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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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JAKE ERACA, Former Opinions Editor

Jake Eraca (he/him), FCLC ’24, is former opinions editor at The Observer and an English major with a way-too-big mouth. He likes to spend his time scouring the internet for obscure memes, playing video games and gracing his Instagram feed with photo dumps. When away from his computer, he likes to write poetry and romanticize NYC.

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Swift has accrued wealth, acolytes and influence at an unprecedented rate in the music industry.

Who Forgot to Feed the Swifties?

May 2, 2024

Using the foregrounded defense of being a feminist icon, Taylor Swift has long eluded criticism. The fact of the matter is she has strong-armed an industry into an insane amount of personal profit and...



April 1, 2023
Fordham football furious after budget cuts force them to practice on Lincoln Center's Outdoor Plaza. Anarchy ensues at the Rose Hill Campus.
God Save the Monarchy?

God Save the Monarchy?

September 28, 2022
The British royal family, albeit stripped of major governing powers, still have considerable wealth and political influence, much of which was extracted from the peoples they oppressed through colonization. 
Everything is Going to Hell

Everything is Going to Hell

September 14, 2022
How embracing nihilism and the end of it all has made my life more meaningful
gravel institute

How Left-Leaning News Organizations Can Lead to the Truth

May 4, 2022

A quick glance at the state of American politics and media can leave one feeling a bit fried. Vehement bigotry is packaged as traditional values, and blatant hatred can easily be disguised as the morning...

the green m&m stands in her new shoes in front of a green background

Ms. Green: The First Hot Girl

February 2, 2022
Gays and Republicans alike can attest to Ms. Green M&M's look being a hallmark of society, from her candy shell to her iconic go-go boots.
central park and other parks with people sitting inside

NYC Parks: Refreshing Green Spaces or Classist Battlefields?

November 18, 2021
Parks located in college-centric areas have become synonymous with students who use them as safe havens for illicit activities of all kinds.
for an article about gay oppression, an image of people at an lgbtq pride parade

Don’t Beg for Oppression

October 23, 2021
White, cis, gay men, especially in NYC, are more privileged than others in the LGBTQ+ community but should empower the rest of the community.
image of tiktok screen on colorful background

TikTok, Other Cultures Aren’t Your Vernacular

October 6, 2021
TikTok trends, often terms found in the cultures of marginalized people, trivialize the words' origins and allow others to profit off them.
Jake Eraca and mother with cancer with his siblings

Mommy Has Cancer, Not a Cold

September 22, 2021
My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was 9. She didn't hide it from us, and children should know when big change will soon affect them.
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