Staff Editorial: On Love



The political climate of American is bleak. The actual climate is even bleaker. We are in the middle of the shortest and dreariest month of the year, and we need a pick-me-up. Lo and behold, we are met by Valentine’s Day.

As the romantic holiday rears its head once again, we brace ourselves for the onslaught of emotions and opinions. There seems to be no middle ground between the extremities of plush bears and I-love-you-sweethearts to the alleged capitalist conspiracies purported by sworn enemies of the holiday.

But we need Valentine’s Day. We need a day of love. Forget the usual gamut of reasons to hate the holiday because at this point, it is the hiatus from our cold world that we so desperately crave. Valentine’s Day is back; and it is for everyone. Let us tell you why.

It’s high time that single people take back this holiday. Galentine’s and Palentine’s open up the day to love and appreciation for gals, pals, gal pals and everyone in between. Our friends and family are the most reliable people we have in our lives, so use this day to tell them you love them. Got a main homie? Great! Join the celebration. Heart emojis are for everyone you love—whether they be steamy, playful or platonic.

Save for allergies, there’s nothing stopping anyone from enjoying the sweetest part of the holiday. Whether you chalk it up to capitalism, corporate greed or American ingenuity, the bottom line is the same: Ghirardelli doesn’t discriminate. Both Valentine’s Day and the days following are perfect times to indulge, regardless of relationship status.

In the end, one day out of the year being dedicated to compassion is not so bad. This holiday is about appreciating those who mean the most, and letting them know they’re loved. Valentine’s Day is so much more than sappy couples and bow-toting cherubs. This year, of all years, it’s time we realized it.

The arrow on the Dow Jones may be unreliable, but we can count on Cupid’s to lift us up this year. So, in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, the staff at The Observer would like to leave you, the faithful reader, a parting poem as a token of our love and appreciation. (We are journalists, not poets, so please be gentle.)

These pages are read,
The printing is black,
Thank you for reading,
We hope you come back!