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Welcoming the ‘New’ New Normal

Welcoming the ‘New’ New Normal

September 2, 2021
As Fordham returns to in-person learning, students must take steps to keep to community safe and maintain the university's new "normal."
Living Local: Why You Should Care About NYC Politics

Living Local: Why You Should Care About NYC Politics

April 27, 2021
As Fordham students, we have a responsibility to pay attention to local politics and participate however we can to aid our local community.
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Standing in Solidarity With the Asian American Community

April 7, 2021
Activists in the Fordham community have stepped up to serve as leading voices in our community, and it’s critical that we follow their lead.
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Fordham Needs to Regain Students’ Trust Before In-Person Fall

March 18, 2021
With its record of inadequate protocols, how can Fordham students trust that the administration will prioritize their health in the fall?
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Fordham Should Not Abuse Its Status as a Private Institution to Censor Free Speech

February 10, 2021
The Fordham administration has shown a concerning lack of support for the diversity of student opinions on campus.
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We All Need to Follow Social Distancing Protocols This Holiday Season

December 2, 2020
Now is not the time for us to budge on social distancing protocols — the health and wellbeing of our families are at risk.
Editor’s Note: Protests in the City

Editor’s Note: Protests in the City

November 11, 2020
Included are resources where readers can find journalists of color who are reporting on these issues. The Observer hopes to amplify the voices of people of color by sharing them.
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Political Activism Needs to Continue After the Election

October 28, 2020
Our duties do not end when the election does, just as the issues affecting us every day are not resolved when a president takes office.
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Fordham’s Treatment of Laid-off Dining Staff Is Disrespectful

October 14, 2020
The foodservice workers at Fordham have not been treated with the respect they deserve.
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International Students Deserve Changes to Health Care Requirements

October 1, 2020
International students need access to quality health care and should not be forced to pay more than they can afford for it. 
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Keeping the Campus Safe Should Be a Collective Effort

September 5, 2020
Keeping everyone safe on both Fordham campuses will require mutual cooperation and accountability from both the administration and students.
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Staff Editorial: Fordham Should Refund Partial Tuition for a Virtual Student Experience

August 21, 2020
In order to accommodate for the new virtual experience, Fordham should refund students for the increased tuition costs and lower tuition costs in the spring.
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Fordham’s Lack of Sexual Health Resources Puts Students in Danger

July 28, 2020
Fordham should develop a better approach to sexual education and health by further educating nurses and providing students with accurate information regarding birth control and STDs.
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Staff Editorial: Fordham’s Anti-Racism Initiatives Are Insufficient

July 2, 2020
Until Fordham holds itself accountable for the safety and security of its Black students, its claims to be anti-racist are mere lip service.
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Staff Editorial: Amplifying Black Voices at The Observer

June 16, 2020
As a predominantly white editorial board at a predominantly white institution, we must actively work to diversify our editorial board and student contributors.
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Staff Editorial: Have Empathy for Fordham’s Financial Situation

April 29, 2020
As Fordham is hit with unforeseen financial losses, have empathy for the leaders working to keep the school afloat.
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Staff Editorial: Make Student Government Matter

April 14, 2020
With the chaos of the coronavirus epidemic, it is easy to forget an annual event which most students typically ignore anyway: United Student Government (USG) elections. From April 14-16, students are able to vote in their student government elections at a time where leadership is desperately sought at all scales — but will they? 
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Staff Editorial: Purpose in the Time of Coronavirus

April 1, 2020
Thankfully, the coronavirus can’t stop charity and goodwill, and it’s still possible to stay involved and make a difference — in some cases without ever leaving your bedroom.
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Staff Editorial: Housing Win is a Symbol of Hope

March 10, 2020
No matter how prolonged and frustrating the journey may seem, long hours of consistent work and perseverance may lead to revolutionary changes within the FLC community. This recent housing victory reminds us that student movements actually can be effective and valuable in creating change on campus.
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Staff Editorial: Our Chance to Live the Mission

February 19, 2020
“To assist in the alleviation of poverty, the promotion of justice, the protection of human rights and respect for the environment”: This is the purpose of our education, and we’re in the perfect place to see it through.
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Staff Editorial: Drama Over LDA Closure Is More Than an Act

