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for an article about violence in literature, cover of blood meridian by cormac mccarthy

The Role of Violence in the American Literary Canon

By MICHAEL LEIFER February 2, 2021
Americans have a special relationship to violence and violence occupies a special place in our literary canon.
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Don’t Bet Against New York

By LEO BERNABEI January 30, 2021
New York will take a long time to fully recover its economic strength, but the city will still bounce back.
sealed cases and papers on a table atop blue carpeting, to accompany an article comparing the american republic and the weimar republic

The Collapse of American Democracy Will Mirror the Weimar Republic

By NICHOLAS SCOTCHIE January 25, 2021
Without drastic reforms that address both the present dangers and their underlying causes, the American republic may be compromised for years to come.
photo of lined paper with a graph of coronavirus cases in new york state as of jan. 13 drawn on it. two pencils and a ruler are on top of the notebook.

Fordham Should Cancel In-Person Classes For Spring

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS January 21, 2021
The administration is in no position to be able to guarantee the safety of a hybrid spring semester, and they shouldn’t try.
graphic of the cover of time magazine person of the year edition with a gray silhouette where a person should be, signifying it should be undocumented workers

The People Who Should Have Won People of the Year

By STEVIE CORTEZ December 30, 2020
The Times People of the Year should be undocumented workers. They do more for our country for less praise despite dealing with economic, social, and political barriers.
Jill Biden speaking at a podium during her husband's presidential campaign, for an article about the joseph epstein article about her

Women in Academia Are Not Obligated to Listen to Your Bad Opinions

By NICOLE PERKINS December 28, 2020
Joseph Epstein’s piece not only argues something that is sexist and misogynistic, but is also poorly written and unsubstantiated by facts.
Biden steps off of Marine One while saluting the soldiers

A Blueprint for Biden

By PATRICK RIZZI December 18, 2020
He will face perhaps the most complex set of challenges faced by a president in modern history upon inauguration to the office.
graphic of girl with blonde hair in a red fordham sweatshirt sitting on the steps in front of a building that says fordham university. text in the bottom left corner says

‘Gossip Girl’ Lied to Me

By ABBIGAIL RAMNARINE December 13, 2020
I hoped that my college experience would be as eventful as Blair Waldorf's, but my “Gossip Girl”-fueled expectations were shattered when I started college.
graphic illustration of a hand holding a phone sharing an Instagram activism post

Whom Is Instagram Activism Really Helping?

By STEVIE CORTEZ December 8, 2020
There must be a better way for allies to actually help the people affected by the issues outlined in these surface-level, PSA-type posts.
three anime fans pose in costumes at a convention

Not Safe for Sunday Morning: Anime Ruminations

By MICHAEL LEIFER December 8, 2020
There was nudity. There was violence. It was all hand-drawn. I remember feeling sick. It was exciting, but it was also kind of beautiful.
headshot of katy perry in 2019

What Happened to Katy Perry’s Career?

By ADAM DELIN December 6, 2020
Why did the general public turn on Perry, what could have been done to prevent this and how can her career be salvaged moving forward?
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Why You Long for NYC When Visiting Your Hometown

By EVELYN SIMS December 6, 2020
Since we go to school in New York City, going back to a small town can be a rough reminder as to why you left in the first place.