What Does The Observer Mean to You?

April 11, 2021

40th anniversary stickerIn celebration of its 40th anniversary, The Observer asked former and current staff, aged 18 to 59, what The Observer means to them, their favorite memories and the impact the newspaper has had on their lives.

Original graphics by Alexa Stegmuller. Edited by Alison Ettinger-DeLong.

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About the Contributors

Alison Ettinger-DeLong, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’23, is a multimedia editor for The Observer. She is a dual sociology and urban studies major. Alison’s favorite part of creating multimedia content is making graphics and editing videos. She also loves discussing intersecting social demographics, caring too much about fonts and eating lots of vegetarian sushi.

ALEXA STEGMULLER, Creative Director

Alexa Stegmuller (she/her), FCLC ’24, is the creative director at The Observer. She is majoring in communications and double-minoring in fashion studies and marketing. When she’s not being an iPad kid in Adobe Suite, you can find her romanticizing the streets of SoHo while listening to Taylor Swift, specifically, “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

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