February 5, 2020
Fordham’s follow-through for the students affected was almost nonexistent, leading many to feel overlooked and ignored, with no consideration for how they would have to scramble to adjust without the chance to attend the LDA.
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Staff Editorial: Setting a New High Water Mark in Communication

January 22, 2020
Adopting a communication strategy that is proactive rather than reactive benefits all and hurts none. 
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Staff Editorial: What It Means To Confront Hate

December 4, 2019
When exposed to the light, bigotry stumbles for explanations. 
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Staff Editorial: Empower Faculty to Use Technology

November 13, 2019

Printing is an incessant subject of debate at Fordham Lincoln Center. Long readings or book excerpts are posted on Blackboard with the expectation that they’ll be printed, annotated and stapled together...

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Staff Editorial: Safety in Transparency

October 30, 2019
We are told to embrace the city and venture into it boldly, but we lack the tools to safely do so.
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Staff Editorial: Our Club System Must Evolve With Us

October 16, 2019
Club leadership issues have hit Lincoln Center particularly hard in the past few years.
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Staff Editorial: More Than Awareness

October 2, 2019
As young adults in a global society, we have a choice to make: will we remain comfortable in our understanding of activism as simple moral junk food, or will we utilize our familiarity with the tools of modern communication to recognize the full potential of every last act of awareness?
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Staff Editorial: Know the Faces of the Administration

September 19, 2019
Our administration is not a faceless monolith, and their roles and politics matter. 
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Staff Editorial: We Must Create the Fordham We Wish to See

August 25, 2019
Recent developments on campus prove that change is possible and should serve as inspiration for the next wave of reform. Fordham is, now more than ever, exactly what its students make of it.
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Staff Editorial: New Dean, New School

May 1, 2019
We are a campus on the verge of major change, and we need a dean who will help lead us into the future.
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Staff Editorial: CAB, Do Your Homework

April 30, 2019

Spring Weekend, the annual concert hosted by the Rose Hill Campus Activities Board (CAB) a week before finals, is arguably Fordham’s biggest social event of the year. So why was it such a train wreck...

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Staff Editorial: Let Student Voices Count

April 10, 2019
Student democracy is suffering at Fordham Lincoln Center. In order to revitalize it, the student body and its government must each understand and respect one another’s role in student life. There needs to be a transparent, reciprocal relationship based on trust.
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Staff Editorial: We Need to Admit the Truth

March 28, 2019
Regardless of a university’s individual proximity to the recent events and other admissions scandals, all institutions of higher learning should strive to delegitimize the culture of prestigious exclusivity that provides incentives to cheat the system.
Staff Editorial: A Report Fordham LC Can Trust

Staff Editorial: A Report Fordham LC Can Trust

March 6, 2019
No outside entity has any hope of collecting enough data to get a true idea of Fordham through the eyes of a student.
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Staff Editorial: Education Hinges on Accessibility

February 19, 2019
If the university is the world-class institution it claims to be, it should provide equal accommodations to all students.
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Staff Editorial: Let’s Be Adults About Contraception

February 12, 2019
Fordham chooses to simply pretend that students don’t have sex, and have no need for preventative sexual health resources like condoms and birth control pills.
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Staff Editorial: Fordham Fails Black Students

February 6, 2019
New York may be our campus, but it certainly doesn’t look like our school.
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Staff Editorial: The Cycle Must End

January 23, 2019
Those in power at the university must ensure that this cycle of abuse and cover-ups is not allowed to continue.
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Staff Editorial: Rise Above DeVos’s Proposal

December 5, 2018
A university blind to subtlety and unreceptive to the complicated situations of its students is home to no one.
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Staff Editorial: Vigilance in Victory

November 14, 2018
Americans voting in large numbers was fantastic, but those voters organizing all year long will result in changes like never before.
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Staff Editorial: We Must Listen to Survivors

October 10, 2018

Trigger Warning/Content Warning for readers: This staff editorial and the pages to which it links contain information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering for some people. After...

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Staff Editorial: The Opioid Epidemic: Everyone’s Problem

September 26, 2018

America’s opioid epidemic is reaching a deadly crescendo. Let’s not mince words: people across the country are dying at an alarming rate. Every day, 115 people die from overdoses in America. Between...

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Staff Editorial: ResLife, Administration: Listen Closer

September 11, 2018

Once again, the Fordham administration’s potential to improve the Fordham community has gone unrealized. Last year, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) movement to change the unpopular Fordham housing...

