Ticket Goes To…

January 25, 2018

As we welcome in the new year, we welcome a whole new season of award shows! The 60th Annual Grammy Awards will air on Jan. 28, and for the first time in 15 years, “music’s biggest night” will return...

Bryant Park is one of NYCs best skating spots. (JOHN WISNLEWSKL VIA FLICKR)

Best Place to Ice Skate This Holiday Season

January 5, 2018

Tis the season for the holidays, and there is no place more festive in the winter time than New York City! One of the best activities to do to get into the holiday spirit is ice skating. There is certainly...

Student Gives Out Socks in the City

Student Gives Out “Socks in the City”

December 9, 2017

Every Saturday morning, Resident Freshman Mentor (RFM) Cat Fernando, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’20, takes a group of her residents and friends to volunteer at the food pantry in the Metro...

The exhibit will end in January. (MARIELLE SARMIENTO/THE OBSERVER)

Rodin Returns to The MET

November 28, 2017

From now until January 15, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is hosting a spectacular exhibit featuring the works of and inspired by the artist Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) in honor of the 100th anniversary...

Olivia Miranda (FCLC 18) rehearsing her piece with Morgan Coyle-Howard (FCLC 19) and Rachele Perla (FCLC 19). (Jon Bjornson/The Observer)

Ailey Seniors Showcase Their Choreography

October 12, 2017

For the past month, seniors of the Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. program have been conducting rehearsals late into the night in preparation for the B.F.A. Senior Choreography Concert on Oct. 30 and 31. The Observer...

The Brooklyn Bridge offers an incredible look at the Manhattan skyline. (CURTIS MACNEWTON VIA FLICKR)

My First Night at the Brooklyn Bridge

September 27, 2017

The energy in the Plaza felt like an arena before a concert. Orientation leaders (OLs) were stationed across the grass, holding up signs directing new students to the right excursion group. For many new...

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