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facade of the ABC 7 news headquarters from the sidewalk corner

Finding Credibility in a Noisy News World: The Struggle to Be an Informed Citizen

By GO!VOTE CAMPAIGN TEAM December 4, 2020
Although we cannot change the innate prejudices that a news source contains, we can take action to discern the credibility of a source.
graphic illustration of a man wearing a dress

What Is It About a Man in a Dress?

By LAUREN FICHTEN December 3, 2020
Owens bravely took to Twitter to warn the American people of a cunning menace threatening to wreak havoc upon Western society. Harry Styles in a dress.
pictures of flo milli and the weeknd photoshopped next to each other, two people without grammy nominations

The Grammy Nominations Are Out and I’m Upset

By ETHAN COUGHLIN December 2, 2020
The nominations seem to get worse and worse as the Academy continues to fail to fully reflect popular or high-quality songs.
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We All Need to Follow Social Distancing Protocols This Holiday Season

Now is not the time for us to budge on social distancing protocols — the health and wellbeing of our families are at risk.
the university church viewed from the side with trees in fall colors in the foreground

A Few of God’s Marines

By MICHAEL LEIFER November 29, 2020
I assumed, wrongly, that talking to Jesuits would provide an authoritative answer on why there were fewer of them.
statue of st martin de porres to commemorate Black Catholic History Month

Black Catholic History Month Should Be More Widely Recognized

By NICHOLAS SCOTCHIE November 22, 2020
Black Catholic History Month allows Catholics and non-Catholics alike to recognize the Black community's importance to the faith.
Qween Jean, activist and co-organizer of the Stonewall protests, speaks at one of the events. These protests are led by a group of Black trans women and focus on Black liberation.

Trans Awareness Week: Taking Action Past the Week of Remembrance

By VICKY CARMENATE November 20, 2020
During Trans Awareness Week, and all weeks, it is imperative that we center the trans community so that their needs can be represented.
people celebrate the victory of Biden the street on Broadway in front of Trump International Hotel

Biden’s Victory Isn’t Enough to Solve the Country’s Problems

By STEVIE CORTEZ November 18, 2020
Although it has provided many in the country with a renewed sense of morale, Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump is only a small win in the long struggle toward a better America.
a chart showing the percentage of white women voters per candidate in 2016 and 2020. 2016 was 43% Clinton and 52% Trump. 2020 was 44% Biden and 55% Trump

White Women: This One’s for You

By AVA PEABODY November 17, 2020
As white women, one of our primary goals in dismantling this white supremacy must be to investigate ourselves as a demographic: our excuses, prejudices and fears.
a map of Armenia

The Armenian Genocide of 2020: The Fight for Indigenous Armenian Land

By NICOLE MARK November 16, 2020
Towns and churches are being destroyed, families torn apart, but for what? All for the sake of wiping out the Armenian people.
Amy Coney Barrett signs a document while President Trump, Clarence Thomas, and two others stand behind her

Is Gender Equality Taking a Step Back?

By DIANA SILVA November 16, 2020
Women’s rights became even more imperiled the moment Barrett replaced Ginsburg. 
Zoom Survival Kit

Zoom Survival Kit

By ABBIGAIL RAMNARINE November 14, 2020
Spending so much time (maybe too much time) with Zoom has put its problems on display. However, with every problem comes a solution!