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App-solutely Horrible Fordham Apps

November 6, 2019

Here are some apps that Fordham has asked me to download — and why I find them absolutely worthless.

Students and faculty approaching the University from the Columbus Circle metro station reported alarm upon seeing the crowd gathered outside.

UPDATED: Fire Drill Interrupts Midterm Schedules

October 8, 2019

A fire safety drill in the Leon Lowenstein building impacted students and staff alike on Oct. 8, disrupting classes during midterms. The drill, originally set for 10 a.m., took place at 11:15 a.m with little warning.

IT Warns Against Phishing Emails

April 21, 2015

By BEN MOORE Online Editor Published: April 23, 2015 The security of personal information in t...

Former US Secretary of State and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton addresses the email scandal. (PHOTO COURTESY NIU XIAOLEI-XINHUA/ SIPA USA VIA TNS)

Clinton Email Scandal Shows A Larger Trend Of Dishonesty

April 15, 2015

By CATHERINE ATHERTON Staff Writer Published: March 15, 2015 The Clintons have been associated ...

College Councils Votes for Simultaneous Registration

November 20, 2014

By ADRIANA GALLINA News Editor Published: November 20, 2014 On Thursday, Nov. 13, Fordham College at Lincoln Center’s (FCLC) College Council voted in favor of simultaneous registration for all campuses. The motion will be directed to the Committee of Liberal Arts and Sciences for further discussion and possible implement...

Public Safety Expands with Campus

Public Safety Expands with Campus

September 25, 2014

By TYLER MARTINSEditor-in-ChiefPublished: September 23, 2014 Security has adapted with Fordham College at Lincoln Center’s (FCLC), expanding with the open...

(Jessica Hanley/The Observer)

Additional Security Hired for New Building

May 2, 2014

By RAMONA VENTURANZA Arts and Culture Editor Published: April 30, 2014 With the opening of the new law school and residence hall in the fall of 2014, For...

(Kara Jagdeo/The Observer)

Gap in Reported Sexual Assaults at Fordham

May 2, 2014

By ADRIANA GALLINA Asst. News Editor Published: April 30, 2014 According to the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) in the United States Departm...

(Angela Luis/The Observer)

New ID Policy Implemented in McMahon

March 13, 2014

By RAMONA VENTURANZA News Co-Editor Published: March 12, 2014 As of Feb. 6, security guards at the front desk of McMahon Hall at Fordham College at ...

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Snow Days Affect Semester Schedule

March 13, 2014

By RAMONA VENTURANZA News Co-Editor Published: March 12, 2014 Due to inclement weather, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) had to cancel four ...

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Biometrics Are Commercializing at a Frightening Pace

November 2, 2013

  By ROSANNA CORRADO Staff Writer Published: October 30, 2013 Do you remember those futuristic movies in which citizens are identified through cameras equipped with fa...

Signs over RFID scanners at the entrance of Lowenstein tell students and faculty to show their IDs. (Ian McKenna/The Observer)

RFID Issues Revisited

October 17, 2013

By IAN MCKENNA Editor-in-Chief Published: October 16, 2013 Logs Readers of Fordham’s campus newspapers may have noticed a discrepanc...