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ROXANNE CUBERO, Former Creative Director

Roxanne Cubero (she/her), FCLC ’22, is a layout editor at The Observer, where she previously served as creative director. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance and new media and digital design. She was supposed to graduate in the spring of 2022, but due to an injury — and her undying love for The Observer – she’s back for another semester. Roxanne can’t think of things she’s doing while she’s not in The Observer office, because she’s always there.

All content by ROXANNE CUBERO
The award aims to increase diversity among the voices uplifted and published at The Observer.

[Photo] Fordham Professor Announces Award for Undergraduate Paper’s Staff

By MARYAM BESHARA August 27, 2022

The award aims to increase diversity among the voices uplifted and published at The Observer.

film with dcom photos

[Photo] A Definitive Ranking of the Five Disney Channel Original Movies I Watched in Spring 2022

By INSIYA GANDHI July 7, 2022

DCOMs remind us of our childhoods and continue to be a source of joy in college.

oscars graphic with purple background

[Photo] ‘The 2022 Oscars’: A Slap in the Face

By MICHAEL MATHEWS April 4, 2022

This year's Oscars were overshadowed by interpersonal fights, but many people broke records in categories this year.

ram van graphic that says ram van i love you on a red background

[Photo] In Defense of the Ram Van

By LAURA OLDFATHER March 30, 2022

The Ram Van is a much better form of transportation than students give it credit for.

proposals graphic with marry me balloon in central park

[Photo] Want an Unhappy Marriage? Plan a Public Proposal in Central Park

By ISABELLA SCIPIONI February 17, 2022

Why would you make such a public statement when so many people have done the exact same thing?

vince lombardi fading away into nothingness

[Photo] For Sale: Lombardi NFTs, Never Bought


With all the hype surrounding NFTs, Fordham University recently decided to enter the market.

valentines day movies on a roll of film with pink background

[Photo] 5 Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day Set in New York

By RILEY DRUMM February 14, 2022

Valentine's Day is a great day to watch these romantic movies.

people looking at statues bases with marking

[Photo] Statues: To Commemorate or Condemn?

By TREVOR WOITSKY December 22, 2021

Some places, such as the Museum of Natural History, have placed plaques in front of the statues explaining their history and giving context for the way a person or scene was depicted.

populism in graphic text with blue and red and white font

[Photo] The Populist Persuasion: Talking Action Through the Americanism Credo

By BRIAN PFAIL December 27, 2021

Populism calls upon the disregarded masses to stand and fight for their worth by restoring the founders’ vision of our institutions.

class choice options on banner the website for fordham course registration

[Photo] Students Express Concerns Over Lack of Class Options


Students expressed frustration over the lack of class options for the spring semester.

a persons head opened at a hinge, surrounded by colors with a person in mediation springing from it

[Photo] Well-Being and Productivity: Mindfulness Meditation’s Role in Your Life

By AASTHA AGGARWAL December 9, 2021

Developing a habit of mindfulness meditation can be effective in regulating stress.

a halal cart with rainbow colored words listed as menu items in lights

[Photo] The Lincoln Center Halal Cart: Fighting Corporate Takeover One Gyro at a Time

By GRACE THOMAS November 18, 2021

Every time you indulge in a lamb over rice, you're also supporting a small business.

image of being in new york with wish you were here written on it

[Photo] Living, in New York

By JESSICA YU November 15, 2021

Living in New York is expensive, and we as college students shouldn't be expected to go out as often as possible when life is expensive.

for an article about overachievers, a student typing on a computer with colorful squiggles on their head

[Photo] Fordham’s Overachievers Are Overwhelmed

By SYDNEY CHAMPAGNE November 9, 2021

Students cannot be expected to resume their same lives as before the pandemic.

student protests school shootings with orange and blue graphics around her, sign reads how many kids have you killed today, nra?

[Photo] Back to School (Shootings)

By ROSALINE STOYKOV October 30, 2021

After a year of being in school online, students must now once again worry about people entering their schools with guns.

beautiful world where are you by sally rooney atop a map

[Photo] ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’ Is a Gorgeous Coming-of-Age Story

By AMIRA MOTAIR October 22, 2021

“Beautiful World, Where Are You?” is Sally Rooney's latest (and best yet) novel about relationships and alienation.

a graphic of the thinker statue on a train, representing commuters

[Photo] Commuters Deserve More at Fordham

By MYA ABDELWAHAB October 12, 2021

Though Fordham's commuters have access to on campus services, many feel isolated from the community and are unable to go to social events.

for an article on ocd, colorful image of turtles all the way down on tv screens

[Photo] OCD: More Than Just Hand-Washing

By AVA PEABODY October 6, 2021

OCD deserves the same attention that anxiety and depression get, and the media should show accurate depictions rather than stereotypes.

a fordham football player carrying an enlarged coronavirus

[Photo] Athletic Director Kull Prepared With COVID-19 Contingencies

By PATRICK MOQUIN October 5, 2021

Ed Kull, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, is determined to continue a safe return to normalcy with more fans attending games and fuller travel schedules for teams.

met gala attendees in graphic format on top of an image of the met

The Met Gala, Explained

September 23, 2021
The Met Gala has evolved into a pop culture phenomenon following years of evolution and increased public attention on the museum benefit.
a high contrast hand holding a dollar with taylor swifts face on it as she holds a microphone to her mouth, on a red background

[Photo] Hey Grammys: Taylor Called, ‘Red’ Is Back

By KAREN WATANABE September 13, 2021

Taylor Swift's re-recording of old albums represents the way the artist is fighting for control of her music.

summer calendar with icons of superhero and star wars logos

[Photo] How My Summer Became a Superhero and Sci-Fi Adventure


Superhero and Star Wars movies and TV shows populated the summer, sending viewers on exciting adventures.

angel holding cannabis leaf on colorful background

[Photo] The Big Smoke: Breaking Away From Addictive ‘Benzos’ and Opiates

By BRIAN PFAIL September 4, 2021

There may not be a clear solution, but cannabis could be an alternative to combat addiction, mental illness, pain and PTSD.

