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Haunting of Bly Manor art, an example of a show with lesbian representation

Stop Overanalyzing Fictional Lesbian Relationships

By JESSICA LOVETT November 13, 2020
We need to reconsider how we police representations of queerness and to what standards we hold it to, as opposed to those of straightness.
facade of the strand bookstore on the upper west side

The Strand Is Not the Best Indie Bookstore to Support in NYC

By KENNEDY ROBINSON November 13, 2020
Instead of continuing to blindly support an institution that has sentimental value, we should examine whether the Strand has earned our support.
Editor’s Note: Protests in the City

Editor’s Note: Protests in the City

Included are resources where readers can find journalists of color who are reporting on these issues. The Observer hopes to amplify the voices of people of color by sharing them.
governor cuomo sitting at a table for a press conference

Cuomo Called All the Shots — and Failed

By LEO BERNABEI November 11, 2020
An analysis of Cuomo’s pandemic response, divorced from the glossy and romanticized version that the media presents, reveals a man who has continuously made the wrong decisions at every turn.
person standing with arms outstretched and tattoos on their chest, arms and legs

The Inconclusive World of Tattoos in the Workplace

By EVELYN SIMS November 11, 2020
How do words or images on a person’s skin dictate whether or not that person is worthy of being called “professional”?
a graphic illustration of two girls kissing in a photo posted on Instagram captioned with a winking emoji and a comment reading

Straight Girls: Please Stop Kissing Your Friends for Attention

By JESSICA YU November 9, 2020
I felt icky about it for a long time after, not because I feel icky about kissing girls but because she’s straight. And so were her other friends.
a graphic illustration of a silhouette looking at a screen

Living Under the Radar: The Trauma of COVID-19 and the Death of George Floyd

By ANGELA LOCASCIO November 8, 2020
Globally, life has changed drastically with the onset of COVID-19 and the murder of George Floyd. Times like these could either make us or break us.
trojan horse with a biden-harris sign on it

If Joe Biden Wins, Say Goodbye to Constitutional Norms

By BRANDON SAPIENZA November 3, 2020
Should Biden and the Democrats win the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, the rights of the political republican minority are on the line.
protestors holding up signs against fracking

Refusing to Accept the ‘New Normal’: On Climate Change and Capitalism

By CORINA FUENTES October 28, 2020
It’s high time that the general public view climate change as a direct result of colonialism and the philosophies that endowed the men in power with the belief that the world was theirs for the taking.
voters standing in front of an early polling place near a red and blue sign that says

The Societal Benefits of Early Voting

By PATRICK RIZZI October 28, 2020
While early voting may be politicized this year, it will be a useful instrument in any democracy long after this pandemic abates.
A Pro-Choice Catholic on Single-Issue Voting

A Pro-Choice Catholic on Single-Issue Voting

By SOPHIA ORTEGA October 28, 2020
Catholics are much more complex than Trump implies, so why should a single issue determine such a vital vote?
rainbow colored wedding cake with two men on top to symbolize the LGBTQ+ community's right to marry

Barrett’s Gain is the LGBTQ+ Community’s Loss

By JESSICA YU October 28, 2020
The appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and President Trump’s potential reelection could threaten the safety of the LGBTQ+ community.