Snow Day Survival 101: What To Do When You’re Snowed In


Nothing feels better than getting an email from Fordham saying that classes are cancelled. Not everyone may like snow, but it’s safe to say that no one is going to object to having a snow day, especially when our winter break was so short. (We’ll probably regret it when the University takes our reading days away and adds makeup classes at the end of the semester, but let’s focus on the positive here!) Here are some tips to make the most of your snow day before reality hits:

1. Step outside and bask in the winter wonderland. Bring out your inner child and build a snowman and a few snow angels on the plaza or in Central Park while the snow is still sparkly white, soft and smooth. Take pictures. (Send them to The Observer!)

2. Get a head start on readings for the next week of class because you know that professors will flood your inbox with emails about makeup assignments. It’s better to get one step ahead than to fall behind so early in the semester.

3. Binge watch a new TV show with your roommates in your pajamas while your hands cocoon a mug of hot chocolatey goodness. Now’s the time to catch up on “House of Cards” and “Transparent” or finally give in and watch “Friends” or “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix.

4. Get organized while it’s still early in the semester. Use the snow day wisely to maybe clean out your desk or your closet. Plan out your days so things don’t start getting overwhelming. Write down when all your papers are due.

5. SLEEP! You know you’ll regret it later on in the semester. Catch up on sleep in your toasty comforter while the wind howls outside your window and New York City continues to become our very own ice skating rink.

While the days following the blizzard will no doubt be spent playing catch-up and prove to be quite a trek for commuters, sometimes you have to lose something in order to gain something. Let’s not kid ourselves into denying that we secretly want more snow days in the very near future. Stay warm, safe and have fun!