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for video games article, blue background and red and black text stating: 73% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that video games have helped me maintain social contact with friends and family during the pandemic

Fordham Gamers and Streamers Stay Connected During the Pandemic

January 3, 2022
76% of surveyed gamers in the Fordham community believed that video games helped them cope with stress during the pandemic.
populism in graphic text with blue and red and white font

The Populist Persuasion: Talking Action Through the Americanism Credo

December 27, 2021
Populism calls upon the disregarded masses to stand and fight for their worth by restoring the founders’ vision of our institutions.
angel holding cannabis leaf on colorful background

The Big Smoke: Breaking Away From Addictive ‘Benzos’ and Opiates

September 4, 2021
Cannabis could be an alternative to combat addiction, mental illness, pain, and PTSD, and could be a substitute for controlled substances.
a cartoon image of a bonfire on a television screen

TV, the Modern Bonfire, Unites Families to Their Roots and to Each Other

August 1, 2021
The TV set has become the modern bonfire, solidifying the strength of the American family through a communal activity.
photo of mRI for an article about brain injury and incarceration

Concussion Criminality: Many ‘Criminals’ Suffer from Brain Injuries

March 18, 2021
Jails and prisons have disproportionately incarcerated the brain-injured population for decades in the U.S.
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