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Mail-In Voting Isn’t the Solution You Hope It Is

graphic of a blue mailbox displaying mail-in voting statistics
By JILL RICE September 2, 2020
Many states have turned to mail-in voting amid the pandemic, but it invites a higher risk of voter disenfranchisement than it aims to prevent.

Warming Up to Biden

A graphic of the Earth on fire
By AVA PEABODY August 22, 2020
We need Biden to seize the moment he has been awarded to commit to progressive, comprehensive climate change policy.

Austin Tong Has Done Nothing Wrong

A copy of the Constitution of the United States
By Judge John H. Wilson August 21, 2020
Tong has the same right to speak out that any other citizen has, no matter the content of his speech.

Staff Editorial: Fordham Should Refund Partial Tuition for a Virtual Student Experience

Three Observer newspapers
In order to accommodate for the new virtual experience, Fordham should refund students for the increased tuition costs and lower tuition costs in the spring.

Fordham Is in the Wrong on Austin Tong

Phone expelled graphic
By EVAN VOLLBRECHT August 20, 2020
After facing heavy criticism for its lax attitude toward discriminatory speech, was the university anxious to take the pressure off by making an example out of Tong?

Adventures of a Fordham Hoodie in Quarantine

Fordham Hoodie
By JOHN HULTQUIST August 20, 2020
On Aug. 8, I left northern Michigan in my Fordham hoodie and ventured to the city of my future, hoping to remain COVID-19 free.

The Best Football Isn’t American

an animation of a soccer player kicking a ball into a net
By ETHAN COUGHLIN July 31, 2020
I’m going to try to convince the American sports fan to give the most popular sport on the planet a chance.

Silenced or Shouted Down?

a graphic of someone getting boo'd on a stage
By EVAN VOLLBRECHT July 31, 2020
Once again people are sounding the alarm that free speech is being lost in the ravenous jaws of “cancel culture.” Once again, they’re wrong.

The Crisis in Yemen and How to Help

Yemeni people holding signs
By GABRIEL GARCIA July 30, 2020
For the past five years, there has been a civil war in Yemen between the government and a faction called the Houthis over religious sectarianism and control of the country.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Austin Tong?

a graphic of a scroll resembling the US Constitution but instead titled
By GABRIELA RIVERA July 29, 2020
Tong’s actions are counterintuitive to Fordham’s reputation as a business, and as such, he should be metaphorically “fired” from his position as a member of the Fordham community.

Fordham’s Lack of Sexual Health Resources Puts Students in Danger

Three Observer newspapers
Fordham should develop a better approach to sexual education and health by further educating nurses and providing students with accurate information regarding birth control and STDs.

American Issues are International Students’ Issues

graphic of international students not welcome on American soil
By JESSICA YU July 27, 2020
Sure, I’m not American, but this is the country I chose to invest my future in.
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