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Protesters in Columbus Circle chanted

New Yorkers Demand Accountability Following Trump’s Acquittal

February 19, 2020

Following President Donald Trump’s acquittal by the Senate and conclusion of his impeachment trial, thousands of protestors responded by mobilizing at Columbus Circle, one block away from Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. The protest took place on Feb. 5 at 5:30 p.m. as a part of a larger campaign by “Reject The Cover-up,” a coalition of protest groups that joined together weeks before the Senate ended Trump’s impeachment trial without calling witnesses.

The giant inflatable rats, like the one currently at Columbus Circle, are often referred to colloquially as

Inflatable Rat Protests on 60th Street

January 17, 2020

This inflatable rat is advocating for the safe removal of asbestos, a silicate mineral strongly linked to respiratory disease and cancer. 

The new Columbus Circle location will be a small-format store, an approximately 34,000-square-foot facility.

Blessed with the Bullseye: 61st Street Target Coming Soon

October 2, 2019

A mere block away from Fordham Lincoln Center, the latest store is one the 10 Targets that opened near or on a college campus within the last year and the eighth location in Manhattan. This new location will be a small-format store — a specialized Target built for urban communities and college campuses. 

On Oct. 24, the Time Warner Center was evacuated after police were notified of a suspicious package in the building. They treated the package as an explosive device.

NYPD Evacuates Time Warner Center After Finding Explosive Device

October 24, 2018

The Time Warner Center (TWC) was evacuated after police were notified of a suspicious package sent to...

Whole Foods at Columbus Circle is popular among Fordham residents.(Courtesy of Aspersions via Flickr)

Whole Foods Policy Trades Produce for Profits

February 15, 2018

Across the country, Whole Foods Market has experienced food shortages due to an inventory management sy...

New Yorkers gathered in Columbus Circle on September 9 to protest Trump's decision to end DACA. (STEPHAN KOZUB/THE OBSERVER)

PHOTO ESSAY: DACA Protest in Columbus Circle

September 9, 2017

Following President Donald Trump's decision to phase out the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood...

Undoing Racism Collective Created in Wake of Ferguson

December 22, 2014

By JUSTIN REBOLLOStaff WriterPublished: December 10, 2014 In light of the recent riots in Ferguson, Mo. and protests in New York City that passed through Columbus Circle, the Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) community members established the Undoing Racism Collective, which met for the first time on Monday, Dec. 1. A...

S.A.G.E.S. & Admin: Stuck on Semantics

November 20, 2014

By ADRIANA GALLINANews EditorPublished: November 19, 2014 Students for Sex and Gender Equality and Safety (S.A.G.E.S.), a student coalition advocating for sexual health access and other student rights at Fordham, and the administration so far can agree on one thing: a petition with 1,100 student signatures is not something to b...

VIDEO: Send in the Clowns: FCLC's Patrick Swailes Caldwell

VIDEO: Send in the Clowns: FCLC’s Patrick Swailes Caldwell

March 17, 2014

By TYLER MARTINS  Arts & Culture Co-Editor Published: March 17, 2014 There may be a national clown shortage, according to Clowns of America International President Glen Kohlberger, bu...

(Rosanna Corrado/The Observer)

Take a One Day Trip to Paris in New York City

January 29, 2014

By ROSANNA CORRADO Staff Writer Published: January 30, 2014 Stepping into Maison Kayser’s ...

Police cordoned off the block of 58th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue after a man was shot and killed at 2 p.m. Monday. (Mike Madden/The Observer)

UPDATE: Man Killed Near Columbus Circle

December 10, 2012

By MIKE MADDEN Multimedia Producer Published: December 10, 2012 An African-American male was shot in the head on 58th Street between Broadway and...

Columbus Circle: Stores I’ve Never Understood and Don’t Want To

October 17, 2012

By JEWEL GALBRAITH Features Editor Published: October 17, 2012 People always tell me that the Colu...