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We Are Not the Enemy

August 16, 2018
As a nation, we must come to the defense of honest, courageous journalism — the type of truth that shocks, angers and liberates.
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Staff Editorial: Acknowledge The Vagina* Monologues

May 7, 2018
By remaining quiet, Fordham negates the importance of subject matter of “The Monologues.”
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Staff Editorial: To the New USG Representatives

April 18, 2018

In the current political climate, America is more alert than ever to threats to its democracy. This same scrutiny should apply not only to the country’s highest offices, but also to everyday, local functions,...

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Staff Editorial: Care for the Whole Person and Every Person

April 6, 2018

Despite its reputation as a relatively progressive university, many rules enforced by the Fordham administration are rooted in dated Roman Catholic tradition. This conflict in ideology is embodied by the...

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Staff Editorial: Students of Parkland: We Hear You

February 28, 2018

In the wake of America’s most recent school shooting, an increasing number of young people, including those directly affected by the tragedy, have taken to mass media and social platforms to voice their...

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Staff Editorial: On Love

February 15, 2018

The political climate of American is bleak. The actual climate is even bleaker. We are in the middle of the shortest and dreariest month of the year, and we need a pick-me-up. Lo and behold, we are met...

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Staff Editorial: Dialogue Is Not Dead

January 25, 2018

On Dec. 7, 2017, a political altercation occurred at Rose Hill’s Rodrigue’s Coffee House that would gain national attention. The incident spurred rabid discussion and loud arguments from people on...

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Staff Editorial: Sports Go Beyond Rose Hill

November 16, 2017

“Two campuses, but one school.” This is a phrase heard often around Fordham University to emphasize that while the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses may be in different boroughs, they are connected....

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Staff Editorial: Missing the Point: Domestic GO! Trips Are Important, Too

October 26, 2017

One of Fordham’s main marketing points has been the Global Outreach (GO!) programs, which send students to local and international destinations for service and learning opportunities. Over the years,...

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Staff Editorial: The Fall of Student Democracy

October 22, 2017

In recent weeks, Fordham’s President, Rev. Joseph McShane S.J., stated that the administration is making strides to improve transparency in the community. With that decision comes the establishment of...

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SJP Decision Limits Power of Student Government

January 25, 2017

On Dec. 22, 2016, Keith Eldredge, dean of students at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), overruled the decision of the United Student Government (USG) to grant full club status to Fordham Students...

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Trump’s Cabinet Reflects Establishment Ideals

November 17, 2016

There are many explanations for Donald Trump’s up-set victory in the 2016 Presidential Election, including Democratic National Committee (DNC) meddling in their party’s primary, the FBI’s ill-timed...

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Clinton is the Best Option for the Future We Envision

November 4, 2016

Despite our individual political convictions, the editorial board of the Fordham Observer holds the collective vision of a more socially-forward political climate. We want a president that will work with...

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The Millennial Voice Matters More Than Ever

October 13, 2016

On Nov. 8, over 69.2 million millennials will be eligible to vote. However, if trends continue, less than half of them will show up to cast their ballots this fall. In the 2012 presidential election,...

Rising Tuition Leaves the Students Without Answers

Rising Tuition Leaves the Students Without Answers

September 13, 2016

For the 15th year in a row, Fordham increased the tuition for the University. The total cost of attendance, including tuition and fees, is now $47,850. Since 2001, tuition and fees have risen nearly...

CMS Cuts Ties With The Observer: Redux

CMS Cuts Ties With The Observer: Redux

August 23, 2016

Hitting the reset button is never easy. When the Communication and Media Studies department (CMS) cut ties with The Observer this past April, we were left without academic support, without advisers...

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On the “Bias” Incident

September 17, 2015

Only a few short weeks ago, we welcomed the newest generation of Rams to our campuses by chanting our Ram tradition in unison: “WE ARE FORDHAM.” We stood then as a united student body, ready and...

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Farewell and Good Luck to the Class of 2015

April 29, 2015

Published: April 29, 2015 The Class of 2015 has endured their four years and triumphed at Fordham University. They have mastered their majors or crafts and cultivated a sense of cura personalis as a...

