Strive for Greatness in the New Year

Published: August 22, 2012

Just like the city that houses it, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), is full of opportunities for new and returning students alike. When thinking about these opportunities, and as a new crop of students arrives, we at The Observer are reminded of the words of Fordham President Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J.: “We don’t insult you with low expectations.” In fact, based on our Jesuit principles, FCLC stresses the accomplishment of great things.

Life at Fordham has its bad parts too, as the resignation of Br. James A. Liguori reported in Harry Huggins’ article, “Admin Quits Over Sex Abuse Claims” on page one. There are also perennial problems like the financial aid situation in Richard Ramsundar’s article, “Seniors Face Issues With Financial Aid” also on page one.

But these lows only look so bad when compared to our highs in student leadership and stellar academic performance. As a part of the Jesuit concept of Magis (meaning greater glory of God) high expectations are something we become accustomed to at FCLC. These expectations are set in many areas of FCLC life, with our array of award-winning clubs, like The Observer, our professors who are leaders in their respective fields and a range of rigorous yet rewarding academic areas.

With more than 50 student-led clubs on the FCLC campus alone, our students’ involvement in these hyper-local communities helps FCLC thrive by not only directly aiding our direct student body but also by helping people outside our two buildings. Local service outreach programs are important in representing our Jesuit traditions as well as building a sense of morality that can help us avoid horrible incidents like the allegations against Liguori.

In addition to the clubs on campus, student-led service trips and study abroad programs like that featured in Jewel Galbraith’s “A Spring Course, A Summer Adventure” on page 14 help to build a sense of globalism, foster an international community on a larger scale and create more cultured, sensitive and understanding citizens who can continue to do more good beyond their four year experience at FCLC.

FCLC is an institution built upon years of excellence, but we must remember that there is always room for improvement. This room for improvement is the driving force behind the creation, implementation and internalization of high expectations for our entire community, including students, professors and faculty members.

The Observer strongly urges all students to try out a few clubs this year, even if it’s not with us. Clubs go a long way toward finding a place in the FCLC community and they’re a great way to meet friends in your first few weeks. Most importantly, it will give you the chance to strive for excellence in a mission that you love, contributing something that makes this school a little better for the everyone in the Fordham community.