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graphic illustration of getting a match on a dating app

Dating Apps Are Not as Bad As They Seem

By DIANA SILVA March 21, 2021
It’s safe to say that we’ve all wrestled with the idea of entering the world of online dating. Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge have been around for years but spiked in use during the pandemic. 
flowers laid at a memorial to Sarah Everard in Sheffield

The Vigil of Sarah Everard

By PATRICK RIZZI March 20, 2021
This past Saturday, hundreds of people congregated in a park to honor the life of Sarah Everard, 33, who was kidnapped and allegedly killed by an active police officer.
for an article about men and zodiac signs, graphic of a person looking into a telescope at stars, which spell out

All Men Are Trash — Regardless of Their Sign

Astrology is fun, and, to some practitioners, a serious way to get to know other people, but it cannot continue to be an excuse for sexism.
photo of pro-democracy myanmar protestors holding signs

My Childhood Under Military Dictatorship in Myanmar

By HAN OO March 19, 2021
"It was not until I left government-funded school and came to the United States that I learned the sad reality. As the military coup was taking place, I finally understood everything the Burmese refugees were fighting for."
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Fordham Needs to Regain Students’ Trust Before In-Person Fall

With its record of inadequate protocols, how can Fordham students trust that the administration will prioritize their health in the fall?
photo of mRI for an article about brain injury and incarceration

Concussion Criminality: Many ‘Criminals’ Suffer from Brain Injuries

By BRIAN PFAIL March 18, 2021
Jails and prisons have disproportionately incarcerated the brain-injured population for decades in the U.S.
graphic illustration of Courtney Love, a possible woman serial killer, singing into a microphone

Women: The Perfect Killers

By DIANA SILVA March 18, 2021
Ted Bundy one of the most notorious serial killers in America, but imagine how much more dangerous and famous he would have been if he were a woman. 
for an article about march 2020 in emails, a graphic of a phone coming out of an envelope with a calendar in the background

March, In Emails

By OWEN ROCHE March 16, 2021
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Owen Roche looks back on the onset of the pandemic and virtual production through his inbox.
for an article about zoom fatigue, graphic of a laptop with an eyemask that says

Zoom Fatigue Is the Other Viral Epidemic Hitting Colleges

Zoom fatigue is affecting the health of many college students and remote workers, and we must change our approach to virtual calls. 
for a story about the new national security law in hong kong, photo of graffiti in hong kong that reads

The Fall of Asia’s World City

By STEVIE CORTEZ March 5, 2021
Using the National Security Law, the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese governments have targeted many key figures in the pro-democracy movement.
for an article about the biden american rescue plan, a photo of the capitol building

Biden’s American Rescue Plan Is Crucial for the Country’s Recovery

By PATRICK RIZZI March 3, 2021
Congress must pass the American Rescue Plan to help control the pandemic, assist working families and work toward post-pandemic recovery.
for an article about free speech, painting from a fordham magazine cover with the people's eyes blacked out

What Do You See, Fordham?

By OLIVIA GHEE March 1, 2021
Fordham must clarify its policies regarding content posted on students' personal social media to avoid future free speech controversies.