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Progress Takes Time & Effort

April 15, 2015

Published: March 15, 2015 Let’s face it: We at Fordham at Lincoln Center are just not involved in the happenings on campus. Even though there are many changes we’d like to see at Fordham--whether...

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The Story Here is the Campaign

March 25, 2015

Published: March 25, 2015 While Senator Ted Cruz just announced his bid for the presidency early this week, and while everyone is waiting for former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to do...

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Stand Up to Cancer at Fordham

March 11, 2015

Cancer is one of the most destructive forces in our lives. It seems like almost every life has been touched by it--we all know someone who has had cancer or maybe we have battled it ourselves. But it’s...

A Possible End to Registration Woes

February 26, 2015

After months of trying to figure out a way to register Fordham College at Lincoln Center and Fordham College at Rose Hill students that makes everyone happy, the administration has finally reached a solution:...

Staff Editorial: Set the World on Fire, Not Its People

February 11, 2015

Seven Fordham faculty members have come together to demand that Fordham revoke CIA Director’s John Brennan’s honorary degree, which was conferred in 2012. It was unfortunate that the honor was bestowed...

Snow Day Survival 101: What To Do When You’re Snowed In

January 28, 2015

Nothing feels better than getting an email from Fordham saying that classes are cancelled. Not everyone may like snow, but it’s safe to say that no one is going to object to having a snow day, especially...

Staff Editorial: Give me access or give me death – or at least my tuition back

December 22, 2014

Effective Nov. 24, the Maloney Library in the Law School became one of the most exclusive places on campus: Fordham undergraduate students are no longer allowed to use the space during final exam periods....

Staff Editorial: Error – Please Contact Your Registrar

November 6, 2014

Registration: Fordham’s very own Hunger Games, where the strong come out on top with the classes they want, and the weak are left scrambling for whatever is left over. Registration has never been an...

Staff Editorial: An Open Letter to Cuomo and Astorino

September 25, 2014

Dear Fellow Rams, Years ago, you were running to class from your dorm, participating in clubs like CAB and USG, chasing professors down during office hours, cheering at football games and exploring New...

We Are Witnessing the Start of a New Chapter

August 28, 2014

For the incoming class of freshman, you’re about to embark on a four-year journey (for some of you, even longer) where you will find yourself (or at least try to). For the returning class of seniors,...

A Jesuit Education Could Have Prevented a Government Shutdown

October 2, 2013

Unless you have a family member who works peripherally for the federal government or if you were planning on visiting the Statue of Liberty in the next couple of days, odds are that you are not directly...

Greatness Happens (If You Work At It)

September 23, 2013

It’s sometimes difficult to wrap your mind around your own potential. Think of all the things you could be doing right now. Think of all the things you could have done in the past. Here comes the...

As a New Year Starts, What Will You Choose?

September 9, 2013

Choosing a college is without a doubt, one of the most life changing decisions you will make in your life. It’s right up there with choosing a spouse or your favorite member of One Direction. For some...

Bittersweet Goodbye to Senior Class

May 1, 2013

With the countdown to graduation approaching single digits, the reality of the world is becoming very, well, real for many of our departing seniors. And while they have been an integral part of our community...

Solidarity Travels As Disaster Strikes

April 18, 2013

April 15 was to be a joyful day that would continue Boston’s long-held tradition of its storied marathon, a tradition that has seen more than 100 years of celebration and triumph. But in the days following,...

Block Proposal Hinders Participation

April 18, 2013

The block schedule may seem like a relatively unimportant topic, especially in the midst of terrors like the explosions in Boston this week, but the actions of Thursday’s College Council meeting could...

Expression Enables Representation

March 27, 2013

The biggest national news this week is probably the U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments over two cases involving gay marriage. Along with the issues of rights and privileges that a legally recognized...

Be Ready for Leadership Possibilities

March 6, 2013

Spring break is in a couple of days (or right now, depending on when you’re reading this). There is a palpable sense around our campus that students are ready to walk out of here and board plane bound...

Campus Involvement Depends on You

February 20, 2013

It’s no secret that student involvement at Fordham College Lincoln Center (FCLC) isn’t the best. As Tim Gavan states in “Student Involvement Down due to Campus Location,” students here face problems...

Wage Verdict Hurts All at Fordham

December 12, 2012

You’ve got your mind on your money and your money on your mind. And so does our faculty. After seven months of negotiations ending in a compromise agreement on salary and benefit increases for the academic...