Album cover of The Marias CINEMA. Lead singer Maria sits on a red circle in a room of red velvet with a swan beside her. The Ram Jams logo sits in the upper right corner of the album cover of a ram listening to music with headphones.

[Photo] Ram Jams: The Marías’ ‘CINEMA’

By CHRIS CAPUANO September 17, 2021

The Marias' debut album. VIA NICE LIFE

the candidates for the primary of the NYC mayoral race

[Photo] Primary Preview: A Handy Starter to Your Mayoral Research


Each mayoral candidate has their strengths and weaknesses, and there are strong arguments both for and against each one.

the account @afffirmations held on a phone in someones hands with a colorful background

[Photo] Your All-in-One Guide to Daily @afffirmations

By JESSICA YU June 20, 2021

The Instagram meme page @affirmations gives you the real therapy you need after 2020's upheaval.

For an article on the LC newspaper, fordham administrators in a graphic with a 40th anniversary sticker

[Photo] Fordham Administrators Reflect on Four Decades of Student Journalism


Though students and editors come and go, administrators have remained over the past 40 years of Observer history.

Denise Jefferson (left) and Francesca Harper (right) pose together for a photo

The Joie de Vivre of Denise Jefferson Lives On 10 Years Later

July 17, 2020
Ten years after the death of Denise Jefferson, former director of The Ailey School and founder of the Fordham/Ailey BFA program, her daughter Francesca Harper looks back at the powerful legacy Jefferson left behind.

Barre-d From the Studio

April 26, 2020
Eleven Ailey/BFA students spoke to The Observer about transitioning to online instruction.
Campus Ministry is hosting a Meet Fr. George event on Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. in McMahon 109 with free pizza.

Not So Quick Questions With Fr. Quickley

October 2, 2019
We sat down with Fr. George Quickley, to get to know him better and to see if he lives up to his name.
Casale chose Australia because she wanted to study abroad in a country shed never get to visit otherwise.

Lessons Learned Down Under

September 17, 2019
Students study abroad for many reasons; Maddy Casale wanted change. While some venture across the pond, Casale trekked down under, through a non-Fordham study abroad program at the University of Melbourne. With a semester on the other side of the world from Lincoln Center, Casale talked to us about the lessons she learned abroad and the transition upon returning.

Speed Date With Fordham Clubs

August 25, 2019
With 53 clubs offered at Fordham Lincoln Center, it's difficult to get to know all of them in three hours. Have no fear, because your guide to Club Day is here. In this article, you will find every club at Fordham Lincoln Center, summarized in 10 words or less.
Pride participants celebrating outside of The Stonewall Inn, where the modern gay rights movement began in 1969.

How to Be a Good Ally During Pride

August 25, 2019
The allyship of heterosexual and cisgender persons is crucial to the progression of the modern gay rights movement. But it isn't something that you pull out every June and put away every July; it's a year-round commitment. With the help of queer members of the Fordham Lincoln Center community, learn how you can be a better ally to the LGBTQ community.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney and the New York Public Library all have special exhibits that arent to be missed.

Balenciaga, Ballet and a Biennial

August 25, 2019
"Camp" at the Met, the Whitney Biennial and the NYPL's "Archive in Motion" exhibit are cultural escapes from the bustling city.
To Freshmen, From Upperclassmen

To Freshmen, From Upperclassmen

August 24, 2019
Anywhere from one year to three years spent in one place can give a person a lifetime of tips and tricks to getting by. In this article, upperclassmen from Fordham Lincoln Center share a wealth of information to the class of 2023.
Camp, But Make It College

Camp, But Make It College

April 30, 2019
Red carpet-worthy Met Gala looks for college students
Roxanne Cubero, FCLC 22, shows her yeehaw spirit in celebration of the diversity of modern country.

Give Country Music a Chance

April 10, 2019
The oft-panned genre has a rich history of home-grown tunes and authentic storytelling.
Ailey II is the perfect bridge between The Ailey School and the world of professional dance.

II, Too: The Next Generation of Dance

March 31, 2019
The Ailey II company sparkles at NYU Skirball with their performances of new choreography and old favorites.
Fordham, But Make It Fashion

Fordham, But Make It Fashion

February 19, 2019
You don't have to sacrifice fashion for school spirit.
Pining can be rough. Music, as with all things, can be a remedy.

Pining 101

February 12, 2019
There's no shame in having a crush, even when you can't work up the nerve to talk to them. To cope, here are some great playlists to keep you grounded and sane!
The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, celebrating its 60th anniversary, takes a look back at its storied history.

To Mr. Ailey and the Ascent, with Love

February 6, 2019
A love letter to the diverse landscape offered by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.
The Met’s “Heavenly Body” exhibit melds faith and fashion in a unique look into Catholicism and clothing.

To Respark a Catholic Schoolgirl’s Imagination

November 8, 2018

Walking into the Byzantine and medieval art galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I felt that I was intruding upon a sacred space. However, there was no meditative hum of a choir; instead, a staccato...

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