Editor’s Note: Protests in the City


The front page and centerfold of this issue feature images of New Yorkers celebrating the Biden victory around the city. In lieu of a staff editorial, The Observer would like to make space for and recognize the important work of organizers and citizens who have been taking to the streets, both before and after the election, to advocate for anti-racism and structural changes. While these protests have been met with armed police presence, those who attended the celebrations on Saturday reported less police intervention. 

Below are resources where readers can find journalists of color who are reporting on these issues. As an outlet run by a predominantly white, privileged staff, The Observer hopes to amplify the voices of people of color by sharing these resources. 


The Native American Journalists Association

The National Association of Black Journalists

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists 

Asian American Journalists Association


We encourage our readers to seek news from different perspectives and to diversify the kind of news they consume and the reporters they read.