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a drawing of an antidepressants pill bottle with colored swirls pouring out of it

The Next Revolution in Antidepressants Is Here

By GABE SAMANDI February 27, 2021
A new solution to the mental health crisis may have arrived, though they may not be the antidepressants you’d expect: psychedelic drugs.
for an article about not wanting kids, illustration of a hand holding a pregnancy test that says

Stop Asking Me About Kids

By JESSICA YU February 25, 2021
Women should not be expected to have kids. Unless the thought of not having children absolutely devastates you, don't do it.
a picture of the facade of a building of one of new york's schools

Reopening Schools Is Only Possible With Federal Funding

By SHAQUILLE KAMPTA February 21, 2021
States are scrambling to pay for programs that help low-income families, and if schools want to reopen, the federal government must support them.
Coca Cola trucks parked in a lot

Why Is It My Fault? The Shifting of Personal Responsibility in Environmental Policy

By CLARA GERLACH February 20, 2021
Even when accessible, and it works, recycling isn’t the solution we have been conditioned to believe it is.
map of the internet, in an article about the spreading of qanon

QAnon Is Just Another Example of America’s Conspiracy Theory Problem

By AVA PEABODY February 17, 2021
QAnon and the John Birch Society let Americans avoid the central causes of the country's political and economic problems instead of recognizing that there are societal issues that must be addressed through legislation and economic overhaul.
display of valentine's day chocolate on sale

Capitalizing on the Commodification of Valentine’s Day Love

By MADELINE KATZ February 13, 2021
We should celebrate the unsung hero of mid-February that is the day after Valentine’s Day, aka the After Valentine’s Day Chocolate Sale Extravaganza.
three pie graphs showing survey results about anti-racist education

Words Aren’t Enough: Fordham Needs More Anti-Racist Education

By PETER WOLFF February 11, 2021
There are no systems in place to address discrimination present throughout Fordham’s campus.
illustration of a mirror overlaid with a quote from a fordham student about gender identity, on a yellow background

Gender Identity and Quarantine: Respect Its Fluidity

By JESSICA YU February 11, 2021
For many people, including some Fordham students, isolation has given the word "gender" a whole new meaning.
protestors gather at night outside the US Capitol building as police barricade the front steps

On Revolution: The Capitol Riots Are a Critical Turning Point

By STEVIE CORTEZ February 10, 2021
This event will change the trajectory of both factions and push them further toward extreme radicalization.
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Fordham Should Not Abuse Its Status as a Private Institution to Censor Free Speech

The Fordham administration has shown a concerning lack of support for the diversity of student opinions on campus.
a graphic illustration of the Instagram logo with hearts and dollars falling into a piggy bank, symbolizing capitalizing on advocacy

Capitalizing on Conflict: The Monetization of Advocacy

By STEVIE CORTEZ February 9, 2021
After reading my recent article about the failings of Instagram activism, a friend of mine alerted me to a related issue with the trend that is worth discussing: the commodification of social justice.
joe biden at the desk of the oval office signing an executive order

Biden’s Anti-Discrimination Laws Aimed at Helping the Trans Community Are Only Performative

By VICKY CARMENATE February 3, 2021
For me, and many people within the trans community, a win for Biden meant very little to no real fundamental change in life.