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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Rosaline Stoykov, FCLC '24, is a Communications major and a staff writer for the Opinions and Arts and Culture sections of the Fordham Observer. To supplement her Communications major, she is also double minoring in Spanish and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Outside of writing, her favorite activities include making Spotify playlists, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and yelling at men on the street.

School’s Out, But Gun Violence Remains

School’s Out, But Gun Violence Remains

July 7, 2022
If the law supports the assertion that guns are more important than the lives they take, people will act accordingly.
Scream Rap Should Be Feminist

Scream Rap Should Be Feminist

May 4, 2022
It is loud, it is angry and it is violent and aggressive. It is made by women, for women and about women.
rose hill campus with a ram cartoon thinking about school supplies

Rose Hill Classes Are Great for Lincoln Center Students — Here’s Why

April 28, 2022
The balance between the “normal” college experience at Rose Hill and the urban lifestyle at Lincoln Center is something that I hold dear.
two cartoon people, one gaslighting with i cant believe all over the body and a woman with shame, trivial, believe me, etc. written on her

Remove ‘I Can’t Believe’ From Sexual Assault Conversations

February 17, 2022
Gaslighting with sentences like "I can't believe" in the context of sexual assault can be harmful for and detrimental to victims of violence.
brandy alexanders album cover

Ram Jams: Psychedelic Rock Band The Brandy Alexanders Releases Debut Album

January 9, 2022
The band worked on the nine track album throughout the pandemic, finally releasing it to the public on Dec. 10.
members of the band just email sitting down

New Rose Hill Band Takes Part in Reemerging Music Scene

December 9, 2021
As concert culture returns, new bands can once again begin to build their fanbases, like Fordham College at Rose Hill-based band Just Email.
student protests school shootings with orange and blue graphics around her, sign reads how many kids have you killed today, nra?

Back to School (Shootings)

October 30, 2021
With the return of in-person school, students are back to tests and activities. But they must also face school shooters once again.
A black background with a faded photo of Kyan Hijazi. In the top right corner it reads the adjacents with each black letter inside of its own box. The boxes are in a pattern of blue, red and orange. In the middle of the cover there is a photo of Kyan Hijazi in movement, his head leans to the left side and swings to the left.

Rock Star Rams: The Adjacents Drop New Single

February 25, 2021
The duo's new song, "Sell My Soul," is a melancholic love song about sacrificing oneself to stay in a toxic relationship.
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