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Emily Ellis, FCLC ’23, is pursuing a degree in English with the hopes of finding a double major. She loves writing for the opinions section because it’s full of lovely people who allow her to write about anything her heart desires. In her free time, she loves to read, nap and spend too much time playing Yahtzee on her phone.

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Graphic of Coronavirus PPE and BLM protests

BLM Protests Are Not at Fault for the Rising COVID-19 Cases

July 10, 2020
It is impossible to know if the rising number of COVID-19 cases is coming from protests or state reopenings, but the answer is most likely somewhere in the middle.
Three people show off Zoom Backgrounds

What Your Zoom Background Says About You

April 21, 2020
If you use a virtual background during your Zoom calls, it means two things: You are rich enough to own a computer capable of handling virtual backgrounds, and you have something to hide.
Last Monday's water main break provided much-needed athletic facilities to Fordham Lincoln Center students.

Fordham Students Don’t Need a Class to Learn How to Swim

January 22, 2020
Columbia graduates learn in a pool, but here at Fordham, where New York City is our campus, the flooding streets are our water source.
TikTok, beloved of many a teen, has come under scrutiny for its ties to China and its lax data privacy policies.

In Defense of TikTok

December 23, 2019
TikTok might pose some data dangers, but it forms a community of people who inspire laughter and love. 
Grades/Class Schedule App

App-solutely Horrible Fordham Apps

November 6, 2019
Here are some apps that Fordham has asked me to download — and why I find them absolutely worthless.
You Should Let Some of Your High School Friends Go

You Should Let Some of Your High School Friends Go

October 16, 2019
As much as college is about moving forward, it’s also about letting go. Our high school days are over and consequently, some of our high school friendships are, too.
While many freshmen are disappointed with forced triples, forced tripling can lead to growth, fun and adventure.

The Hidden Benefits of Being a Freshman in McMahon Hall

September 17, 2019
As McMahon residents, we were not required to have a meal plan, which meant that we ventured on shopping trips together and held roommate dinners almost every night. In our small, domestic apartment, we became friends and companions — an invaluable asset the first few weeks of freshman year.