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Alyssa Macaluso, FCLC ’23, is a head copy editor at The Observer. She is majoring in American studies, minoring in Spanish and dabbling in creative nonfiction writing. Aside from trekking across the city to try yet another ice cream shop, Alyssa loves climbing rocks (and the occasional tree) and kickboxing.

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environment image with car and recycle symbol and words ecoguilt ecological grief eco anxiety

Individuals Shouldn’t Be Held Responsible for Protecting the Environment

December 31, 2021
Everyday consumers are scorned if they don’t recycle, drive an electric car or carry around a set of reusable straws to save the environment.
Ram Libs: A Walk in the Park

Ram Libs: A Walk in the Park

November 4, 2021
With the seasons changing, the weather growing colder and classes getting duller, take it slow for a morning and go for a walk in the park.
graphic of various contraceptives over a womans face

Baring It All: The Injustice of Female Birth Control

October 25, 2021
We need more transparency and research to make birth control safer, more predictable and more targeted to the issue it is meant to address.
Image of Anthony Hazell and Dr. Elizabeth Stone, with Hazell holding an award.

The Stone Age: A Look Back at The Observer’s Roots

June 1, 2021
Elizabeth Stone is a fundamental part of The Observer's history and has inspired a community of students throughout her time at Fordham.
cover of OK Orchestra, AJRs latest album

Ram Jams: In ‘OK Orchestra,’ Drums, Violins, Insecurities, Oh My!

April 17, 2021
New York-based indie-pop band AJR released their fourth studio album, “OK Orchestra,” on March 26, and it is so much more than just OK.
a snow covered path in Central Park with midtown buildings in the background

[Photo] Scenes From a Snowy City: Historic Snowstorm Hits NYC

February 4, 2021

A snow-covered path in Central Park leading to Columbus...

graphic illustration of Apple pie with turkey and rolling pin along with a note from Grandmother

Thanksgiving Traditions in Trying Times

November 15, 2020
Thanksgiving amid a pandemic forces holiday traditions to change in order to celebrate safely.
Supreme Court Building, for an article about original / originalism and Amy Coney Barrett

An Original Interpretation of Amy Coney Barrett

October 18, 2020
If we continued to interpret the law according to the original writers’ intentions, then women might be still largely confined to domestic duties and Black people might still be enslaved.
an application for mail-in voting with a pen and stamps

Addressing Absentee Ballot Concerns: The ABC’s of Mail-in Voting

September 17, 2020
As Nov. 3 approaches, it is important to understand the ins and outs of mail-in voting.
map of UWS restaurants

Hungry for Business: UWS Restaurants Still Troubled by COVID-19 Measures

August 18, 2020
Many of the familiar places around Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus will be operating differently than before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, if at all.
grain of salt e-board and logo

Forget Perfection: How 5 Fordham Students Redefined Magazine Writing

July 7, 2020
Created by a group of five Fordham juniors, grain of salt magazine showcases the art and writing of young women and nonbinary individuals without the pressure of perfection.
Courtney Celeste Spears featured in A Mothers Rite

Dancing Queen: Courtney Celeste Spears

June 19, 2020
Driven by ambition, Fordham-Ailey BFA graduate Courtney Celeste Spears rarely lets anything get in the way of her success.
postcards with various designs

Staying Connected Through Service

May 12, 2020
Students stay connected through service at food banks, community centers, and letter communications to continue to support each other from afar.
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