WNBC Anchor David Ushery Visits Fordham

WNBC Anchor David Ushery Visits Fordham

November 27, 2012

WNBC Anchor David Ushery visited Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) on Nov. 27 to speak to Professor Steve Knoll's TV News Innovators course about his coverage of Hurricane Sandy with NBC 4 and...

An Endorsement of Perseverance

November 6, 2012

Traditionally, The Observer would use this space to endorse a candidate that we believe truly represents the concerns of students like us. But in the mess of Hurricane Sandy, the traditions of the American...

Change is a Part of Our Nature

October 17, 2012

Going to Fordham College at Lincoln (FCLC) makes us connoisseurs of change. And a lot of it. Our time at Fordham seems to coincide perfectly with change in all forms. One of the most exhaustive changes...

Take Heed of Decreasing Rankings

October 4, 2012

We at The Observer can’t help but feel a little cheated; where are our iPads? As explained in “Education is For the Elite” by Monique John on page six, Avenues: The World School, a private school...

Poor Communication Hinders Progress

September 19, 2012

Fordham has a communication problem, and it’s not the type that causes confused, emotional breakups. It’s a recurring inability to communicate the goals of administrative policies to students and clubs...

Strive for Greatness in the New Year

August 22, 2012

Just like the city that houses it, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), is full of opportunities for new and returning students alike. When thinking about these opportunities, and as a new crop of...

Expansion Focus Must Be Academic

May 2, 2012

Walking through the Outdoor Plaza can serve as a swift reminder of the structural changes the administration at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) have been making to our campus. But something that...

‘Queer’ Should Be Accepted, Not Feared

April 18, 2012

“Queer.” It’s short. Crisp. Easy to say. But it lingers in the mind, conjuring up ideas of the unusual or perplexing in its most traditional definition. We’ve all grown up with the term, and for...

New Construction Plan Causes Upset

March 28, 2012

For the past two years, we have been anticipating the new facilities and residence hall being built for Lincoln Center students, slowly watching the steel beams of the new building rise into the city skyline. However,...

Fordham Campuses Marred by Hate Crimes

March 7, 2012

In a university where principles of social justice, tolerance and solidarity are upheld   alongside its mission to educate, racist and homophobic hate crimes have tainted its wholesome brand. The hate...

Transparency is Key in Birth Control Policy

February 22, 2012

As students, we expect Fordham to be open about its policies and provide students with information about what is clearly stated in its manuals. Many students are unaware that the Health Center is required...

Technology Will Advance Fordham

February 15, 2012

We are undoubtedly living in a tech-savvy world where colleges are increasingly moving toward the worlds of multimedia and online. According to the article “Online Housing Lottery a First for McMahon...

SOPA Infringes On Intellectual Freedom

February 1, 2012

The Internet has been our savior in college. It’s the vast information pool where we research for classes and keep up with the news. It’s the virtual hangout where we connect to our campus and friends....

Catholic University, Secular Policies?

December 7, 2011

Recently, Fordham was featured on Jezebel, a popular blog site, in an article titled, “Fordham Students Protest Hidden Anti-Birth-Control Policy.” The piece described how Fordham’s stance on contraceptives...

Don’t Lose Sight of Victims in Scandal

November 16, 2011

Information about the alleged abuses at Penn State that have come to light over the last few weeks have left many shocked and angry.  Riots ensued over the subsequent firing of university president Graham...

Registration Woes

November 2, 2011

It’s that time of year again when we have to register for spring classes. While liberating for some seniors, it’s mainly a hassle that leaves many of us wondering how our perfect schedules never seem...

Thankful to Be Heard

October 19, 2011

Concerned with the current state of our economy, students increasingly fear the difficult search for jobs that will face them after graduation. Some students, especially those in liberal arts, wonder whether...

Students Must Take Action

October 5, 2011

Lately it seems everyone is protesting. Whether abroad or at home, gathering in groups and fighting for a cause has become part of the norm. And it’s easy to see why. Social media helps escalate the...

Dialogue Joins Faith and Learning

September 21, 2011

On Friday, Sept. 16, Fordham held the event “Learning to Listen: Voices of Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church.” As noted in Faith Heaphy and Ray Walsh’s article, the event challenged traditional...

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