Soaking In the New York Spring and Sun

Spring is here! New York City welcomed the warm season with open arms as March temperatures reached a high of 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Clear skies and sun have manifested, and New Yorkers are taking advantage of this beautiful weather with outdoor picnicking, running in shorts and sunbathing by the water. 

With the warmer weather, the city is starting to return to its normal busy self despite the ongoing pandemic. Fordham students have taken to the school motto, “New York Is My Campus. Fordham Is My School,” by actively exploring the city; every subway station now has a maroon Fordham mask to be spotted. From Martyrs’ Lawn to the plaza, Fordham students are seen making the most of this spring pandemic season.  

At their respective campuses, Rams are exploring what their campus and their surrounding communities have to offer. Rose Hill students have laid out blankets across Eddies Parade to study and tan while others play spike ball across the field. Students at the Lincoln Center campus have followed suit, taking to the plaza steps to study in social distanced groups and picnic with dining hall charcuterie boards.

photo of cyclist on the new york street in spring
New Yorkers go about their days as a cyclist rides in the direction of oncoming traffic. (ASHLEY YIU)
three people sitting at a coffee shop table in new york
Fordham students go to a local café, Blue Bottle Coffee, for their morning cup. (ASHLEY YIU)

a parent and child walk on the sidewalk in spring
The sunny weather is perfect for happy strolls through the city. (ASHLEY YIU)
person looking at fruit in boxes at a spring farmer's market
Locust Grove Farms Orchard at the Tucker Square Greenmarket. (ASHLEY YIU)
woman looking at apples in boxes at an outdoor spring farmer's market
It’s apple season on 66th Street and Broadway. (ASHLEY YIU)
woman running in front of a body of water with a skyline in the background
This runner in Rainey Park, located in Queens, enjoys the fresh air for exercise and stays safe while wearing her mask. (KAYA L)
group of people having a spring picnic on the lawn of a park with a skyscraper in the background
A group utilizing one of the many green spaces on Roosevelt Island. (KAYA L)
view of a bridge over water in spring
The sun is shining on some outdoor seating on Roosevelt Island which offers a great view of the Queensborough Bridge and the East River. (KAYA L)