The Silly Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Silly Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Silly Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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VICKY CARMENATE, Former Opinions Editor

Vicky Carmenate, FCLC ’23, is an editor of the arts & culture section. Double majoring in Latin American and Latinx Studies and Spanish studies, their goal is to make different communities more accessible through communication. When not writing for The Observer, they’re probably spending their time listening to music, playing Sims 4 or reading nonfiction.

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headshot of saman peyman of solace jewelry wearing one of her necklaces

Rock Star Rams: The Student Behind Solace Jewelry

March 31, 2021
Using freshwater pearls and up-cycled beads, Saman Peyman took her love for jewelry and turned it into her own business.
a record

40 Years of Album Reviews

March 30, 2021
Much has changed since 1980 but one thing has remained the same: Fordham Lincoln Center student’s eternal love for reviewing and recommending their favorite music.
the Horizons album cover, a drawing of the sun setting over a horizon of mountains and a lake

The Best Ram Jams of 2020

February 6, 2021
The Arts & Culture staff reflects on the best albums of 2020 focusing on a range of the best releases from Fiona Apple to Chloe X Halle.
joe biden at the desk of the oval office signing an executive order

Biden’s Anti-Discrimination Laws Aimed at Helping the Trans Community Are Only Performative

February 3, 2021
For me, and many people within the trans community, a win for Biden meant very little to no real fundamental change in life.
Wayne Babineaux, one of the shows drag performers, stands in front of a army green door. His arms crossed over his chest in an x shape. He is wearing a gold crown and a dress covered in earth tones and patterns. He has silver sparkle eyeshadow on.

The Show Must Go On

December 2, 2020
Fordham's Rainbow Alliance celebrated trans remembrance day with its annual drag show, and the virtual format caused students to get creative.

Students for Justice in Palestine Face Fordham in Court Once Again

November 29, 2020
SJP faced Fordham University in the New York State Supreme Court on Nov. 24, continuing its five-year battle to gain official recognition as a club.
Qween Jean, activist and co-organizer of the Stonewall protests, speaks at one of the events. These protests are led by a group of Black trans women and focus on Black liberation.

Trans Awareness Week: Taking Action Past the Week of Remembrance

November 20, 2020
During Trans Awareness Week, and all weeks, it is imperative that we center the trans community so that their needs can be represented.
pink friday album cover

Ram Jams: 10 Years of ‘Pink Friday’

November 20, 2020
Nicki Minaj's debut album "Pink Friday" made its release ten years ago. Now, in 2020, one fan reflects on the cultural impact.
Illustration of the Native Lenape tribes land in present day New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Delaware, and Connecticut

Fordham Celebrates Native and Indigenous Peoples’ Month

November 11, 2020
Students on the Native and Indigenous People's committee at Fordham are hosting events to educate the greater community.
Revolutionary Funk Radio

Revolutionary Funk Radio

October 28, 2020
Songs of liberation from the post-civil rights movement era still find themselves relevant in today's political climate.
Illustration of books to demonstrate political education

What Is a Political Education?

October 28, 2020
A complete political education consists of learning outside of the classroom as well as being an active member in the community.
Anthony Barfield, center, in a music studio

Live Music Remains Unconquered

October 14, 2020
In a time when we must be socially distanced, Barfield figured out a way to create live music in the same space as others.
screenshot of zoom showing a pointer on the rename button, where students can change their pronouns

Stop Assuming My Gender Over Zoom

October 5, 2020
It is not up to trans and queer students to lead the way in making our environments accessible. Cisgendered students can also help normalize pronoun displays in the classroom.
cover of assata featuring her headshot

Ram Reads: ‘Assata’

September 11, 2020
Assata Shakur is the embodiment of a revolutionary, as her life has been dedicated to the communal struggle for liberation.
photo of three actors rehearsing

BIPOC Theatre Students Release List of Demands

September 8, 2020
27 Fordham Theatre students of color drafted a list of 10 demands for the betterment of the program.
album cover for flo milli, featuring a woman squatting down, dressed in orange

Ram Jams: ‘Ho, why is you here?’

July 29, 2020
“Ho, why is you here?” is a collection of all things Flo Milli. From hits like “Beef FloMix” to newer releases like “May I,” Flo Milli continually shows the industry that she is here to stay.
A photo of The Autobiography of Malcolm X as Told to Alex Haley on a table. The cover portrays Malcolm X smiling with his hand on his face.

Ram Reads: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

July 15, 2020
For my Black and brown friends attending predominantly white institutions, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” is for you. I didn’t know how much I needed this book until I picked it up and started reading the first chapter.
Art of protestors

The Role of Art During a Revolution

July 8, 2020
Art plays a fundamental role in the advancement of a revolution. By supporting BIPOC artists, audiences can do more than just consuming their art.
What’s the Use in a Diss Track During a Political Uprising?

What’s the Use in a Diss Track During a Political Uprising?

