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image of four people wearing an outfit from each fashion era between the 1980s and the 2010s, and each is holding a newspaper. text above their heads reads

Which Fashion Era Do You Belong To?

By JOE KOTTKE March 25, 2021
From the 1980s to the 2010s, people have been reading The Observer in all different styles of clothing.
Craig Calefate poses with a llama on set

Opening the Aperture to Photo Production

By ANDREW DRESSNER March 23, 2021
Craig Calefate first worked at The Observer during his junior year. Now, 12 years after graduating, he works as a photo producer for Apple.
multiple versions of the observer nameplate on a paper background

40 Years of the Observer Nameplate

By OWEN ROCHE March 22, 2021
Through graphic trends and changing times, the nameplate of The Observer has evolved, developing its own history alongside the newspaper it so faithfully represented.
dancer in motion

Lindsay Jorgensen on Revitalizing the Features Section and Poetry in Motion

By MADELINE KATZ March 19, 2021
Dancer, writer, former features editor: Lindsay Jorgensen knows how to maintain the perfect balancing act.
photo of a us army ward during the spanish flu pandemic

A 100-Year History of Pandemics

By AIZA BHUIYAN and LUKE OSBORN February 28, 2021
This list of pandemics highlights how the Fordham community responded to each event in history.
photo of newspaper with the headline celebrating black history month

From the Archives: Black History Month

February 18, 2021
This collection highlights some of The Observer’s past articles covering Black History Month and related events at Fordham.
photo of New York Times staff editor, Adriana Balsamo-Gallina

Adriana Balsamo-Gallina: From The Observer to The New York Times

By GABRIELLE DINIZO February 16, 2021
Former Observer Editor-in-Chief Adriana Balsamo-Gallina has built a professional career at The New York Times.
Valentine's messages from a 2005 issue of The Observer

From the Archives: Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2021
This collection highlights some of The Observer’s past articles covering Valentine’s Day and related events at Fordham.
Joe and Natalie DeLessio at their wedding

Finding a Friend at The Observer, and Marrying Them 13 Years Later

By SAMANTHA MATTHEWS February 12, 2021
Joe DeLessio and Natalie Rodriguez DeLessio, Observer alumni, reflect on how their friendship evolved into romance.