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Why Tinder is a Better Language Learning App Than Duolingo

a graphic illustration depicting a hand holding a phone displaying Tinder. The profile on the screen is the Duolingo owl and the finger is swiping to the left.
By MADELINE KATZ October 11, 2020
Tinder was giving away the passport option for free, so I boldly ventured into the unknown and promptly selected Paris as my destination.

Let People Read What They Enjoy

a gold copy of
By CLARA GERLACH October 10, 2020
People should be able to read what they enjoy without feeling embarrassed to consume it. We don’t need to read to feel smart; we should be able to read for pleasure without the appended guilt.

Skip Trader Joe’s and Visit Your Local Fruit Stand Instead

a fruit stand on the corner of midtown street in NYC
By MADELINE KATZ October 8, 2020
Fruit stands are so ingrained in our neighborhoods that we sometimes don’t even notice them as we rush by. But we should. 

Why COVID-19 Continues to Devastate My RGV Community on the Border

map of rio grande valley (RGV) in texas
By STEVIE CORTEZ October 8, 2020
While other states recovered, the Rio Grande Valley, or RGV, continued to struggle with COVID-19. Though the odds have always been stacked against us, we are determined to survive.

Everything That Went Wrong With the First Presidential Debate and How We Can Fix It

trump and biden each at a microphone, who engaged in a debate on Sept. 29
By PATRICK RIZZI October 7, 2020
With the number of problems facing America at the moment, we need more and shorter sections in future presidential debates. Even more pressing is the inherent need to promote facts and the truth during presidential debates.

Zoom University Makes Me Want to Get a Mullet

graphic of a person's head with a mullet hairdo on a blue diamond-shaped background, with text reading
By MADELINE KATZ October 7, 2020
With business in the front and a party in the back, a mullet is bound to spice up your daily Zoom meetings.

Stop Assuming My Gender Over Zoom

screenshot of zoom showing a pointer on the
By VICKY CARMENATE October 5, 2020
It is not up to trans and queer students to lead the way in making our environments accessible. Cisgendered students can also help normalize pronoun displays in the classroom.

7 Things That Are NOT Your Fault: Blame it on Astrology

graphics of the 12 zodiac signs of astrology
By JESSICA YU October 4, 2020
If you believe in astrology, you’re in luck, because guess what: All of your mistakes can be explained by your natal chart.

Why the Death Penalty Is Immoral and Un-American

portrait of Cesare Beccaria, who wrote against the death penalty
By RILEY MOORE October 3, 2020
The establishment of capital punishment is self-defeating. The state exists to prevent murder, not carry it out.

Elon Musk’s Brain Computer

Blue brain for Musk's Neuralink device
Musk’s seemingly most important aim derives from the pursuit of AI symbiosis to ensure coexistence between the human species and advanced AI.

NYC Needs More Protected Bike Lanes

a bike lane next to the sidewalk with a barrier of parked cars separating it from the street
By CLARA GERLACH October 2, 2020
Protected or not, we need to safeguard these lanes not only with barriers but also with legislation and fines.

International Students Deserve Changes to Health Care Requirements

a graphic of The Observer logo on the left with the words
International students need access to quality health care and should not be forced to pay more than they can afford for it. 
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