Enclaves: Astoria, Queens

Also known as “Little Greece,” Astoria is one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhoods in New York City


Ride the N or W train uptown to the end of the line and find yourself in Astoria, Queens, also known as “Little Greece.” Its streets, including the well-known Ditmars Boulevard, are populated by restaurants of different ethnicities and cultures, catering to Astoria’s diverse community. Specifically, its plethora of Greek-style “tavernas” are popular among Astoria’s longtime Greek residents. Its population continues to grow each year as Astoria offers residents a more relaxed lifestyle right outside of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The neighborhood of Astoria is filled with immense cultural history and has come to be known as one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Street sign of Ditmars Blvd
Astoria’s most iconic avenues, Ditmars Boulevard and Steinway Street, are home to dozens of shops and restaurants. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
Taverna Kyclades Seafood and its blue signs on the street
Astoria lives up to its nickname of “Little Greece” as it features various Greek “tavernas.” (ALEXA STEGMULLER)

Martha's Country Bakery in Astoria with outdoor seating
Opened in 1972, Martha’s Country Bakery is a staple for delicious baked goods and pastries. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
Inside of Martha's Country Bakery in Astoria, many baked goods line lit shelves behind glass
Martha’s Country Bakery serves dozens of pastries, beautiful cakes, fresh gelato and hand-crafted drinks. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a purple trolley on Ditmars Boulevard
A trolley sits patiently on Ditmars Boulevard. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
the corner of 33rd st and Ditmars Blvd, Lefkos Pyrogos is a Greek restaurant with outdoor seating
“Lefkos Pygros,” which translates to “white tower” in Greek, refers to the White Tower of Thessaloniki, a monument in northern Greece. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
the N train's last stop at Astoria-Ditmars boulevard
The N train pulls into the elevated Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard Station, the last stop on the NQRW Line. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
The Acropolis condominium is tan and has its name across the side of the building
Aptly named, “The Acropolis” condominium pays homage to the historic Acropolis of Athens. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
the boutique, a restaurant in Astoria, with outdoor seating
The Boutique is one of the many restaurants and cafes that offer comfortable outdoor seating. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
red and black street art on concrete, the Welling Court Mural Project
The Welling Court Mural Project, which spans several blocks, serves as a “mecca for creative revitalization” for the residents of Astoria. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
a view looking down Ditmars Boulevard at the many restaurants of Astoria
The entirety of Ditmars Boulevard is populated by restaurants of every culture, perfectly suited for Astoria’s diverse population. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
tall belltower of a Roman Catholic church in Astoria
The “Tower of Faith” at the Immaculate Conception Church is a religious beacon for Astoria’s Roman Catholic community. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
Titan Foods in Astoria, a Greek grocery store
Titan Foods, which serves authentic Greek baked goods and groceries, proudly waves the Greek flag. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)
green leaves with pink flowers in front, a view of Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side in the background
The Socrates Sculpture Park offers views of Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side. (ALEXA STEGMULLER)