July 2, 2020
Rappers J. Cole and Noname recently released songs in response to each other's attitudes toward the Black Lives Matter movement.
graphic listing all the songs on the playlist with headphones next to them

A Playlist For Pride

June 6, 2020
Celebrate the Black queer artists that let the LGBTQ+ community be where they are today.
fetch the bolt cutters album cover

Ram Jams: ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’

April 21, 2020
Fiona Apple’s new album “Fetch The Bolt Cutters” lets listeners know that she is frustrated, and, quite frankly, she doesn’t really care what they think about it.
In lieu of AAPI’s original plan to make origami cranes during its Asian Heritage Month, it is hosting online events like cooking and conversations, which they see as equally important to educate the predominantly white Fordham community.

Breaking Down Stigma

April 14, 2020
Rose Hill and Lincoln Center’s chapters of AAPI came together for the first time to plan a month of virtual programming to celebrate and explore Asian heritage.
Though it is his last year with the label, Chris Parkin, FCLC ’20, appreciates all they’ve done for him and plans to release more music under Ramses Records before his final goodbye.

Ramses Records Hosts ‘Live at Home’ Sessions on Instagram

April 7, 2020
The record label’s livestream series for Fordham musicians feel strangely intimate despite the distance between the students and their audience.
The Art of Theater-making Through Social Distancing: An Unfinished Story

The Art of Theater-making Through Social Distancing: An Unfinished Story

April 7, 2020
Communicating across time zones has challenged staff and students in the theater department.
Fine Arts Classes Adapt to Online Learning

Fine Arts Classes Adapt to Online Learning

April 1, 2020
Dance, theater and visual arts students are being presented with a learning curve as their hands-on, physicality-focused classes must now fit within the framework of Zoom.
Andrew Connelly created a painting based on the Daedalus and Icarus myth for the art show.

“Q” the Spotlight on LGBTQ Artists

March 10, 2020
Rainbow Alliance brought together five student artists for a showcase of art from LGBTQ community at Q the Spotlight. Read more about Rainbow Alliance’s Q the Spotlight.
After completing almost the entire rehearsal process, Madeline May Saves the World was put on hold only two days before it was set to open.

Writing a Movement, Directing a Retreat

March 10, 2020
Alexis Chapin reflects on a show in flux, and Isabel Edwards reflects on her final studio production
Four clubs came together to host an event with various cultural cuisines and socializing opportunities.

Cultural Clubs End Black History Month with Collaborative Celebration

March 2, 2020
The Black Student Alliance, Student Organization of Latinx, Caribbean Students Club and Muslim Student Association put together a night for students of all backgrounds to find a community.
My Papier Mache Monster, written by Eliana Rowe (standing center), explores a narrative based on Rowes life.

Double Bill Commemorates Black History Month

February 19, 2020
This year's studio theater season features a double bill of original student shows commemorating Black History month.
Fordham’s Foodies Take Over Instagram

Fordham’s Foodies Take Over Instagram

February 13, 2020
Four campus foodies talk about the community they've created through food blogging on Instagram.
This years red-carpet looks acted as political statements, tributes, and purely aesthetic hits and misses.

Oscars Red Carpet Roundup

February 11, 2020
Spike Lee, Natalie Portman and Billy Porter are just three of the stars whose outfits made a big impression on the Oscar's Red Carpet.
The Tony Award-winning theater designer sees education as an essential part of his creative development.

Theater Professor Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

February 5, 2020
Already accomplished in his field, Clint Ramos has now been recognized for his artistic achievements by the USA Fellowship award.
Billie Eilish dominated this years Grammys, becoming the second person ever to take home the four major awards in one night.

2020 Grammy Recap: Billie Eilish Sweeps

January 29, 2020
This year's Grammys featured many memorable — and less so — performances, a tender tribute to Kobe Bryant and a sweep of awards by one of the youngest nominees.
Ram Jams: Albums of the Decade

Ram Jams: Albums of the Decade

January 22, 2020
Fordham students pick their most defining albums of the 2010s, from pop to R&B and everything in between.
Fordhams drag kings and queens performed a variety of energetic arts including magic, rock music and a death drop.

Drag Show: Anything but a Drag

November 13, 2019
The Rainbow Alliance and Fashion for Philanthropy's drag show was a night full of art and self-expression by student queens and kings.
Joker is one of four great makeup looks you can try this halloween.

How to “Makeup” a Costume

October 30, 2019
Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with your makeup looks. Need some guidance on what to do? Try out these four looks that range from Maddy from “Euphoria” to the Joker.
While Elsewhere may be a popular concert venue for students, theres some unsavory things going on behind the scenes.

Dance Elsewhere: The Power of a Boycott

October 30, 2019
A Bushwick venue popular among Fordham students, Elsewhere, says it is a safe space for the queer community. Recently, a coalition of allies came forward to boycott the venue after revealing that one of the investors is a serial rapist Read about the conversations had between the parties and how Elsewhere plans to move forward.
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