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Evan Vollbrecht, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’22, was an opinions editor alongside Grace Getman from 2019 to 2020, and now works as IT manager. He has written for The Observer since September 2018. An ex-STEM student, he has an eidetic memory, though it only functions on useless information. This is the link he's mad about. This is the other link he's working on.

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Pumpkin Spice Loaf

Pumpkin Spice Loaf

October 21, 2021
This rich loaf is closer to being cake than it is to being bread, but it’s the perfect treat to share with friends on an autumn evening.
Phone expelled graphic

Fordham Is in the Wrong on Austin Tong

August 20, 2020
After facing heavy criticism for its lax attitude toward discriminatory speech, was the university anxious to take the pressure off by making an example out of Tong?
Auricchio spoke with Rebecca Stark-Gendrano and Mica McKnight, Assistant Dean for Juniors and Transfer Students and Assistant Dean for Sophomores, respectively. Both assured listeners that they are available and working hard to answer students’ questions. They also noted that the add-drop period will proceed as usual until Sep. 3.

Town Hall Part 2: Changes to Instruction Within FCLC and Gabelli

August 7, 2020
Deans from FCLC and Gabelli discussed in detail how their respective schools would adapt to a hybrid learning environment.
screenshot of mcshane and buckley at the town hall

Town Hall Part 1: Fordham Details University-Wide Reopening Protocols

August 7, 2020
Faculty and administration discussed modifications to classes, campus life and student conduct and provided new information from the Fordham Forward reopening plan in a university-wide town hall.
a graphic of someone getting bood on a stage

Silenced or Shouted Down?

July 31, 2020
Once again people are sounding the alarm that free speech is being lost in the ravenous jaws of “cancel culture.” Once again, they’re wrong.
folklore album cover; taylor swift standing in the woods in black and white

Ram Jams: ‘folklore’

July 30, 2020
Less than a year after the release of “Lover,” Taylor Swift is back and her newest album has old and new fans reeling.
graphic with what to bring to a protest

Protest Guide: Dress for Success (and Survival)

June 5, 2020
Evan Vollbrecht shares his suggestions for safely protesting, including how to deal with the police, compiled from activists around the world.
I Have a Girlfriend and She Goes to Westchester, I Swear

I Have a Girlfriend and She Goes to Westchester, I Swear

February 19, 2020
I know the existence of the Westchester campus is highly questioned here at Lincoln Center, but you’re all wrong. You say there hasn’t been a sighting of a student or faculty member from Westchester in recent memory. Not true — I see my girlfriend all the time, she’s just too shy to introduce herself to anyone, that’s all.
In the long run, legalizing fare evasion neglects to address the societal issues that give rise to it.

‘No Cops in the Subway’ Is Not a Solution

December 4, 2019
This is why the movement is dangerous. It’s shortsighted and destructive, focused only on eliminating the short-term issue of policing without addressing the underlying systems of poverty, corruption and underfunding.
Forget the monster in your closet; Mark Zuckerberg is in your computer.

Privacy Is Dead. Long Live Privacy.

October 30, 2019
Your privacy is an illusion. Your every word is analyzed. Vast computing resources go towards determining how to manipulate you.
A Naturalist’s Guide to Fordham Lincoln Center

A Naturalist’s Guide to Fordham Lincoln Center

August 27, 2019
Fordham University is a complex ecosystem, home to species that can be found nowhere else in the world, despite their desire to attend either NYU or Columbia. This biodiversity can be overwhelming for first-time visitors, so we’ve assembled a definitive guide that will be helpful for both those new to the field and seasoned researchers. 
SJP’s Win Is a Victory for All of Us

SJP’s Win Is a Victory for All of Us

August 25, 2019
This case should serve as a warning to Fordham’s administration: the balance of power is not so skewed in their favor that they can expect to get away with trampling student voices underfoot.
A poster was provided afterwards on which students could write messages of their solidarity against the terror that befell New Zealand. One student wrote a hadith in Arabic, a saying of the Prophet Muhammed: “Ijtanibul ghadaba,” or Avoid anger.

New Zealand: We All Must Join the Fight Against Islamophobia

March 16, 2019
While this act of terror occurred in New Zealand, we are all too familiar with acts of senseless hatred and mass killing in the United States, and around the country we have been standing in solidarity and grief with the rest of the world.
Self-Care Is a Scam

Self-Care Is a Scam

March 7, 2019
Our escape route from the demands of modern life has been co-opted and turned into yet another avenue of corporate profit at the expense of our mental states.
Even after the pull-out, Jeff Bezos finds himself looking for a Plan B.

Amazon’s Pull-Out Couched in NYC’s Best Interest

February 19, 2019
Amazon’s Feb. 14 announcement that the company would cancel its plans was the happy ending New York never saw coming.
Fordham students rallied for transgender rights Feb. 28 of last year, discussing topics such as gender inclusive bathroom signage.

Fordham Hasn’t Learned Its Lesson on Trans Rights

November 16, 2018
The student body has called on Fordham to do the right thing, and the administration has hung up.
The United Nations released its climate report in October. It bodes poorly for the future of the globe.

Climate Change Is Worse Than You Think

November 14, 2018
To call this a climate catastrophe would be a gross understatement; even our most severe labels seem paltry when compared to the enormity of the issue.
The politicians of Albany are not ignorant, they are complicit. Governor Cuomo has some explaining to do. (Courtesy of Fordham Law)

Rethinking New York Elections

September 26, 2018
Here in New York, the effort to deny the people one of our most fundamental rights as citizens is not just extant — it has metastasized.
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