Enclaves: Washington Heights

An immensely vibrant community located on the northern tip of Manhattan, Washington Heights is home to artists of all cultures


Lights up on Washington Heights, an immensely vibrant community located on the northern tip of Manhattan. Around each corner, whether it be through architecture styles, colorful mosaics or even playground structures, there are many references to the appreciation of arts. The neighborhood is home to a diverse Latino community, but because of an ever-growing population of those immigrating from the Dominican Republic, the enclave has earned the nickname “Little D.R.” Setting the scene for Lin Manuel Miranda’s “In The Heights,” the Dominican population of Washington Heights prides itself on being a tight-knit, spirited and hard-working community.

a playground in a park, featuring a Washington Bridge repplica
Adjacent to the 175th Street Station exit, J. Hood Wright Park features a playground with a kid-sized replica of the George Washington Bridge. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a large stone building with a colorful dome at the top
The colorful dome of the historic United Palace Theatre, a nonprofit cultural and performing arts center, is called the “Miracle Star of Faith.” (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a movie theater with posters for "In The Heights" in the poster area
Inspired by the culture of Washington Heights, movie posters for Lin Manuel Miranda’s “In The Heights” can be found throughout the entire neighborhood. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a street corner with boxes of produce surrounding a small food market
Street corners fill with locals as produce markets begin to sell on the sidewalk. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
fresh fruit, including apples and pineapples, on display in a market
A sidewalk vendor displays a rainbow-array of fresh fruits and vegetables. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a ceramic tiled fountain, that is tall and rectangular, in a Spanish style
A ceramic tiled fountain, designed by Spanish contemporary artist Ester Partegàs, stands tall in La Plaza de Las Americas at Broadway and 175th Street (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a pedestrian crossing Broadway at 176th street, walking toward a grocery store named La Rosa
A pedestrian crosses Broadway, heading toward a gourmet grocery store named La Rosa. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a sign that says "La Plaza de las Americas"
A sign advertising “La Plaza de las Americas,” an outdoor greenmarket that showcases small businesses within the community. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a restaurant called the Rainbow Terrace is pictured from the outside, with many umbrellas over outdoor seating
Many restaurants feature al fresco dining, like the Rainbow Terrace on 177th Street and Broadway. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
the George Washington bridge bus station, labeled with "mercado," designating a market inside
The George Washington Bridge Bus Station features an indoor “mercado” for shopping and cafe options. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
An image of a cathedral looking church in Washington Heights
Dubbed by many residents of the neighborhood as “the St. Patrick’s Cathedral of Washington Heights,” the Church of the Incarnation is a staple for the large Roman Catholic community. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)