BREAKING: Flooding on Campus Following Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Ida hits New York City with high winds and major flooding



The Garden Lounge area by Argo Tea has experienced flooding due to Tropical Storm Ida.


Tropical storm Ida hits New York City with high winds and severe thunderstorms, with areas around the Lincoln Center campus flooding.

A flash flood warning was sent to residents of the New York City region, warning against traveling during the storm on Sept. 1. The warning described Ida as dangerous and life-threatening, urging people to not travel unless absolutely necessary. Fordham Public Safety then sent an email telling students to use caution when walking on campus, as just six inches of water can knock a person over. 

According to the National Weather Service, parts of New York City have recorded at least three to five inches of rainfall within one hour. Additionally, Central Park recorded 3.15 inches of rain, and the Weather Service issued a tornado warning for parts of the Bronx at 9 p.m. EDT. 

Ram Vans are still operating and announced delays due to the storm and poor road conditions. The storm also led to severe flooding in many subway stations throughout the city causing delays and rerouting due to water damage. As of 10:41 p.m., all MTA lines except for the 7 and Staten Island Railway are suspended. 

Tropical storm Ida has caused the Garden Lounge of the 140 West 62nd Street Building to flood, including club offices such as the Campus Activities Board office and The Observer’s office. Additional flooding also occurred in the lobby of McMahon Hall and the Lowenstein Center. Maintenance is currently working on cleaning up the flooded areas. 

The flash flood warning is in effect until 11:30 p.m. EDT. Fordham Public Safety told students to call them for any storm-related issues.