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The 2020 Election Is America’s Last Arranged Marriage

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By BIVAS THAPA October 28, 2020
The long lineage of political families and their history at Ivy League Schools make me wonder: Why do we court presidents like we’re courting an arranged marriage?

Letter to the Editor: Many Conservatives Are Really Libertarians

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October 25, 2020
What insults my intelligence the most about many (not all) of today's political "conservatives" is how many of them are extreme libertarians.

Letter to the Editor: Racial Profiling in New York

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October 22, 2020
For many years, people who are affected by this problem have called out for help, but until now there’s no real change.

Heat Check: Sports vs. Arts

a photo of the hamilton marquee on broadway to represent arts , put side-by-side with madison square garden to represent sports
By GABRIELLE DINIZO October 21, 2020
Live sporting and performance events were both interrupted by the pandemic, but sports have since found strategies and support to return that the arts still lack.

Amy Coney Barrett Is Not an Ideal Christian Jurist

Amy Coney Barrett standing at a podium addressing a crowd on the lawn in front of the White House with American flags behind her and Donald Trump standing to her right
By NICHOLAS SCOTCHIE October 21, 2020
Amy Coney Barrett is only using the veneer of Christianity to hide deeply un-Christian politics and a conservative agenda for the Supreme Court.

An Original Interpretation of Amy Coney Barrett

Supreme Court Building, for an article about original / originalism and Amy Coney Barrett
If we continued to interpret the law according to the original writers’ intentions, then women might be still largely confined to domestic duties and Black people might still be enslaved.

‘A Culture of Life’: The Catholic Church Has Never Advocated for the Death Penalty

Pope Francis waving
By JILL RICE October 18, 2020
Although the Catholic Church had not previously condemned the death penalty on the whole, its prior stance was in no way in support of it. 

The Freshest of Freshmen

the inside of the Fordham Lincoln Center bookstore, where a freshman can buy merchandise
By ABBIGAIL RAMNARINE October 15, 2020
I am the maroon monster walking the halls, and, of course, I had to take a picture of myself standing in front of the ram statue.

Fordham’s Treatment of Laid-off Dining Staff Is Disrespectful

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The foodservice workers at Fordham have not been treated with the respect they deserve.

Why I Really Deleted TikTok

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By SOPHIA ORTEGA October 14, 2020
I quickly realized that users with large platforms were doing what I have worked for my whole life: getting paid to dance.

A Place For Students of Many Cultures To Belong

a family standing together in a group photo
By STEVIE CORTEZ October 14, 2020
A new club, Cross Culture Students of Fordham, aims to start conversations about the experiences of people who are mixed-heritage and a myriad of other cultural identities.

No, You’re Not Too Sensitive. Professors Should Give Trigger Warnings

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By JESSICA YU October 12, 2020
It’s true that learning can cause discomfort sometimes. However, asking professors for trigger warnings is not the same as asking them to make college campuses ideologically safe.
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